December 27th, 2014 | 47 Entries

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47 Entries for “charmed”

  1. The snow fell in whisper quiet flakes, muffling the sounds of the bustling city around them. His mittened hands struggled to tie his scarf around his stubbled neck. This simple childlike fumbling charmed her. She hid her smile behind her own scarf, watched for a few seconds more, before innocently enquiring “you need a hand with that?”.
    He looked utterly befuddled as he dropped his arms to his sides in a gesture of submission. She leaned in, wrapped his scarf in a careful knot and tucked the ends in his jacket, then leaned in & kissed him gently on the forehead.
    “What was that for?” He asked.
    After 46 years of marriage the sight of him in his mittens still managed to charm her.
    “No reason,” she smiled.

    By lulu on 12.27.2014

  2. The was a show on TV named charmed. My cousin used to really enjoy it. My sister was not pleased that she enjoyed this show. However, in the past few months I have turned on this show and I have enjoyed watchi

    By jay on 12.27.2014

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    By emily on 12.27.2014

  4. I wasn’t so charmed to meet you.
    Something drew me too you.
    I could have been very wrong.
    But I wasn’t.

    By emily on 12.27.2014

  5. I wasnt charmed to meet you.
    Something drew me to you.
    I could have been very wrong.
    But I wasn’t.

    By Emily on 12.27.2014

  6. Walking in the pouring rain 5am nocoffee

    By stargirl on 12.27.2014

  7. The boy walked down the hallways of his new school. Everyone was absolutely charmed by him and his looks. The way he walked was just as charming as well. With each and every step he took, people would turn to take a quick glance at him or just stare intently until he were to look back at them.

    By Tsuki on 12.27.2014

  8. “charmed, I’m sure,” his smile gives off the varied lights of the nightclub-esque environment, all darkness and fog and lasers. he bends to place a kiss on the back of her hand, to wink his eyes up at hers as he does so. the blush across her face is washed out by the blinking lights above the dj stand.
    “i-indeed,” she stammers, for want of a better thing to say, and shifts her gaze anywhere but his. he smirks at this again, and drops her hand, slowly, as if saying goodbye.
    he tilts his head, his thin eyebrows raised in a low-eyed expression like amusement combined with the thrill of the chase. the glint off his teeth find her shaking eyes again, “shall we make our way to the dancefloor, then, my love?”

    By Aura on 12.27.2014

  9. I was very charmed by him. He aws after all, a very charming person. He was so charismatic with his gorgeous blue green hazel eyes and brown hair. However, his charisma was poison and what I thought was being charmed, was indeed being charmed but not in the sense of a whimsical romance. No, I was being placed under a curse.

    By Raelynn on 12.27.2014

  10. Charmed, I’m sure. I don’t care for magic as a ‘super power’ or means for protection or weaponry. If a choice of characters exists and I can chose – I almost never go with the one with magic as their strength. Call me weird.

    By One of the Crowd on 12.27.2014

  11. He charmed her. She felt the warmth of his smile from across the room. Some dynamics dancing in his eyes. She looked away feeling a panic in her stomach. She wasn’t sure she wanted to look again, but couldn’t help herself. He was heading towards her. Suddenly her husband walked up and kissed her on the forehead.

    By Chrissy on 12.27.2014

  12. his eyes sparkle when he looks at you, his smile wide and white and disturbingly toothy. he leans back on his elbow and raises an eyebrow at you, trying to be playful. you push him off your desk and the next day he has an ugly purple bruise stretching across most of his forearm. this does not stop him from trying to sling his arm around you whenever the opportunity presents itself. you are absolutely disgusted.

    By rhey quaza on 12.27.2014

  13. He’s charming, and cute, and everything you expect a guy to be. There’s no one who will ever fulfill his position in my life. He’s someone very special, and in some way, he’ll always be a part of me.

    By Fatima Partida on 12.27.2014

  14. sarcastically, from her red lips that hold a cigarette and lies
    her wrist, when it held bracelets, and not blood
    and then bracelets to cover the blood
    a different kind of bracelet

    By corinne on 12.27.2014

  15. when my mom told me she got me the entire series of charmed I was so excited and happy!

    By Mirjana Weekley on 12.27.2014

  16. “Mr. Charles Barkley, miss,”
    She offered him a smile she hoped wasn’t too obviously forced and swiftly retrieved her hand from his grasp. “Charmed,” she said through her teeth, her eyes darting to and fro in search of a savior.
    She whipped around, her expression softening at her oldest and dearest friend, “Ari!” she cried, embracing the other girl, mister Barkley quickly forgotten. “How wonderful to see you! Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 12.27.2014

  17. delighted, lucky, someone that has all the good things happening at once … a life that is full and exciting. I feel that I am charmed at times … and that I can charm others … I see this as a good thing!

    By nina on 12.27.2014

  18. All I can think is how I want to put some dialogue here that ends with “Charmed to meet you,” except that’s really cheesy and I don’t like it and so that’s about all that’s coming to my mind.

    By Jessica on 12.27.2014

  19. First glance I was hooked. That smile. Those eyes. That perfect, perfect voice. You had me at “grab this and RUN”. After that, I would have followed you anywhere, done anything. Even if we hadn’t been surrounded by explosives going off all around us making chasing you the only sane option.

    By terradi on 12.27.2014

  20. He charmed me, body and soul. His smile was radiant, and his features were remarkable. The blue-grey of his eyes were beyond anything I had ever witnessed before and I couldn’t help but feel welcomed by the glow of his smile. The way he walked about the room made it seem like he was the center of the universe, or maybe even my world. If he could become a part of my world I don’t know how I would react, or if I would comprehend it at all.

    By Elaura Ligon on 12.27.2014

  21. I doubt it was the fact that he charmed me into admitting the truth. But he was definitely worth the time I spent getting to know him. I revealed my entire life to this man, and for what? So he could leave me for a woman far less interested in the affairs of his daily life. She didn’t know his favourite books or the way he likes his tea, and he certainly would never know how it feels to be in love with him with such an intensity that you wish for nothing more than for him to be happy.

    By Ella on 12.27.2014

  22. “I’m Frost. Charmed,” the girl in the white and blue coat said.

    “Frost?” I asked, furrowing my brow. “That’s your real name?”

    She laughed and rolled her eyes. “Well, no,” she replied. “It’s a nickname. My friends wouldn’t call me Jack Frost, but they had to give me some moniker for my winter enthusiasm. So, there you go.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.27.2014

  23. “And this is Mister Greyson,” my Uncle nodded towards the smiling young man with the very real gold tooth gleaming at the left corner of his mouth.

    I swallowed, hoping that the ruffle ’round my neck would hide the action. My hand hung limply in his and I offered the best curtsy my aching feet could manage. “Charmed, I’m sure,” I said, lighlty.

    “Just Greyson, if you will,” he said, his voice surprisingly rich. “Most of my friends call me Griston. I think it’s because it’s some sort of joke between them.”

    We shared a laugh, awkward as it was, then I was ushered on ahead by my uncle’s hand on my elbow.

    I turned back, on the pretence of fussing over my skirt and saw his gaze on me, right before I felt it. Such intensity. And a gold tooth. A honest to goodness gold tooth. I wondered about the story behind it, but those sorts of wanderings had to wait as my uncle pulled me over to the next group of strangers.

    Absently, I wiggled the piercing in my tongue and wondered if it was just as bright as the gold in Griston’s tooth. Perhaps it was.

    By Sara H. URL on 12.27.2014

  24. He had a strange sort of light in him, she thought. The kind that radiated from him, drawing others to him. It charmed them, manipulated them, made them do what he had wanted.

    She had once been one of those fools.

    By WearyWater URL on 12.27.2014

  25. I was charmed into thinking you were perfect with eyes darker than coffee and cologne sweeter than flowers in the summer. how am i supposed to love anyone else than the person who kisses my scars and creates new ones. how can i mend a wound that was inflicted years ago and demands two peoples touch. how can i look down into my mug and not see all the times you looked at me expectantly like i was your light. i am just a girl desperate to find her place, to find herself because every where i go does not feel like home. i am constantly alone whether its a crowded room or in my own room

    By Ashley on 12.27.2014

  26. He was tall, gorgeous. He couldn’t believe he was actually looking at him. Josh’s love life was about as existent as a three dollar bill. And yet here he was being checked out by a total hottie.

    By Lisa on 12.27.2014

  27. She had a fancy degree from a fancy school and it helped her land a fancy job with the state. Her big time lawyer boyfriend bought her a big diamond and they had a fancy big wedding. For years everyone talked about their fancy house and charmed life. But sometimes, she’d sneak out, take her fancy Mercedes for a long drive, and blast Led Zepplin while reminiscing about more simple times.

    By Soft URL on 12.27.2014

  28. taking my hand
    with a sheen to her grin;
    she was sticky and sly

    and i was miles high;

    you didn’t tell me stop,
    so i just kept on going —
    the stars cascaded upon
    your face before me
    you’d be my sugar queen forever.

    By Marissa on 12.27.2014

  29. People have always told me how charming I am. I could make a man stop in his tracks on the street. People always tell me I’m charming and drop dead gorgeous. People love to be around me and I am told I am loved by many. But that is not how I feel inside.I feel ugly and annoying and so, so lonely most of the time.
    I grew up on a ranch in northern Tennessee. My family is from France originally and we have lived in America for five generations now.

    By Taz on 12.27.2014

  30. I was charmed at her manners and the way she carried herself. Charmed at the beautiful smile she wore illuminated her face. She was the most enchanting vision i had seen in years.

    By safa on 12.27.2014

  31. I have been living a charmed life this year unfortunately I was charmed by an ass who ended up not so charming or maybe he was it was just on the surface never trust charm is deceptive. I used to love the show charmed. That guy charmed the pants off me fortunately he couldn’t get it up or I would have regretted our encounter even more.

    By mielle on 12.28.2014

  32. The man I met not too long ago was a kind one. He was very polite and quite elegant. He asked me for a dance as soft music played. He pulled me along in the street and we laughed; it was wonderful.

    By Reiko Matsuki on 12.28.2014

  33. I was totally and completely charmed by you from the moment I laid eyes on you. You waltzed into my life and gave me a burning desire to dance. I can safely say that thirty plus years later I still desire to attend the ball with my very own Prince Charming.

    By Tracey on 12.28.2014

  34. so nice to meet you
    how do you do
    (god damn your eyes are so blue)
    how was your day?
    (shit i don’t know what to say)
    um excuse me
    can you bsdkjhbvhendjnolsjd

    thought process has stopped.

    By sunshinedaisies URL on 12.28.2014

  35. I charmed her more than once, but try as hard as I could to convince the love of my life to accompanied me to to the flower show at our church in the end, was a waste of time.

    By victor walkes URL on 12.28.2014

  36. Policeman Permit rebel

    By rebel on 12.28.2014

  37. by his enormous smile
    the way he giggles
    at my naivety
    3 had been there
    all the time
    like the river
    divided by our senses
    multitute of work
    we are in progress
    deal with it

    By too stable URL on 12.28.2014

  38. To get charmed by someone is different from getting attracted because attraction is a feeling and to get charmed by someone is more of a state of mind, something which remains in the mind and then goes ahead with thought process.

    By aniketnik URL on 12.28.2014

  39. u can be carmed by something looking at you

    By ava on 12.28.2014

  40. charmed

    by his enormous smile
    the way he giggles
    at my naivety
    3 had been there
    all the time
    like the river
    divided by our senses
    multitute of work
    we are in progress
    deal with it

    By too stable on 12.28.2014