December 28th, 2014 | 68 Entries

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68 Entries for “miss”

  1. I miss Ms M.S.
    no need to explain
    her inner ignorance
    she is the one
    to spend the rest of your life with
    or maybe not
    will she ever be a Mrs?
    will she ever change?

    By too stable on 12.29.2014

  2. What will I miss if I don’t have it? Happiness. Jesus. My kids. I don’t want to miss what life has to offer. Why am I here? What does God want me to do this year? I need to figure that out and just do it. I mean really so it. Run the race. Give it my all. Don’t miss the goal- go for it. Teach my kids that they can be what they want to be too. Don’t let others’ sadness stop you – ever. Their sadness is theirs- not yours. Remove the triggers. Find the happiness and what out it there and then repeat that everyday. Find joy. What gives you joy? Go on the quest. Find it.

    By Debbie alms on 12.29.2014

  3. I thought burning bridges meant destruction and pain and no going back
    but I forgot that smoke has purifying qualities
    and the path ahead of me will have beautiful flowers
    growing from the fallen ash

    By sunshinedaisies URL on 12.29.2014

  4. printed on my bank card
    a pat on the head was never welcome
    give me my 100 bucks

    By bridget URL on 12.29.2014

  5. I didn’t like being called “Miss” as a young woman. I sometimes miss people or things…sometimes not for a long time and sometimes immediately after they are gone, or only after a memory dredges up something that once was. I’m always missing the joke or the point or the catch.

    By KMS URL on 12.29.2014

  6. did I miss God? I miss hearing from God? Have I miss(ed) my calling?

    By Roxana Strickland on 12.29.2014

  7. Haved I missed God? Didd I miss hearing from God? Have I miss(ed) my calling? I miss my sister, my best friend

    By Roxana on 12.29.2014

  8. I miss so many loved ones. Some have passed and some are still on this earth.
    Missing someone leaves an empty, incomplete place in one’s heart.

    By Jackie on 12.29.2014

  9. To miss someone is the worse feeling in the world. It tells you how you truly feel because it gives you the time you need to really think and analyze your feelings for them. But it can also be the best, because it makes everything more clear.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 12.29.2014

  10. I missed him more than I’ve missed anyone. His breath on my skin, his touch on my hair, his brushing kisses… I even missed our fights. I missed how he lied to me time after time. I miss him with every breath I take and all I want is him.
    How much I miss him scares me to death but I still miss him.

    By cecelia URL on 12.29.2014

  11. Missed opportunities.
    No. Just lines disconnected.
    The voices who no longer hold weight in my world.
    Sometimes this was my doing, like an overly curious Lily Tomlin.
    A fond remembrance.
    Yet I can’t fake the want of a Nation when my needs take me some place else.
    So, am I mainstream? Hardly.
    But I do delight in it so.

    By Intuition on 12.29.2014

  12. what a word–so many moments are missed but then so many are not. How do you judge??? Sometimes you need to just move on. can’t look back, just to the road ahead.

    By sally on 12.29.2014

  13. Did you miss me when I left, or are you still so stubborn as to not admit you care. That’s so rude.

    By Ari on 12.29.2014

  14. I missed that basket and didnt get two points. MAN! i ndidnt miss the next two times so that makes four points. Or like miss as maiden.

    By teagan URL on 12.29.2014

  15. You miss 100 percent of the shorts that you don’t take. This is going to drive me in e next year so that I stop sitting on the sidelines. I will share this message with those that I coach as well. It’s time for us to step up and show out!

    By Wanda on 12.29.2014

  16. She made it her daily goal everyday; write. She would say the same thing to herself every time she sat in front of that computer. “I know you’re scared, I know you want to cry and scream – but just do it.”

    And she did.

    By Leisha URL on 12.29.2014

  17. I miss certain things in my life. I often wonder if their is a miss factor in my life and if so, what is it?! Miss means to go with out or be without! When I think of miss, immediately I think about my past life.

    By Jennifer Shirel on 12.29.2014

  18. I miss him a lot. not a person, a cat. He was quite kind, a beauty. He was the nicest thing I had ever come to know. No cat could replace him. No human could replace him. How sad is that? That I value a cat’s life over that of another human? Perhaps I just don’t care about people as much as I believe I do.

    By oliver davis URL on 12.29.2014

  19. I don’t miss anything. I don’t know why people get so hung up on the past. I find it too easy to go forward. People tell me that’s not good, but it’s not like I remember anything from the past in the first place. And remembering trivial things is useless. There’s nothing to miss. Look forward to the future. That’s all that matters, right?

    By oliver davis on 12.29.2014

  20. when you miss something you cry or are not happy about anything

    By ava on 12.29.2014

  21. There is something fascinating to me about absence. You create a ghost of someone even though they are perfectly breathing and all because you miss them. You create a presence. There is yearning and wonder. At some point, you do not even actually miss them. You just miss missing.

    By Sophiya on 12.29.2014

  22. i miss being different. different from who i used to be, what i used to know, from everybody else. Or so I thought. I miss feeling like God shared a secret with only me and I held that secret close—I did, however walk with it–wore it like armour. you’d look at me and knew i knew something all the while remaining unsure as to what. i miss that.

    By Safon on 12.29.2014

  23. miss a ball and i don’t know where the ball landed.It it went througha crack and I don’t know where it went!

    By bethany on 12.29.2014

  24. you can sometimes miss something or someone sometimes by loosing something or not seeing that person there are a lot of things to miss.

    By ava on 12.29.2014

  25. Miss; that’s a word that has been with me through my whole life. It can be either missing a time or a person, but as a matter of fact, I have been missing living in the now. I’ve waisted my time in the nostalgic memories of my past hoping they come back again but the only thing I have been MISSING here is moving on and continue on the current chapter that is my life. So what i’m trying to say here is that the only thing you should worry about is missing what can be your adventurous life.

    By Nadia on 12.29.2014

  26. I miss you. I don’t miss you. Do you miss me. I miss saying the word miss. I like saying the word miss. Do you like saying miss. Can I quit saying the word miss, because if I don’t, then I wont miss it. I won’t miss saying the word miss.

    By Charles on 12.29.2014

  27. i’d like to think that i don’t miss out on the big opportunities in life. i’l never know, so why spend time pondering such dull thought. more, why bother when my life is great now. what’s the point of worry about what could have been when i’m loving what is.

    By marie on 12.29.2014

  28. I still cant get over the fact that i havent seen you in months and i still feel like it was yesterday when you had your arms around me, whispering cute things in my ear. I miss you now more than ever; now that i know that when i get back, you will not be there. Its kind of surreal but still true, i can feel it. I sit here, hopeless, writing this with my heart in my hands, hoping that you feel the same way but knowing you dont. I miss you and still love you. I hope we can meet again and start all over.

    By Sabrina URL on 12.29.2014