December 26th, 2014 | 37 Entries

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37 Entries for “interview”

  1. I would love to interview the owner of Highclere Castle. He is very shy, as I met him recently, but I am sure under that shy exterior, there are many stories to be told about his family and how they have maintained the estate he inherited.

    By Judy Ackerman on 12.26.2014

  2. Facing an interview for the very first time is a very different experience for anyone, but facing any interview, which is not in particular very well known to the person itself, can be a very unique experience. Thus practice makes a man perfect.

    By aniketnik URL on 12.26.2014

  3. the suit was scratchy. I had a cold. the coffee spilled onto my tie. a taxi drove in a puddle that splashed on my pants. the subway was delayed. hired.

    By dominguez URL on 12.26.2014

  4. I continously wiped my clammy hands on my slacks. Everytime I attempted to speak, my throat clenched. I tapped my feet nervously and replied in an embarrassed, disappointed whisper

    “Yes. I have a criminal history.”

    By Abigail Peralta on 12.26.2014

  5. it usually happens for jobs, its questioning, a lot of people go to them

    By Mirjana Weekley on 12.26.2014

  6. Interview are of various kind. It may be for a job, it may be for an admission of a child in the school. One should not be afraid of Interview, rather one should practice to face the interview. They are the stepping stone for success, or we can say first step of the ladder towards success.

    By vikas sharma on 12.26.2014

  7. I am so terrified of going to a job interview that I will not even apply for a job. How dysfunctional is that. as a result by financial life has dwindled away into an abyss.

    By Tracey on 12.26.2014

  8. nerves jitter
    thoughts roll about.
    you smile
    but don’t feel like smiling at all.
    rub your hands.
    take a deep breath.
    he’s only human.
    you can do this.
    just talk.

    By Lady-Yume on 12.26.2014

  9. “So how did the interview go?” asked Amy.

    “I can’t safely say,” Richard replied. “I went in, all dressed up in my suit, ready to go. The manager was very polite. But he kept asking about my former work.”


    “Yeah, he didn’t seem to get that the job I was going for offered more money than my previous job,” chuckled Richard. “Like it was bizarre to him that he could provide me a better gig than the ones I already had.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.26.2014

  10. I get nervous when I go on interviews, however an interview helps develop people shills and once you have done it many times it gets easier ,,, right????? Well to me it does not , but since I have no job, I crave an interview badly.

    By FloridaGator78 on 12.26.2014

  11. Kal gave the man before her a sharp look. The man appeared to be very sure of himself. Cocky and full of it. Talking was done and now it was time to see if he was as good as he bragged about.

    By Sammie on 12.26.2014

  12. I had an interview that I was late for. My clothes didn’t quite fit but as I ran up the stairs I still felt confident. I shook my interviewers hand and we talked for half an hour. I walked out of there job in hand.

    By dan URL on 12.26.2014

  13. i should interview her. I need to know her inner feelings that she has been hiding from the world. Is it that important for me to know? Life is all but certain. U gotta wing it. Wing it for the sake of your sanity and happiness. Wing it sasha even though u think its not gonna work the way u may want it to be. WING IT!

    By Sasha on 12.26.2014

  14. as the boy walked into the room shaking, his clothes too big hanging off of him in all the wrong places he sat down in the little lego style chair across the desk from the caretaker and an old man. Both had faces worn by time and smiles that faded long long ago, as they asked the boy how he liked the orphanage and about the hobbies he had picked up in his eight years there. Without really giving the boy a second to think or really any sure sign of how this was going the man he had never seen before said, “alright, he’s the one, he will make a fine student.”

    By Madison on 12.26.2014

  15. The interview went quickly, they asked if I was a dolphin and I had to say no. I regret my life decision not to be a dolphin…

    By Fauxdai on 12.26.2014

  16. eyes meet.
    quick scanning.
    mascara. check. a bit lumpy though. probably less than 5 dollar ones.
    uneven eyeliner. she must be in rush.
    hair. just brushed straight to the back. sleek. boring type.

    wait, rack?
    surprisingly nice. no cleavage though, that blazer.. keeping it professional I see.

    He let out a tiny smile. half smirking.
    “sit down please.”

    She bites her lips nervously. handing out her portfolio. waiting for him to start judging.

    she didn’t know the result is already out a minute ago.

    By venus aretha URL on 12.26.2014

  17. “An interview?”

    That was all the warning anyone had before everything came pouring down on our heads.

    It wasn’t a safe word. It wasn’t a dark word.

    But it was a word of power and with those sorts of words, destruction of worlds and realms hung in the balance.

    No wonder there were no more heroes. No more villains. No more curiosity.

    There’s a different kind of terror that swallows you whole when it comes down to erasing your existence or erasing your boredom.

    Interviews were once done for entertainment or information. Once upon a very long time ago.

    By Sara H. URL on 12.26.2014

  18. i walk in
    furtive glances
    sweaty palms
    his too, i think
    we’re meeting “casually”
    to get to “know each other”
    but we both know
    this is really
    an interview
    will you fit with me?
    will you be good?
    will you last?
    will you do what no one else has
    will you
    be my forever?

    By Julie URL on 12.26.2014

  19. ‘It’ll amount to nothing.’ said Sarah. ‘Basically, you go in there, they take you though a mock interview that they pretend is the real thing, and then either Adam or Terry gets to decide if you’re hot enough to go get them latte’s until their bored with you. They’re a couple of asshats, if you ask me. But, good luck, if it’s what you want’

    By Erica on 12.26.2014

  20. There’s a great big globe in the corner of the room. It’s real fancy–all gilded and having it’s own stand–but it’s got all the wrong countries. I guess I won’t like my new boss.

    By Molly Ashline on 12.26.2014

  21. Getting to know someone for an important thing, such as a job, or a collage that requires skill. The better you present yourself, the better chance you have for succeeding.

    By Fatima Partida on 12.26.2014

  22. “That movie is really awful. I doubt it will become a hit. Isn’t there anything we can do about it? You know… what about some hot publicity stunt? Well, the movie is making fun of Kim anyway… why don’t we tell the world North Korea tried to hack us? We have to make sure we look like victims. Yeah, that sounds very good. Who knows… “The Interview” might even become the greatest hit ever?”

    By Alice Shina on 12.26.2014

  23. The interview ran long despite his increasingly terse answers. He bit his lip in frustration, checking the clock on the opposite wall.

    “And where do you see yourself a year from now?”

    “I don’t know,” he ground out. His voice was borderline malicious, but he didn’t care. “You tell me.”

    By WearyWater URL on 12.26.2014

  24. “Is that what you’re wearing to your interview tomorrow?”
    Cara spared the outfit hanging on her closet door a quick glance as she finished putting in her earring, “Uh, yeah. Why?”
    “The skirts a little short, isn’t it?”
    She frowned at her friend. “It goes to my knee,”
    “When you’re sitting?”
    She huffed. “Yes, Jera; when I’m sitting, when I’m standing,” she offered her a wicked smirk, “When I’m laying down…”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 12.26.2014

  25. A new movie of 2014, The Interview strikes controversy throughout the world. Beginning with North Korean Dictator Kim Jung Un, who poses attacks of terrorism against the USA, and a striking plot, US civilians are dying to see the new movie, as well as remain safe. So The Interview poses a big question, Safety, or Entertainment?

    By Celia Renee on 12.26.2014

  26. “Not again…” She mumbled to herself. She rolled her eyes and typed rapidly about an ordinary topic for the fourth, or was it fifth, time. “Interview.” She said aloud. “How do I begin?”

    By Celia Renee on 12.27.2014

  27. Let’s talk. Let’s chat. Let’s pretend this is a date, while I ask you a series of questions. Where’s the smooth in that?

    By Swing through on 12.27.2014

  28. she presses the tape recorder so close it’s almost touching your lips. you laugh half heartedly, pushing it away rather than trying to think of an answer to her question. her eyes do not leave yours for a second and it’s making it all that much harder to concentrate. why does she even care?

    By rhey quaza on 12.27.2014

  29. When you have an interview you need to pay attention in which clothes you are going to use and in your body language. But first you have to be honesto when writing your curriculum. And talk about the salary only in the end if the interviewer ask you

    By netuno45 on 12.27.2014

  30. Nervous
    Scared How do I deal with the boss ? What if the person sees right through me? I going to puke my guts out! I am so anxiosu

    By Arianna on 12.27.2014

  31. there’s a movie called the interview that’s out right now, and i haven’t seen it, but lots of people have lots to say about it. but i don’t really want to talk about that. all i want to talk about is winston. and how we’re probably not going to end up together, but God, how i want us to. how i desperately want us to.

    By Hannah URL on 12.27.2014

  32. He was waiting for the interview. Sweat poured down his neck and wet the stiff white collar of his uncomfortable rented suit.
    He hated himself.

    By Gaia Serene on 12.27.2014

  33. To appear for an interview for the first time is a very daunting task. There is a lot of anxiety and panic going on in the mind when it comes to attending an interview at a new place. Still interview is the best way of selection.

    By aniketnik URL on 12.27.2014

  34. Interviews are interesting and informational. Sometimes, when you like a certain person and they’re being interviewed, you learn quite a lot about that person. It’s very nice getting to know about a person. People are great.

    By Clara Magalona URL on 12.27.2014

  35. An opportunity to portray an authentic example of who you are in order to find out if a particular situation offers a win/win fit for both parties….a chance to learn more about each other!

    By Janine URL on 12.27.2014

  36. The office is hot, stuffy. It’s the middle of summer, and the heat is incredibly prominent in the gray cubicle that I sat in. My interviewer stared at me, dead beady eyes observing my every move.

    By vdawg on 12.27.2014

  37. Her words are slow, careful. Every question sets me more on edge. I won’t get this job.

    By Vdawg on 12.27.2014