December 27th, 2014 | 47 Entries

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47 Entries for “charmed”

  1. AT first glance, she was charmed. Enchanted even. His light smile and warm eyes took her off gaurd. At first glance, he was intrigued. The sly smile and those entrancing eyes were mysterious and intoxicating. Soon,

    By Genevieve on 12.28.2014

  2. She waited on her coffee and eggs as a neighborhood cat threaded between her legs on the terrace. She called it Whiskers and scratched its head with the toe of her boot.

    Nearby a couple smoking downwind seemed mildly irritating for it would only be a matter of time before the breeze dashed their oh-so courteous attempts to keep it away from others.

    She considered getting up and going home. She considered ways to distract herself from a nightmare she’d had in the wee hours of the morning.

    The waiter arrived with her coffee, which she knew was not sustainably sourced nor fair-trade. She’d seen the big buying club “mark” on the bag near the coffee station when he poured it. Did she really want to waste her money like that? Is it so hard for people to invest in better ways of being better humans and appreciating life? She should have asked before she ordered.

    Still the waiter winked auspiciously as he set the cup down, she rolled her eyes. He left the table wearing a smirk.

    “Then,” she thought, “there are those who think they’re natural charmers.”

    Without a word she got up and left as silently as Whiskers had done moments earlier. On the table sat the still warm coffee sending plumes of steam into the air.

    By Intuition on 12.28.2014

  3. The idea that something tangible can affect ones emotions to the greater benefit, charmed by gifts, vowed and viewed, the knowledge that the charm has had the desired effect in the viewer
    And the viewer doesn’t diminish the effect cast.

    By michelle on 12.28.2014

  4. I was charmed the first time I saw her. At the end of the night, I thought about her: her smile, her hair, her laugh. I hoped I would see her again because I didn’t think to ask for her number. I hope she could sense how I felt, and maybe felt the same way about me.

    By dan URL on 12.28.2014

  5. It is a simple feeling, and few feel it because few can be the catalyst to bring it.

    By Livin2TheUtmost on 12.28.2014

  6. I was delighted when my lady friend accepted a drink from me ~Charmed

    By John31 on 12.28.2014

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