May 6th, 2009 | 139 Entries

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139 Entries for “charge”

  1. A positive charge. A negative charge. How about no charge? Being neutral is good. At least I am not taking sides. The tension of the sides sickens me.

    By Annie on 05.07.2009

  2. you charge me up
    to where i can’t see straight
    think straight
    breathe right
    or talk
    i want to, but i’m afraid.

    By jessica on 05.07.2009

  3. in charge. i love it.i don’t know.will i ever. i wish. charge it up. it is meant forever.oh how i love to charge myself. to charge others.guilty pleasure.charge. stupidity.running out of memory.charge? what.can’t hear you. I am in charge.clear? highly unlikely.

    By aham yuhu on 05.07.2009

  4. Hey, go away now! I’m in charge with things here!

    By Gloria on 05.07.2009

  5. charging ur cell or, charging ur car battery, giving some energy to it, or beatting anybody with a urge to punish them for making things upset

    By punitha on 05.07.2009

  6. Take charge. Of thing, of life. Don’t let things just be, you know? We have the power to change most things; either we just don’t realise that, or we don’t want something badly enough.

    Taking responsibility for our own life is so hard. That means we’re responsible if we screw it up. Don’t be scared. Just do it. Take charge.

    By Shweta on 05.07.2009

  7. taking charge of things has always been a problem with me, what with all my procrastinating genes. I’m sure if I made it a point of taking charge of my life, things would sooner or later, fall right into place. If I don’t, I’m sure life will charge me for it.

    By ruffy on 05.07.2009

  8. If i had a battery for life, i could just switch on and switch off. Charge and Uncharge. Simple.

    By ruffy on 05.07.2009

  9. what was the charge against me? i did not have a clue. all i remember is waking up on a cold bench with no shoelaces and no belt. was i really a danger to myself? disorderly conduct was the charge. what a night. what a night.

    By Rusty on 05.07.2009

  10. charge, full steam ahead. train engine going fast so fast. freight train freight train. when i’m dead and buried, i hope somebody remembers me like i am. i hope somebody cares enough to read the journals. but i hope everyone else besides that person forgets me.

    fade away. burn out. and gone.

    By jc on 05.07.2009

  11. The Kossack horsemen charged.
    In “The Charge of the Light Brigade,” the soldiers charged.
    When the car died, my husband charged the battery.
    When I first saw Danny, I was charged with desire for him.
    I charged a whole bunch on the credit card.
    For the past several years we have charged our vacation to Europe and paid off the bill by fall.
    When I come to work every day, I usually feel charged, because I really like my job.
    It charges me to speak before a g roup who are paying attention to me when I have something I enjoy telling about.
    It charges me to play “Flip words” on the computer.
    What I get the most charge out of is reading a good book.
    I get somewhat of a charge out of chatting with dtc on Face Book .
    When I go to the library, it gives me a charge.
    Not too many things do give me a charge. I am old and I have learned not to be excited any more. I can’t imagine doing the things kids do and believing it’s fun. Roller skating: why is that such a big deal? You can’t walk decently on skates. All you can roll. You are liable to run into somebody. You don’t have a lot of control on roller skates. It’s a hassle to put them on and take them off. You have to wear knee pads and a funny hat. All for–what? And what is so great about playing with a doll? Who wants to be a mom before your time? If the kid interacts at all, it just smiles at you. It can’t talk. You have to carry it around. It wants to feed itself but will make an unbearable mess. So you put cute clothes on it. So what? Two minutes later it throws all up over the clothes, and they have to be washed. Not much of a charge, if you ask me.

    By skz30 on 05.07.2009

  12. take charge of what?
    your life?
    your finances?
    your spouse?
    your children?
    fuck that.
    I refuse.

    By Allie on 05.07.2009

  13. The air was charged with you – or with your absence, more accurately. I felt the lack of you, like electricity on my skin, hairs standing on end for want of sight of you. And you had charged me to “Be Well” and “Take Care” and I was prepared to take these charges seriously, just to spite you. I would live well, inside or outside of your charge and care.

    By Kristy on 05.07.2009

  14. What I did with a stupid piece of plastic, which seemed like instant money at the time.

    It was.

    And I used that charge card to spend too much.

    Don’t like to say charge.

    I say cash, now.

    By capn kirk on 05.07.2009

  15. I am currently charging my phone. Which is ironic because i never charge my phone and the first time someone talks about charging i am doing it.
    Also my laptop is charging allowing me to make this random rant about charging. Aha.

    Charging my Laser. =D

    By Tommy on 05.07.2009

  16. I can’t say I really charge forward. More like, toddle through life with a bit of an inclination towards the forward, but with the reluctant gait of someone who just wants to hold onto her childhood. Charging is for fools, who errantly rush through life on a high, only to crash into a brick wall.

    By Michelle on 05.07.2009

  17. run fast
    9 volt
    12 volt
    i pod

    By eliluker on 05.07.2009

  18. charge a batterie charge the jumper cable to the fish

    By him on 05.07.2009

  19. i think of to take charge of something

    By Yenttirb on 05.07.2009

  20. wires. tangeld up.. pluged in.. battery.. green. light.

    By alyssa on 05.07.2009

  21. charging a battery.
    I must charge my batteries in everything.
    charge something to give it life and make it work.
    battery charger.

    By : ) on 05.07.2009

  22. charger
    Maryam’s foot on my leg

    By kaz on 05.07.2009

  23. charger
    Maryam’s foot on my leg

    By kaz on 05.07.2009

  24. I am in charge. in charge of what you ask… these days I am in charge of myself only-but this is still more than it used to be and the first step more.

    By leah on 05.07.2009

  25. Overpriced shoes. Mind blowing dresses. Designer jeans. Undervalued lives. Overcharged.

    By Cían on 05.07.2009

  26. own

    By Marcelo on 05.07.2009

  27. An ipod. A phone. A computer. Charging is constantly needed in the 21st century. A power charge is now as sacred as a shrine. Use it well.

    By Lydia on 05.07.2009

  28. I hate that everytime you need anything, anything, anything, charge it is. Cash, credit, check, blow job? Everything seems to have a charge now. I wonder if happiness even has a charge. How much would it be?

    By Justin DeJohn on 05.07.2009

  29. go forward and seize the day. all that shit they shovelled down our throats when we were young till this very day. it’s a lie. it’s not about taking charge or seizing the day. it’s about manipulation and the desire to conform while making a change… attacking from behind enemy lines. DO IT!

    By Amber on 05.07.2009

  30. I want to return it
    my love
    Charge it back to
    my heart
    I want to not hurt
    And be free to love

    By LynnArts (Jen M) on 05.07.2009

  31. I charge you lots of money for the bagel because it it made out of wheat and i grow wheat it costs money so u pay me so there hey you u didnt give me my money so hurry and give me my monney i have to run a mile today DARN i already ran it today is a bad day i like softball better and mrs campana is absent tom. I hope it is hot for the rest of the week

    By maryanne on 05.07.2009

  32. Gearing up for the battle, steeling their nerves, the cavalry awaits the order.


    By Sandra S Richardson on 05.07.2009

  33. charge? hmm… it is always good to take charge in a situation. it is especially good for women to take charge, what with all the sexism nowadays.

    By Carrie-Louise on 05.07.2009

  34. Charging forward. Armored bears. Positive. Negative. Colors.

    Colorshock. I wonder how she’s doing? It’s unfortunate, no, something more that that but I can’t think of the word, that despair and anger so easily become the status quo.

    By Jonathan on 05.07.2009

  35. run straight ahead, my goal
    hidden in the shadows life is hard
    its dangerously painful
    i hurt. my feelings hurt. i want to cry.
    but i have no reason.

    By ana on 05.07.2009


    By Ciara Deery on 05.07.2009

  37. “You’re in charge..” Has anyone ever said that to you? I mean so now you’re the boss, but where does that extend to. I mean can you boss everyone around… or are there certain people who are in charge of the one in charge…who’s in charge of them? Is this some viscious circle of one person being in charge of another and ultimately we are ruling ourselves?? Maybe I shouldn’t of had that red bull today.

    By Kenz on 05.07.2009

  38. Take Charge! Charge towards the enemy, charge the batteries, charge my credit card, charging rhinos, forward, charge the charge!

    A little dittle on the charge of ten thousand little pards and the forever in time that the charges seek to rhyme.

    By Seth on 05.07.2009

  39. charge towards me
    with the love you have
    in your eyes.

    charge me with your
    rhino love.

    charge over me with the mac
    truck that is the glow of your eyes.

    charge me
    for loving you.
    charge me
    for believing you.
    whatever you charge
    will be worth it.

    By Jasmine Brenton on 05.07.2009

  40. “If i wanted to charge you for my services, I wouldn’t have initiated it.” Maxine looked coyfully up from her straw. “So what is the usual charge anyway,” he said.

    By charlotte on 05.07.2009