May 5th, 2009 | 120 Entries

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120 Entries for “win”

  1. i win in almost everything i play

    By wilson on 05.06.2009

  2. just win i heard as i stepped out on to the field. today was my day. it was the day i would shut down one of the best offenses in new england. just win. i toed the rubber, and it felt right. it felt like today was my day. the day that i would pepper the strike zone with two seam fastballs. just win. just win today boys. JUST WIN! We won.

    By Rusty on 05.06.2009

  3. She would win this fight. Never mind that she couldn’t remember how it started; she would win it anyways. She had the determination and the drive to do it. She hoped it would be over soon, though, as this sex ban was starting to get to her. Stupid idea, banning sex until she won.

    By Sunshine on 05.06.2009

  4. is this a good move? am i winning? or am i losing? maybe there are no winners – we all just love, lose, and hurt till we find someone to repeat the cycle with. it’s not necessary, and is just a waste of time. but there’s no winning with you. cos with you, i’m always willing to lose.

    By mayn on 05.06.2009

  5. i hope i win today’s fight with mysepf. all i have to do is push the little green button and dial his number. the will answer, probably. he must answer. i’ll say :happy nameday.

    By shangri-la on 05.06.2009

  6. winning is victory, but it’s not about being the best really. it’s about getting something right.
    man, too much of winning is all about being better than someone else. that isn’t what it should be about. winning should be about success, and that can be with as many people as you like – enough of this putting one person on a pedestal shit, we’re all equal and when we win we should be happy, not fucking cocky

    By yeahWHUT i'm angry on 05.06.2009

  7. my mind revolves around the win. everything I do is all about winning. all I can see is the back of the net, the center field fence, the finish line. win. but just not at all costs.

    By kbizzle on 05.06.2009

  8. Is life all about winning? From birth to death, we are given many chances to win, and I mean really win, to really succeed in something. There will be winners, as well as losers, but maybe one day there won’t be.

    Maybe one day, everyone will be a winner.

    By Michelle on 05.06.2009

  9. It was a win-win situation, that which you and I entered into. I would win your heart, and you would win your ticket to freedom, a green card. And so I explained it to my friends, and to my overly-concerned family, who saw it as lose-win, and didn’t understand this game, the game of your heart, which I had committed to. I was in it to win you.

    By Kristy on 05.06.2009

  10. Win or lose. Does it really matter so much? Abe knew it did – He always won – at least he always had to win – at any cost, at all costs. he couldn’t help it he told himself, it’s m=y nature. And that very competitiveness would serve to become his undoing.

    By Ev on 05.06.2009

  11. Our track team is going to win the conference meet this weekend. Last night, David and I won all but 1 game in bags with our friends. My family strives to win, and I have grown up under the radar of winning attitudes. Sometimes it sucks. Oh well. It’s my life.

    By Ryan on 05.06.2009

  12. They say winning isn’t everything. I’ve heard it so many times. But winning feels so good. It feels as though people that win, would never say that it isn’t everything. It feels like everything. I love winning more than anything, and hate it more than anything. It takes over.

    By ARG on 05.06.2009

  13. Winning is a sweet taste that lingers. A triumph that celebrates the arduous journey. If you want it bad enough, if you feel it, then the win is your’s.

    By Aly on 05.06.2009

  14. i will win my dream career this month – trust in the power of positive thinking :)

    By snuffy on 05.06.2009

  15. To win or to lose – that is the question. Sometimes life doesn’t give you any choices. But most of the time, your fate, your destiny is in your hands. You choose what choices you make, what road you take, that will determine whether you win, or you lose.

    By Diana on 05.06.2009

  16. Who cares about the win. I care that’s who. After years of practice, perfecting my skills, you think I’m out here to compete. That’s crazy.
    The dust from the infield blew in toward the plate. The umppire wiped off the plate, then ran out to break up the conference. Ron was mad now. Ready to strike out the whole damn team. Screw the coach. What does he know. He sits over in the dugout on his fat ass, chewing gum and waiting for god knows what. You’t think the some bitch never played ball in all his life.

    By MIke on 05.06.2009

  17. Win, that’s all some of us seem to want to do. We don’t have to win to succeed. I win things rarely but atleast I win within myself. If you’re happy and fulfilled, what does winning really mean in the end? Nothing.

    By alicia on 05.06.2009

  18. people say winning isnt everything but when u think about it life is all about winning. Maybe not in the sense that you want to win your soccer game or you want to “win” that promotion at work. But life is all about being happy with yourself and whats going on in life, therefore if you arent happy you arent winning.

    By alyssa on 05.06.2009

  19. dichotomy. The idea that there’s a winner or that one wins is so sad and completely creating the possibility for losers and making that a bad thing when none of that is needed. just do, forget winning

    By robby on 05.06.2009

  20. The opportunity for excellence
    A moment, glory awaits
    Defeat is an angry vixen
    Eager to feed
    But I, standing straight
    In fearless defiance
    Stare into its eyes with such fury
    That it crumbles at the thought

    Stand back, gentle giant
    The time is mine

    By Matthew Clairmont on 05.06.2009

  21. It’s finally my chance
    I stand up on the stage
    I’m handed the gold
    I see my reflection
    Its finally my time
    To Win

    By Kathy on 05.06.2009

  22. “I win!” my little brother shouted doing his victory dance,I smiled and thought, ‘You only won because I let you.’ But I won’t tell him that, I’ll let him have his victory.

    By rose on 05.06.2009

  23. it’s a big win when i can get myself to write more than a few words.

    By Marq on 05.06.2009

  24. I won the race, it was great. It felt so exhilirating to win. I never thought I could really do it.

    By shellyne on 05.06.2009

  25. Winning has always been something that I enjoyed. Even in non-competative sports and the like. If my team doesn’t do well, then I get mad, upset, annoyed. I try to work harder, yell at my teammates, do whatever I can in order to come back and win.


    That’s all I have ever wanted to do. Win everything. Win anything.

    By Krys on 05.06.2009

  26. i win. otherwise known as “i who” you who, chocolate drink. i say it every time, especially as the two of us were crossing the bridge to get groceries. we made sandwiches, played music, and fell asleep together. i should have stayed there. i think i’m getting sick and going crazy in this cubicle. something needs to break here. then i’ll win. when i’m all that’s left, i who.

    By jokeua on 05.06.2009

  27. the race of life , i dont see myself winning… i am losing to my confidence, drown…
    may i win over his heart? those smiling eyes?

    By lol on 05.06.2009

  28. It was coming… the finish line was coming. The crowd was on it’s feet, cheers deafening and then going silent as he concentrated on only the sound of his feet. His breath came out in heavy pants and his skin was wet with sweat. Almost there… he may have been the last to cross the finish line but he had finished and that was a winning accomplishment.

    By Elven on 05.06.2009

  29. When i was 100,I won the first price for the best teeth in the world !

    By gwezheneg on 05.06.2009

  30. I win, you win, but Abigail loses. She’s used to it by now, losing and all. It was a Tuesday, a slow one at that, and she was doing what she does best; she was losing. It wasn’t even something you could lose at. She was eating a banana. She still lost. Wow…loser…that’s what they say in quotes. That’s all.

    By Daniel on 05.06.2009

  31. i just can’t win.

    By devan on 05.06.2009

  32. Gagner un prix m’anmene le sourure au lèvre. Mais je ne suis pas chanceuse. Car même si j,ai le nom de famille Gagné ça ne veut pas dire que je gagne beaucoup.

    By Pauline on 05.06.2009

  33. “I lose the game” Jake called over the roar of the classroom.

    “Well i win” Thomas yelled. He hates the game. he hates losing so he decided he would win. He was happy for the rest of the day.

    By dragonlock-1 on 05.06.2009

  34. i’d like to win life, to be powerful, to show them who I really am….

    Life is boring when you do not have money…….

    By popo on 05.06.2009

  35. VICTORY! YAY! all that we have cried and fought over has been won! HOORAH! party time! cha-cha-cha! ya!

    By Amanda Barkan on 05.06.2009

  36. Moving forward and challenging yourself for a higher purpose. Pushing yourself to achieving more than you think you can.

    By Hary828 on 05.06.2009

  37. why is it always win? ive played this game so many times and its always win. what if i dont want to write about win? what if i want to write about lose? i lose. i lost. i suck at life because i cant do anything right. the description of doing it right is winning, but what if i dont want to win? what id i want to quit school, and find out what i really want to do without wasting $200,000 on high school and another $400,000 on college? i want to find something i love to do and do it, win or lose.

    By elena on 05.06.2009

  38. what have i won have i won you will you win me? woo me. win me over go ahead and try and try and try your efforts are pointless for i do not want you as my prize id much rather have the ever setting sun to run and run to and to never stop running. i wont stop until i win.

    By renee on 05.06.2009

  39. It is definitely a feeling of victory when you finish a whole year of school. I have just finished my first year university and it truly feels like I just won a battle with the piles and piles of books and notes. I have pushed myself and battled against myself. To have made it and knowing that I tried my best and did quite well, it feels like a victory

    By Jaye on 05.06.2009

  40. Every time you step on the field, you win and you know it. And I guess, that’s perfect. It’s just fine. You posses every thing you ever wanted. But wait, I want to know… when will it be my turn to win?

    By Sara on 05.06.2009