November 28th, 2009 | 438 Entries

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438 Entries for “cello”

  1. The cello sang in it’s deep mahogony voice. I liked the way the syrup dripped… boom boom ba boom.

    Cello speaks in old man voice and tastes like sugar sweet.

    By Old Cello on 11.29.2009

  2. a beautiful source of music. i love the sound of it an the sheer visual poetry of the musician poised over, drooping over, embracing it to create beautiful music. the heart strings pulling pathos of the melancho;ly sounds. the imagery evoked y the music and the picture created. the haunting notes that strike a chord deep within.

    By Suvarna Jha on 11.29.2009

  3. This is a really cool instrament. I think yo-o mah has one. I f that’s his real name? And they are really big. They have a deep sound to them, not to mention they are like really multi diversed. Like you can play jazz and instramental music with them.

    By Brett on 11.29.2009

  4. Band

    By Tim on 11.29.2009

  5. I play the cello. Actually, I don’t, but I wish I did. The cello has such a unique name and sound. I love music and I know that a cello would add such a new sound to a piece of music.

    By mia on 11.29.2009

  6. Management incompecy

    By Marv on 11.29.2009

  7. Management bad incompentant

    By Marv on 11.29.2009

  8. well im just trying to sit here and figure out what I’m goign to do with my day. I havn’t slept yet and and I’m left over with quite a glow from the amazing night that I had last night, even though it never really ended. Back to school today, even though I only have a week till xmas ma fucker!!!!!!!!

    By Smitch on 11.29.2009

  9. What a beautiful instrument. Seems like you need to hug it and caress it. Treat it like a person. The sound is wonderful. Seems feminine

    By Chris G on 11.29.2009

  10. jared picked up his cello, for he knew it would be the last time he could play her his song. she laughed, and sat quietly in her rocking chair, her lace at the end of her dress spiralling as she turned. Jared picked up his bow, looked her in the eye, and began to play his sweet song.

    By sasha on 11.29.2009

  11. jello mister silly butter stirng montachello forhello corcello bello smello bello bello bellooooo

    By alyssa on 11.29.2009

  12. i’ve always wanted to play the cello. there is something so graceful yet so masculine looking about it. so cultured too. i also like the way the word sounds. the c in the word, making it sound like ‘chello’. i can imagine an italian saying that, like wen mario talks

    By cho on 11.29.2009

  13. an instrument of music played by Luca paccagnela

    By Eli Vuv on 11.29.2009

  14. a musical instrument.

    By abbas on 11.29.2009

  15. i have no idea what this word is. it sounds like cell which i know is what makes up all liveing things. Also, it rhymes with jello. Which is a gooey flavor-filled substances enjoyed as a desert.

    By me on 11.29.2009

  16. musical instrument, deep resounding sound, depth of noise, bass line, heavy, grounding

    By A on 11.29.2009

  17. deep sounding instrument, strings, bow, heavy, background, no solos, can also be the short form of cellophane, a clear plastic for wrapping packages and flowers

    By A on 11.29.2009

  18. an instrument with strings, played with a bow. beautiful girl concentrates on the large3 element between her legs and thinks . why didn’t i become a hair stylist. curly top and tuning screws

    By jonathan on 11.29.2009

  19. nothing comes to mind with cello. I dont play the cello. I dont play any instrument. if i did i wouldnt pick a cello. i mean its big if i am remembering correctly. not easy to hall around. not fun to play bc u cant spice it up by moving around.

    By kyra on 11.29.2009

  20. there was more than one person from the orchestra that had secrets to hide. Especially CHelsea, who hides cocaine in her cello

    By Cyndi on 11.29.2009

  21. I always thought it’d be so incredibly cool to play the cello. What a badass instrument.


    By amanda on 11.29.2009

  22. The deep musical sound of the cello flew through the concert hall, playing a sad song. Sometimes it was happy and graceful, but mostly it was mournful and reedy.

    By Sabrina on 11.29.2009

  23. There was a cello in the corner and it seemed to be calling Emma’s name. She had always anted to play an instrument, and her dad finally said she could pick one out. She wanted the biggest, most interesting one. “The cello at the back please” and then she bought it. She would have many adventures with it.

    By crappy writer on 11.29.2009

  24. never played it

    By eddie on 11.29.2009

  25. beautiful, deep, harmonious, wooden, strong, soft, gentle, rich, luscious, gorgeous, musical.

    By Eileen on 11.29.2009

  26. My best friend Amber plays the cello. I love the cello, it’s a beautiful instrument. If our school had an orchestra I might have played the cello. it would’ve been cool I guess. I like the cello. I heard it was the closest instrument to the voice.

    By peekabookity@yahoo.com on 11.29.2009

  27. This girl I hate plays the cello. She thinks we’re ‘best friends’. As if, sweetheart. And she’s always complaining. All the time. There’s no end to it. She complains about this other cello player who’s better than her. It’s like, ‘Yeah, hon, that happens.’

    By shaylene on 11.29.2009

  28. cello plays mournfully on the stage at a friend’s memorial. its tones speak of crossing a deep river, endlessly sad

    By bartleby on 11.29.2009

  29. The cello lay in its case. It seemed like an innocent little thing. It must have been important to whoever owned it; you could see that it had been lovingly placed in the large black case. You could see where fingers had rubbed the polish away. You could see where the velvet lining the case had been replaced. It was sad, really. He would never be able to see his cello again.

    By Leira on 11.29.2009

  30. I have a friend who can play the cello. She is a sweet girl, whose name is Hannah Jo. She was very shy for a long time, but finally found her voice through music, and has much to say. Her Mom is a friend of mine and we all have the love of music in common. She is in high school now and I think music of some sort will be her carrer!

    By Tonja on 11.29.2009

  31. rymes with jello, its hello with a severe lisp??
    sounds like chello, did you bring your cell, o.

    By Ryans on 11.29.2009

  32. ist ein instrument der gro

    By dochardie on 11.29.2009

  33. who you are

    By joe on 11.29.2009

  34. big violins that moan a lot. Used to outstanding effectiveness in the 3rd (i think?) movement of beethoven’s 5th

    By humble on 11.29.2009

  35. my cello makes the music for the orchastra. the low sounds, so melodic. they ring through your ears, arousing isn’t it? my cello is the source of your happiness. it makes you smile, doesn’t it? my cello, is my world, something you would never understand.

    By anonymous on 11.29.2009

  36. Cellophane t-shirts. Cocaine nose jobs. Beck the folksinger and us and our amazing shoes. We watch the indie films of the future. Beautiful sunsets how I love thee. Follow me into tomorrow please.

    By Ashley Michelle on 11.29.2009

  37. I don’t know much about cello’s but then I don’t know who I am either.

    By mind.candy@hotmail.com on 11.29.2009

  38. instrument that i used to play back in 4th 5th and 6th grade, well actually just 4th and 5th b/c in 6th i switched to the viola… but it’s w/e… umm it is a beautiful instrument a very nice sound… i dont really know much about i

    By Phill The Plumber on 11.29.2009