November 27th, 2009 | 467 Entries

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467 Entries for “slipper”

  1. warm soft just what i needed, on this cold snowy day. i walk to my kichen and trip….slippers i love you but you make me fall….the end.

    By millie on 11.28.2009

  2. I like to wear slippers, they are so fuzzy and warm. I love wearing them next to the warm fire place. I love the huge purple one’s a friend of mine owns. I sometimes steal them and wear them around the house. It’s like walking on a cloud. It’s just so pleasant!

    By Vikki Miles on 11.28.2009

  3. Softly, Seductive and yet harboring an scent that is unfamiliar to the soft plushness. and the warm feelings so pleasurable. This one time i tried to eat a slipper tasted horrible though!!!

    By Don won demarco on 11.28.2009

  4. what a delightful word
    im wearing none at the moment
    and never do wear them at all
    the world could mean either that thing your wear on the foot
    or a person that just keeps falling

    By paul on 11.28.2009

  5. it’s s foot thing
    it’s when you do it with anyone whos not your girlfrind
    its wehn you crash with your car

    By Anonymous on 11.28.2009

  6. Grandma’s slippers are too small for me. She wore them every day for the last 10 years of her life, and now she’s gone. All of her other clothes show what sort of life she led–her crazy red hat, her powersuit, and her skirt all fit.

    By Sara on 11.28.2009

  7. I have been slipping the one word site for some time now. I like to write on some arbitrary topic so i feel this is a very apt place for me. I just felt like writing something then i recalled this site which i used to visit frequently in order to quench my need of writing.

    By ashish on 11.28.2009

  8. i slip i slide, i slowly glide through life, ike a slow motion skid across the hardwood kitchen floor in my fuzzy socks.
    i slip
    i slide
    i merely glide

    By mk on 11.28.2009

  9. my slipper seriously won’t stop eating my foot. it’s so hungry. my dry feet are being consumed by this jcpenny piece of shit that I recieved from my dad’s mistress 3 days ago.

    By Colleen Scheuer on 11.28.2009

  10. comfortable footwear used in lounging around the house.

    By dez on 11.28.2009

  11. These are one of my favourite winter items. They are simply a must-have in my house! I love a nice cozy warm fuzzy pair of slippers to keep my feet toasty and warm all through the chilly Northern Ontario winter. I like to get a new pair every year, sometimes as a Christmas gift with some nice matching pj’s.

    By Tara on 11.28.2009

  12. we ran as fast as we could from the ball. i hadn’t yet kissed her, and now i knew i was going to miss her. her hair came flying out from under her tiara and she did nothing but laugh. i wanted to catch her even though i was right up next to her, and all she said was “let me go let me go!” and so i let her go. i watched her get into that magic pumpkin and kept watching when she turned into a jackolantern.

    By Erica Nottestad on 11.28.2009

  13. I had a slpper. something cozy to cover my feet, ut it only sooted me in winter, i much prefer roaming barefoot. the feel of concrete and grass and dirt on my toes. slippers, they make me think of something bif and fluffy. pink. blue. always pastel, or a dorg.

    By sierra on 11.28.2009

  14. This reminds me of my puppy who is coincidentally named puppy. She likes to steal slippers and leave them randomly hidden around my house. It’s funny actually because I think she’s done teething. It’s also funny because these slippers aren’t mine. I guess if they were mine, I wouldn’t laugh as hard as I do when I see chewed up slippers.

    By Stacy on 11.28.2009

  15. “Dammit, where’s my other slipper?” Ellen slid from her bed and knelt to peer underneath, but the slipper was nowhere to be seen. She sighed and stood, vowing to put electronic locators on everything she owned so that next time she wanted to go out for the mail in the snow, she wouldn’t have to look forward to frostbite.

    By DM on 11.28.2009

  16. I put my slipper on in the early morning hours. The floor is cold, and I wonder why I didn’t crank the heat last night. MY head is groggy and I realize I should just crawl back into bed. Warm and cozy….a good place to spend the start of the holiday. I place to contemplate all that has been happening this year.

    By alex on 11.28.2009

  17. There it is. Peeking out from under my bed. A lone slipper. A reminder of all that is not right with my life. Its mate is long gone. Butr I cannot muster the strength to throw it away. It would be throwing a part of myself away. So I just stare at it. An it mocks me.

    By Mr. Mitch on 11.28.2009

  18. Hello my name is chuck and there was once a guy named tony who fell in love with a girl and he was seeing for a long time and she eneded

    By GiJJ on 11.28.2009

  19. i once bought pair of slippers for five bucks. the broke in two days. i really wish i had a pair of slippers this winter it’s very dirty around the house and shoes are to heavy. tyler stole my slippers once

    By jon on 11.28.2009

  20. I once dreamt that I was hitting a very famous sports person with my big slipper. I love the slipper I was hitting him with. They are too big and huge for my feet, and give this sense of comfort, and they make me feel that my feet are more safer, and well protected.

    By alekhya on 11.28.2009

  21. Something you put on your feet to keep them warm. Comes in a variety of styles and designs.

    By Becki on 11.28.2009

  22. Slipper. Hmm. The word calls to mind warm memories of christmas, years ago. Coming out to see the tree neatly decorated, and friendly smiles from everyone there.

    I got about two pairs of slippers each year. They were horrible, itched my feet and fell apart after a week.

    By or a name on 11.28.2009

  23. There was a red slipper on the living room carpet. It sat there lonely. The lint collected on the sole.

    By Cindy on 11.28.2009

  24. warm on my foot. soft and pink. that slipper. i step into a puddle of spilled oatmeal. gordon bennett! now my slipper is soiled.

    By ikea on 11.28.2009

  25. 1. Slipper. I like them. Furry, warm. Nice. Comfy. Keep your toes from freezing and turning into Popsicles.

    By Leann on 11.28.2009

  26. She lost her slipper. In fact, she lost a lot more than her slipper, but the slipper is what stands out in her mind — probably easier to confront than the other losses.

    By Rosalie on 11.28.2009

  27. My slipers are for me everything : without them, my feet are frozen and I cannot live !

    By gwezheneg on 11.28.2009