March 8th, 2012 | 447 Entries

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447 Entries for “brunch”

  1. What I could not figure out was how I made it this long without you. It was like a brunch on Sunday. When I put you to my lips.

    By visiontest URL on 03.09.2012

  2. Brunch is a comfortable thing. I usually don’t make it up for breakfast so brunch is how I lead my life. Brunch is the best because you can eat whatever sounds good… breakfast or lunch. Breakfast food is the best though. This word makes me think of going out to eat with old people after church on Sunday. It makes me think of fancy pancakes, coffee, orange juice, and eggs.

    By Amanda on 03.09.2012

  3. i had a brunch with my love and best friend. we laughed and talked about the future. i could see the smile in his eyes as he told me he loved me and i knew it was true. the crisp wind played at the tips of my hair and sent chills down my spine.

    By Carmen Montgomery on 03.09.2012

  4. No brunch today. in fact, no lunch today. Lots of lies including, “I’m not hungry” and “I’m not feeling well”. Shut up, you’re starving!

    By laughalot on 03.09.2012

  5. I can barely keep brunch down, I’m so nervous. Each day this week I’ve worked and perfected what I’m doing, but with each day I get increasingly more scared of failure. But the closer it gets to time to go, the better I feel. I’m ready to do this.

    By Alex Black URL on 03.09.2012

  6. I guess I haven’t written for brunch now have I? Sweet acoustics on a spring day; fresh and twangy, with a chorus of glory singing filling the space. Oh, this is a time of great things, let’s have brunch.

    By Adesola URL on 03.09.2012

  7. I’m fro Poland and I don’t understandthat. It’ “brzmi” cool. :) Lubię to. I like it

    By Nina on 03.09.2012