March 9th, 2012 | 334 Entries

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334 Entries for “dismissed”

  1. The girl dismissed the servant with a sigh and gently gazed out the window hoping for something better to happen. Grey clouds filled the sky and small little droplets fell from above. her hand stretched out to catch one of the small droplets and smiled to herself. Oh how she loved the rain.

    By Emi on 03.10.2012

  2. Children you are dismissed. You can go home enjoy the sun live your life . You’re not linked to the system anymore. Go ,be free!

    By E on 03.10.2012

  3. We were dismissed from the house we worked at for fifteen years. The young master cried as we left while his father just stared at us. It couldn’t have been an easy choice, dismissing us, but I suppose one cannot have freaks like us in their service.

    By Megann on 03.10.2012

  4. i was dismissed from class at the time of the bell becausthat’s when we’re suposed the leave and I can’t be held back unless the teacher tells me to stay back because I suck at spelling and that’s how I feel on this subject because the word is dismissed.

    By Madi on 03.10.2012

  5. Oh, I’ve done this already I’ve done it several times before, but every time it happens there is this overwhelming sadness in my stomach and it makes me want to cry, how oh how could you ever say goodbye?

    By Mags on 03.10.2012

  6. Her heart was beeting so quickly she was about to faint. Never in her life had Lexi been rejected, been hurt. Been treated like a little child. “Go away, Lexi, and think of something useful.” Her best mate, Abi said.

    By Nicole on 03.10.2012

  7. I’m listening to dads army as I type so I really have to do as I’m told and ‘don’t thin, typeI remember using ‘one word before, a couple of yeats ago and fond it quite stimulating compared with working to the egg timer. Don’t quite know yet whether I am rewarded with a musical ‘ping’, though I suspect not.Made one of my rustic soups for tea, using everything possible from fridge, cupboard and dried goods jars. everything went beautifully except that the split peas didn’t melt as well as they are supposed to, they are soft though so nobody minded too much. My hands are getting a little tired now so perhaps the sixty seconds is almost up. I’m not tused to typing so fast., cold learn though usining one word.lot’s of laughter coming from the tel le. Suddenly they y seem so simple compared with todays comedy programmes. Well I think that’s it now, hands too tired tto continue; I’m amazed I could think of so much rubbish to type in sixty seconds!

    By stella URL on 03.10.2012

  8. goodbye, dismissed, to leave, “you are dismissed from the table”, adults do it with children

    By Maggie on 03.10.2012

  9. after she punched the kid in the face, the teacher, cradling the other kid in her arms, told missy she was dismissed. gone.fwjbzvdhj lsjebfcldcd
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    im a cool kid

    By breanne on 03.10.2012

  10. She dismissed your gesture, the outstretched hand, as if the suggestion alone was a waste of her time. Neither of you knew I sat at the corner of the couch, cuddled with my red Solo cup and cranberry juice. You had a crestfallen wrinkle in your brow, a silent image of shattered heartbeats. She turned away and you stood there waiting for her anyway. I sipped my drink to keep my own splinters hidden under a blank watchful gaze. I sat there waiting for you anyway.

    By cmsiena URL on 03.10.2012

  11. Class dismissed is the first thing that comes to my mind. Intuitively, it tlls me that the word has a negative meaning, and there should be a negative feeling attached to it. But meeting dismissed and so on, gives me a feeling of relief.

    By kukki on 03.10.2012

  12. Once upon a time there was a lovely princess named Genny. She wasn’t lovely in the idea that most people might think. Her beauty was not renowned, and she was a little plump. But she was lovely in heart and spirit, caring for all of those around her…


    Oops. Gotta go.

    By Grace on 03.10.2012

  13. called to go.
    we get dissmissed for lunch at school.

    By parnia on 03.10.2012

  14. Aha. now it appears on the screen

    By stella139 on 03.10.2012