March 22nd, 2013 | 168 Entries

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168 Entries for “bricks”

  1. I pulled into the neighborhood in my shitty old Volkswagon Beetle and was embarrassed I had even come. I could never be with him. He was well off, living in this huge, glamorous brick mansion, and I lived in an apartment with three roommates.

    By Emerald on 03.23.2013

  2. Bricks in red. Smoke over rooftops. Grey sky, dusty streets. Cold feet, holes in the shoes. Too little food.

    By Selfpoise on 03.23.2013

  3. I like bricks. They hold things together and keep things in place. They’re literally the building blocks for things that become amazing later on. They’re walls, floors, entire buildings, roads, anything. They make incredible things.

    By Ash on 03.23.2013

  4. καμια προοπτική, άσχημα κτιρια, μοιαζουν με φυλακή. σου κόβουν τη θέα. θεσ να τα γκρεμίσεις.μοιαζουν με φυλακή , οι πόλεις που είναι χτισμένες με τουβλα και τσιμέντο. μονοτονία.

    By iza on 03.23.2013

  5. ασχήμια γκρι και καφέ χρώματα, βαριέμαι την ίδια εικόνα,άσχημη πόλη, κακά χτισμένη . η αθήνα .

    By iza on 03.23.2013

  6. houses are made of bricks buildings too some bricks are heavier than others some bricks are athermic

    By mariana URL on 03.23.2013

  7. Youre like bricks in my heart. Weighing me down, for no apparent reason. I dont even know you, you dont know me, so why do you make me feel this way? Why do you make me feel so heavy

    By unknown on 03.23.2013

  8. they called me miserable but
    i wasn’t the one

    who wore a disgusted curl of
    lip from seeing

    two girls looking at each other,
    smiling, kissing.

    By isa on 03.23.2013