March 22nd, 2013 | 168 Entries

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168 Entries for “bricks”

  1. left over on the edge of a garden, crumbs falling across the grass. crushed into powder that looks red against the green grass…a bright red. if there were seventeen bricks on the floor, then there were about one hundred in the wall. each brick had a name on it, the name of the man who

    By tars on 03.23.2013

  2. they’re hard. like your heart. can’t you see that i like you? all the things that I’ve done for you, all the time I wasted for you. but you still remain the same.

    By Amanda on 03.23.2013

  3. Have you ever recieved a brick to the face? I have. It hurts pretty bad. THough one time a brick hit my butt and it didn’t hurt that bad. I threw a brick at a window when I was eight and it broke and this old man came out with a shotgun and I peed my pants running away. I cried a lot that night.

    By Madison on 03.23.2013

  4. Rough stable secure, build me a house take all the things i have inside turn to dust leave a mark scar on the earth mole in the ground killer of sorts magic mischief helper defiler peace keeper

    By Christian URL on 03.23.2013

  5. Bricks are what we build thing from weather it be a house or a life. Bricks are the foundation for everything. Lay one brick on top of another to build a strong and secure structure. Bricks also come down with a crash when they haven’t been payed down correctly or have eroded through lack of attention and maintenance .

    By Annette on 03.23.2013

  6. i’ve hit the last block
    the final steps along this journey
    oh, so many years
    fiddling around
    unsure unknowing apathetic
    and staring at these bricks
    i wonder to myself
    would this be the end
    if i was someone else?

    By Matty M. on 03.23.2013

  7. bricks are red they are used to build things like walls for houses or to build berriers. bricks come in diffrent sizes they are found in hardware stores or your local home improvement stores.

    By jesse on 03.23.2013

  8. A brick, alone, is without worth.
    It can’t do much at all.
    It’s just a piece of hardened earth,
    Not wide. Not deep. Not tall.

    It won’t keep you protected,
    Nor keep you warm or fed.
    It cannot be erected,
    Into house, nor tent, nor bed.

    But, if a brick is not alone,
    If it surrounds itself with friends,
    It makes the strongest kind of home.
    One on which you can depend.

    By Land of Dave URL on 03.23.2013

  9. One by one. Bricks. Red splotchy layers. Grandfather made. A house as steady as the one who built it. Memories stacked between layers of mortar. Concrete and love.

    By Sarah Catherine Hlavaty on 03.23.2013

  10. When do you feel strong? You need to feel like a wall, your values the bricks that the world sees and they should give you strength. Within this wall is the life you are growing for you and your family.

    By Meredyth URL on 03.23.2013

  11. Bricks,
    We don’t really think much about them,
    They are the simple building blocks of the spaces that surround us,
    A simple man made product of the clay, cement and whatever really makes a “brick”.

    We don’t realise how easily they may be broken either…

    By Bear URL on 03.23.2013

  12. Sunday morning. summer breeze. the ocean smiles in the warmth of the sun. the bricks on the old houses in the tiny cobblestone streets, carries a mysterious past. are we ready yet? what can you say? I know now. And I’m sorry. But today is such a lovely day, and unfortunately I don’t feel the need to carry our differences.

    Did you know? I’m in love. At the end of the day, isn’t that all that matters? Love? We were fantastic. Extraordinary. But the time catches up on everyone of us. And I guess we didn’t have the time to figure things out.

    By Molly on 03.23.2013

  13. The red bricks lines the outskirts of the town towering just about a foot above anyone who wished to pass. Ebony gates crossed one section of the wall where people were to come and go.

    By Alexa URL on 03.23.2013

  14. they are used for building : they´re made of clay. they´re red. there are facing bricks, flooring bricks and others.

    By patricia grosso on 03.23.2013

  15. As my fingers felt the coarseness of the red brick wall, uninvited memories inevitably came to my mind… An elderly woman grasping a meter stick, snapping at the children — snapping at me. A little girl swallowing her fear, letting the tears escape while she silently sobbed in the corner. The other children pointing and laughing, whispering and giggling.
    The red brick wall, now a crumbling, monochrome mess. The building, the teacher, the children have gone. But the memories remain.

    By Tee on 03.23.2013

  16. Brick by brick, a house is built.
    Cell by cell, a human is created.
    Houses of bricks,
    Humans of cells,
    Cars by tiny metal parts,
    And truth in increments of trust.

    By Amanda G. on 03.23.2013

  17. Brick by brick. That’s how a relationship is built. Be it a friendship, a romantic relationship or that between a mother and her child. Nothing happens overnight, it all takes time.

    By Yolanda on 03.23.2013

  18. Bricks crashed down on Dawn as Alex stalked after. She pushed back him, baring her teeth, parched mouth calling to draw out his blood.

    By Ashley URL on 03.23.2013

  19. The walls were built around the decaying body. No one would find him here. I was going to get away with it. In his captivity, I would be free!

    By Sarah on 03.23.2013

  20. Bricks are what surround your heart.
    They are what keep you from the love we could share.
    But I will not give up
    Because one day that brick wall will be gone.

    By T. Truth on 03.23.2013

  21. Stacking. One at a time, brick up one brick. the wall just continued to grow. It never stopped, this process of building and building. One brick after another, the red wall growing…. and growing. Would anybody ever dare to look beyond it, to try to climb it, bust through it? I didn’t know. I didn’t know if I wanted to know…

    By Serryphae URL on 03.23.2013

  22. Bricks are the tiny pieces that build up walls. They are the disappointments, the heartbreaks, and the fears that only lead up to a wall around you. You are so scared that taking one brick out will collapse your life that you ignore the fact that you can. These bricks are magic, if you could call them that. When you take one out, the wall won’t fall it will just get smaller so that maybe one day you can climb over it and live the life you were meant to live.

    By Isabel Pinaud on 03.23.2013

  23. She yelled at me, “Hit the bricks!”.
    I was out of her life, oh well!

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 03.23.2013

  24. The bricks were all in place. she just didn’t know where to put them. Right? Right. Layer after Layer had to be built.
    “What are you thinking of?” his voice sounded next to her. Too close. Well, if he would get any closer, at least she would have bricks to protect herself with. But would it be enough to fight him off?

    By Lia on 03.23.2013

  25. bricks build houses
    houses hold children
    children become people
    people leave their houses
    people find their person
    two persons build a house
    hand in hand
    brick by brick

    By Erin Bennett on 03.23.2013

  26. brocks are brown. bricks are made to build. bricks protect us from cold. bricks let us live in houses. bricks are heavy. bricks hurt if they are thrown at your head. with bricks you can easily beat up people.

    By Wettl Mátyás on 03.23.2013

  27. The bricks are taken away, one by one. The pieces of the home that I used to know so well now run down and carried away to be recycled into someone elses’ life.

    By ShayLynn on 03.23.2013

  28. i like bricks. they are the foundation of homes. they are tough and essential to building an abode from the ground up. Bricks should also be feared because they are fearsome weapons as well. bricks should be honored.

    By Liam Cullen on 03.23.2013

  29. bricks are heavy things.
    Undoubtedly, of course if you were to drop one on your foot, it would hurt.
    now imagine dropping one on your bare foot from a great height.
    that would hurt.
    now take that pain and times it by 10 and imagine that pain ripping up your spine and through your shoulder blade.
    that’s what i am experiencing now.

    By Molly Leigh on 03.23.2013

  30. They are everywhere, in us all around us. They helped us fight againts tempests, against foreign skies, they helped build the world as we know it. They are everywhere.

    By Thenay on 03.23.2013

  31. Bricks are the foundation of a house. With a strong foundation anything above it can become an amazing structure. If we base it on relationships, likewise trust is the foundation of relationships and without trust the relationship would be weak. Likewise without bricks the house will be weak.

    By Sunny C on 03.23.2013

  32. bricks, heated mud that make hearth. the softest most insignificant dirt, passing through the flames of creation, become walls, necessary shelter and impossible barriers at the same time.

    By dominguez URL on 03.23.2013

  33. The bricks in the room added a richness that had not been there before. It was hard to believe that someone would have covered them to begin with, but as style goes, I’m sure someone thought why not.

    By Laura on 03.23.2013

  34. the red bricks of the kiln were still warm. I sat crouched awkwardly behind it hoping that my pursuers wouldn’t find me. I was on the wrong side of the city, and alone without even the threat of my throwing knives for protection. Damn.

    By samantha on 03.23.2013

  35. If there was anything I could get stuck on, it definitely was not the idea of living here for much longer. I know that these rocky shores are so awash with problems nestled deep in it’s nooks and cranny’s that a clean slate is out of the question. despite this, regardless of whatever life keeps hurling my way, by days end it is still my boat to fix.

    By dorf on 03.23.2013

  36. Bricks wont fall like straw and hay, but make sure you let at least one of your brother piggies in ’cause save you might be but lonely you will be forever

    By manana sanders on 03.23.2013

  37. There is a house on Arlington Road. I used to live there when I was growing up. The house is made of red bricks. They’re all faded. One story, surrounded by trees. Roses bushes on the left side, with a few scattered Tiger Lilies. I was so proud of that house. I wonder if the new inhabitants love it as much I did.

    By Noelle on 03.23.2013

  38. red, fundamental, blocks, rectangle, block, house, place, building, countryhouse, farmhouse, vintage

    By dissa on 03.23.2013

  39. I built a home made out of bricks to protect me from the harsh winter winds.My brother build his out of straw and now he stays with me.I curved your name onto one of the red mud bricks,
    to stay away from me. You can’t harm me now, that I know.For I am safe with my house of bricks.

    By vicky on 03.23.2013

  40. The bricks lay around, on the street. Creating new piles, from piles that once were. They had been sturdy, sure, together. Now falling nonchalantly. Ever falling. Moving into a position forever considered the rubble and ruins of a war.

    By maggie on 03.23.2013