March 23rd, 2013 | 165 Entries

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165 Entries for “boots”

  1. Boots are essencial in cold weater. They are also useful to protect our feet a nd warm them. I love them because they make us look chic and fancy. Boots are awsome!

    By Giovanna on 03.24.2013

  2. I love boots. Grey biker boots, black riding boots. In scotland, boots are part of our national uniform. snow-boots rain-boots ice-boots. boots mean bad weather. but they also mean comfort, and warmth:)

    By Sarah on 03.24.2013

  3. The boots were red. They weren’t unlike any other boots – she got them at the grocery store, as a matter of fact. But something about them were just like her. She wore them when she danced in the rain. She wore them when she went to work, to eat, to anywhere. The boots were a part of her sparking eyes, shining hair, her laughing face.

    By Sarah on 03.24.2013

  4. She walked in the door and removed her sneakers. To their left sat his boots, still caked with the mud of last week’s rain. She slipped them on and chuckled for a moment at the the sight, but the laughter soon turned to tears. So much can change in a moment.

    By Delaney on 03.24.2013

  5. i wear boots, they can be high topped, low topped, they’re comfy sometimes. i don’t know, boots are a strange fashion statement. not sure how i feel about them because they’re hit or miss. i like a unique pair or boots. they have to be cool.

    By lauren on 03.24.2013