March 22nd, 2013 | 86 Entries

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86 Entries for “winged”

  1. I fell in love with an artist. A musician, to be exact.
    He was reserved, almost cold; thoughts impossible to extract.
    His hands were calloused and scarred from years of heavy strings
    Yet on the bare skin of my back, they were the softest of wings.

    By Carly URL on 03.22.2013

  2. This is how I’ve lived my life thus far. I’ve winged just about everything you can imagine. And as I’ve been getting older and have more responsibilities, I’m getting sucker punched by this mentality. I’ve come to appreciate the simple beauty of checklists.

    By Ryan on 03.22.2013

  3. just like a one winged dove
    the song plays in the background
    the car radio turned on low
    one of those classic rock station you dad listens to
    but you dont hear it
    you cant hear anything other than
    your own heartbeat as you lean forward
    until flesh touches flesh

    By Aidan on 03.22.2013

  4. The creature took flight, and the man atop took the young princess with him. A shower of arrows pierced his wings, but he did not fall. The beast released an inferno from his jaws into the woods where the village existed, filling the air with the smell of burning. Wheeling away, he sped towards the great black mountains. Little did the rider know that a boy would follow. A boy that wreak havoc on all that was done and that would be done. The boy would be the only one that could take him down.

    Turn this later into a prophecy when the village is recovering.

    By Sarah on 03.22.2013

  5. As i looked up into the sky i could finally see light. The heavy clouds had finally passed over and thats when i saw them. There were birds from all directions.

    By brett on 03.22.2013

  6. Winged and wide open, soaring free and high, arms straining joyfully against the gravity, floating on upswells of warm air, circling and rising, screaming my life to the sky

    By Valerian on 03.22.2013