July 1st, 2011 | 426 Entries

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426 Entries for “braid”

  1. Ha! I got this word yesterday! So… braids are okay. I almost never put my hair in a braid, but I’ve seen friends who put their hair into two piggy tail braids, and sleep with their hair like that. When they take the braids out in the morning, their hair is all wavy-curly, and it looks really cool. I’ve tried that myself too but it doesn’t seem to produce the same effect. I probably did it wrong… haha oh well.

    By Emilia URL on 07.02.2011

  2. hippie, comfortable, beautiful, feminine, messy, current, vintage.

    As she walked through the concert lawn she felt all eyes were upon her and with her sun-kissed skin showcased by a white linen dress and long red braid all the way down her back, it’s no wonder. She was a beauty unlike any other.

    By Elise on 07.02.2011

  3. Braiding hair is like watching sports for girls. We bond over it, giggle and gossip and we slowly brush out and separate the hair into three sections, carefully braiding it. No sleepover is complete without braids.

    By missstar URL on 07.02.2011

  4. The braid of a million strands. Hair so fine, it feels light to touch. It glowed in the sun, combining colors of strawberries, blackberries, and butter. Sweet like sugar, I might add.

    By Addie on 07.02.2011

  5. hair braids are the twisting and joining of different strands of hair to make a style there are many different versions like fishtail, french, waterfall etc.

    By jayme on 07.02.2011

  6. Braids are really cute in girls hair especially on clothing like tank tops for nautical themes. And braids go great with making ropes which leads to surviving or fishing or whatever you can think of.

    By Coral Garcia on 07.02.2011

  7. starting, falling from my head… long or short… a life running to the top of a thought.

    By valeria sepulveda on 07.02.2011

  8. a braid is a beautiful way to put up your hair. all the twists and turns make them look so gorgeous. I love braids! Theyre so elegant!

    By Kayla on 07.02.2011

  9. Something you do with hair. You can french braid, or you can regular braid, I don’t quiet know the difference though. I’ve never had long enough hair to braid, which always makes me sad. A lot of girls from a summer acting camp wear their hair in braids everyday. They are cool. I really want to braid my hair one day, if I ever do grow it out again. But I probably won’t.

    By Jacklyn on 07.02.2011

  10. What is braid? The only ‘braid’ that I know is that computer game, and I haven’t even played it yet. Braid kind of reminds me to the word ‘bride’, but I’m pretty sure they have no connection whatsoever. Braid is something else.

    By Adit URL on 07.02.2011

  11. I like to braid the bread. It looks so beautiful when baked, a braided bread loaf, with egg white glaze on top and perhaps some sesame seeds. So beautiful I don’t want to eat it!

    By elizabeth b URL on 07.02.2011

  12. The braid was a total disaster. She had no idea what she was doing and now, with only an hour until dinner she was seriously regretting her poor choice of words earlier. Who knew doing a handmaiden’s job was so difficult? There was little choice but to sneak out, find Mary-Anne and apologize.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 07.02.2011

  13. I braid my hair to pull it away from my face. To help keep it in the style I want it to be in. It’s the proper way of being lazy for a girl. Hell, I must be quite lazy then. I braid my hair quite often. And I don’t give a fuck. Guys dont care anyway. Small details.

    By Christie URL on 07.02.2011

  14. I braid my hair frequently. I was all geared up to begin writing about how I have no idea what to write because my mind is so full of unreadable things that it’s causing some major traffic congestion and resulting in frustrated tears. I suppose it’s sort of like a braid, only not as pretty, and not as neat–maybe more like a fishtail, then.

    By Scream URL on 07.02.2011

  15. french

    By vreliet URL on 07.02.2011

  16. Her braid reached below her knees. Growing it for years, she never sought much difference in her life. So she sat and grew her braid whilst goin about her myriad sitting tasks: sewing, mending and repairing, kneeding dough, gossiping.

    By Verna on 07.02.2011

  17. The long blonde braid hung down her back, hung their straight and unmoving. The temptation of that braid, the temptation to pull the scissors out of my bag and cut it off. Would that be overly cruel?

    By Dorcas URL on 07.02.2011

  18. my sister wears a braid. it sits at the nape of her neck. she never brushes it. never takes care of it. it swings back and forth when she turns her head

    By Coriander on 07.02.2011

  19. long, hair, girls love them. easy to make, but hard to teach, usually seen on younger girls. silly looking, anyone can have them

    By Brady on 07.02.2011

  20. Her long braid was tangled in the tree. The young girl screamed in pain. The tree was old with branches breaking off every light wind was blown through the forest. She felt tears in her eyes wallow up when she felt the strong wind begin to blow.

    By Crystal A on 07.02.2011

  21. i love to braid my girls hair it makes me feel like i am good at something that they love and then they can come to me for anything and when i wear braids to school they all want to wear them or when i braid addisons hair, EVERYONE wants theirs braided makes me feel wanted and needed even thought i teach them every day

    By Sarah on 07.02.2011

  22. hair
    knuckle sandwich

    By Nada on 07.02.2011

  23. Her hair fell in one long braid down her back, it’s sleek shiny blackness a sharp contrast to her soft white skin. She walked down the dirty old street with the air of one unaccustomed to such conditions, and such people as the ones that were milling about her.

    By Sarah Rose URL on 07.02.2011

  24. She had long hair. It was usually in a braid. I liked it. It was easy to pull on. When I pulled on it I know she liked it.

    By Mark Summner URL on 07.02.2011

  25. It’s long, and beautiful. It belongs to a girl. It is a talent making it and sometimes the act of making it proves really hard. It can be in multiple colors depending on the hair and in different styles depending on who is making it. It is a good way of putting your hair together and looks classy, but sometimes looks a little prude.

    By Boyana Georgieva on 07.02.2011

  26. a braid is like a loving band that allows our thoughts to flow and when it end the story starts and then it begins to grow and as that thought begins to grow the shapes are ever changing and then the writing field will fill and my mind begins its braiding

    By Jennifer Martens on 07.02.2011