June 30th, 2011 | 489 Entries

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489 Entries for “honest”

  1. truthfullness love relationships trust worth of the world number one thing that is undervalued in the world. need more of. need people to be more serious about this. can be the testament to the strength of a relationship. is what holds people together. is what tears apart. is eternal if taken seriously.

    By alexisembry on 07.01.2011

  2. Honestly honesty is as hard as can be to define. Half the time unbeknownst to my mind, honesty i’m unable to find.

    By ads URL on 07.01.2011

  3. Be honest and you will be rewarded in every place you will be crossing in the world, except in Italy.

    By jerome on 07.01.2011

  4. Honesty. It’s a lie. Things aren’t that simple in this hateful and lie-driven world. Why live in a fake society drilled by hatred and dishonesty? Because it is what everyone knows. It’s the way things are.

    By Acayda on 07.01.2011

  5. honesty is hard to come by this day. but i’m not one to complain, i lie all the time. to my friends, parents, teachers, and even boyfriends. it’s mostly out of my own insecurities though or being paranoid. I’m such a recluse cause I always lie about being away, therefor i don’t have to put the effort into seeing people.

    By jessica on 07.01.2011

  6. i think honest is a strange thing. no one’s really honest, yknow? i think the only really honest things in life is a cold caprisun after swimming on a hot day when your grandma practically drags you out of the pool and gives you a pb&j cut into four little triangles. that’s honest.

    By haley URL on 07.01.2011

  7. i don’t really know much about honesty, growing up in this world.

    By haley daniel URL on 07.01.2011

  8. to be honest i wold like to be a writer, and not a tradictional book writer but a tv show writer, to me thats one of the finest works in the world
    you cna be honest with what you think and like and transmit that to people that watches the show.

    By yosoyjorge URL on 07.01.2011

  9. Those were his honest feelings. Whether they were pure one second, or had an agenda behind it all that emerged later, should be beside the point. He was only feeling what he was feeling, and doing what he was doing. How ironic that good intentions can become irresponsibility with the flip of a coin.

    By catachan URL on 07.01.2011