July 1st, 2011 | 426 Entries

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426 Entries for “braid”

  1. It curls around the trunk of the tree
    Holding tight
    For its life is on the line and there is nothing
    But the braid to keep you in place
    Perfectly plaited
    Beautifully ribboned
    Without which the life will end
    and a new one will have to start

    By Emilie on 07.02.2011

  2. braid

    By charlotte on 07.02.2011

  3. Everytime I wore a braid to school, he would take the end of it and dip it into the inkwell on his desk. My mother was always so upset that she had to wash my hair again because she only wanted to wash my hair once per week. Sometimes she would shrug and say, “you’ll just have to wait untilt he end of the week in ord

    By Jenn URL on 07.02.2011

  4. Braids are tied in hair to make people look better, but I wish people would choose other ways to do so. Hair is so superficial, and yet it’s so integral to our personal identity. I think identity should be more internal, but, unfortunately, it’s easiest to identify visually.

    By Brian Johnson on 07.02.2011

  5. The Indian girl wore her hair in long dark braids. Silky and shiny. When she was a child, her father would often threaten cutting them off as punishment for bad behavior. That, however, leads to the question, “What is bad behavior?” A child spilling a glass of milk? No, that comes down to the mood of a parent. Bad behavior has more to do with willfull spitefullness, disobedience, etc. Knowingly choosing to do the wrong thing.

    By Bh URL on 07.02.2011

  6. “Your hair’s so pretty,” I commented, fingers twisting in and out as I deftly braided Katie’s hair. “It’s like golden brown goodness.”

    “Don’t be silly,” my sister said drily.

    “Remember when we used to do this at night?”

    Katie didn’t answer, and I realized that I’d made the fatal mistake of reminding her that I had no more hair to braid; the sad realization that Death was in every aspect of me, even my hair, made me incredibly miserable.

    By spazzycorn URL on 07.02.2011

  7. A Braid is when you take three parts of hair and “braid” them together. It is a very nice and fun hair style. You can do a french braid, a double braid, you can even have piggy tail braids. Preference I guess!

    By Brandi Wilder on 07.02.2011

  8. platt in the hair nice afro carribean a very useful hair accesory which u can buy or have naturally princess leah in star wars had two big platts

    By kila on 07.02.2011

  9. I finally was finishing up braiding the little girls hair wrap. Once i was finished, she looked up at me with hopeful eyes. “There. All done!” I pulled up a mirror and a smile spread across her face. After hopping down from the chair, she turned and looked at me and said, “Just like my mommy used to do!”

    By Skylar Wheat URL on 07.02.2011

  10. Yank the braid! – that’s all could think as I watched her slip it’s length over her left shoulder.

    By visage URL on 07.02.2011

  11. My long, thick, clumsy braid fell against the hollow of my back as I ran down the simmer sidewalk – clumps of organized hair like the bundles of wheat on our provincial flags.

    By mollyruth URL on 07.02.2011

  12. Her braid hung down between her shoulder blades, a red snake slithering down the smooth ivory skin of her back.

    By Ben on 07.02.2011

  13. The braid that i wound around my head wasn’t there for looks. it was there to keep my head and my thoughts in place. It was there to save other people from having to witness all my random thoughts, or rather to protect myself from humiliation. Less of a fashion statement, more of a life preserver.

    By Nicole K on 07.02.2011

  14. Blonde and bound. Youth on hold. Why so sexy, yet innocent?

    By Firetested on 07.02.2011

  15. To braid one’s hair it required skill and tactic because it is not easy to do . Usually young girls will sit and braid each other’s hair and I was once told by an old friend that if two girls braid each other’s hair they must be best friends for life. I still don’t know how to braid hair properly but I try. I love the look of braided hair especially when it’s like cornrows.

    By dd on 07.02.2011

  16. i braid my hair. sometimes i braid my bangs and clip them back. one of my friends can fishtail braid, and its really pretty. my hair has layers and its not long enough to fishtail braid. there’s so many different ways. like regular, french, waterfall, and fishtail!

    By Michelle URL on 07.02.2011

  17. I braided my hair one day, my mother had not been the one to teach me. She was never much good at that sort of things. I kept trying and tying and knotting my hair until it was nearly unfixable – that much she was good at. Untying my knots.

    By Abby URL on 07.02.2011

  18. The blanket was the last braid to their relationship, the last thing that reminded them of the many nights they shared together and the many future times they were disappointing. From the doorstep, she glared into the kitchen at the glimpse of the bright red hair that single-handedly stole her best friend from her. Nothing could stop her from leaving, though she would’ve chosen any other option if she had one more chance.

    By Kelly K URL on 07.02.2011

  19. it was long, shiny and hung to the middle of her back. i gasped when she took out her scissors and began to cut it at the base of her head. it took only a few seconds, and then she held it in her hand…staring at me

    By noplacelikehome URL on 07.02.2011

  20. I would like to master the fish tail braid. I think that it is so very delicate and perfect. I see girls with long hair beautifully do this and I am jealous. I see braids all the time, and I love them, but I feel like they do not look good on me.

    By Ife Adeyinka on 07.02.2011

  21. The braid that i wound around my head wasn’t there for looks. it was there to keep my head and my thoughts in place. It was there to save other people from having to witness all my random thoughts, or rather to protect myself from humiliation. Less of a fashion statement, more of a life preserver.

    By Nicole K URL on 07.02.2011

  22. I stroked my fingers through her hair, separating it into three pieces. She used to wriggle around when she was younger, and pull the braid right out from my fingers before I was even finished. Now, though, she just sat still, waiting for me to wrap the hair elastic around the base of the braid, because my sister had finally learned how precious our time was together.

    By Caitlin on 07.02.2011

  23. His braid hung long and proud, you could see the bell’s and jingly things hanging in it. There was one for every year of his life, they sparkled amongst the many different coloured ribbons. The ribbons were for every enemy of his people he had killed, and they all still held the bloodstains of their previous owner. He remembered his first ribbon, earned when he was only a youth of 13.

    By Empty Opiate on 07.02.2011

  24. hair tied into exquisite knots in the back of my head. done by my sister last night. it makes my hair wavy, which looks pretty on me. wow i fail at typing fast -____-

    By colleen on 07.02.2011

  25. braids are so hard to do, i wish i was better at them. i wish i was better at everything… three swirls making the hair beautiful. it’s really just a big knot though. why is that beauty? what makes something beautiful and something else not? this world confuses me so much. maybe that’s why i’m not good at it. who knows. i love being confused.

    By bridget on 07.02.2011

  26. I wanted to look good. The first day of school everyone with new clothes and such. I wanted to be the girl everyone remembered… So i started the braid. The new trend of the year and it was all thanks to me.

    By Court on 07.02.2011

  27. Braid – the game that has me pulling my hair out in frustration. So many hidden meanings, so many complication, so many puzzles. If only I had the patience to remain focused on your solutions.

    By chops URL on 07.02.2011

  28. well well well i have a freind tha had hi

    By ajloopy URL on 07.02.2011

  29. A braid is a type of hairstyle that remains popular in society– talk about longevity! A braid is a hairstyle that involved taking three sections of hair, varying in sizes depending on the outcome you want to see, and criss crossing them in a specific pattern. The end result is an easy way to get hair out of the face, but also remains as a cute, and easy!, look.

    By Quinn on 07.02.2011

  30. braids are somethnig that is put into hair. Braided hair is a style that is used to make ones self look better or more appeasing to the eye. Usually hairdressers will apply styles but this is more common for it to be done by yourself or a friend, usually female.

    By Ross URL on 07.02.2011

  31. My braid is magical. It gives me unbelievable strength. Who am I?
    Sampson from the Bible.

    By lordsamiam URL on 07.02.2011

  32. Sometimes I braid my hair like a fish. Thats one thing I’ll miss about long hair. The way braids look so pretty even when they’re weird and messy and done at two in the morning to get the hair outta your face. And they’re so diverse, I mean there’s french braids and fishtails, and double fishtails and probably hundreds more. I mean if you’ve long hair you could probably braid your hair every day for a year and never reuse a style.

    By Janelle on 07.02.2011

  33. Scary school days, when everyone was bigger and better, and cleverer, and their braids were neater.

    By Jeanie URL on 07.02.2011

  34. A braid has always been a funny thing to me. Some girls pull it off, others don’t. You need to have that natural beauty to pull off a braid – hippy comes to mind. I don’t think it’s appropriate when the Coach girl who’s very materialistically focused does it, but as always it’s their choice, which is really what anything comes down to.

    By Tyler Davis URL on 07.02.2011

  35. my mom braided my hair yesterday, she says she always had my hair in braids when i was little. i told her i would take it out but i let her do it and that seemed to be a nice compromise. i dont really like braids or having my hair up or half up or any of that bullshit

    By Samantha on 07.02.2011

  36. She wore her hair in a long, thick braid. It was useful for several purposes. First, and most obviously, it kept her hair up and out of the way of the machinery or any blood that was spilled in the process. Second, by hiding her femininity, at least to a small extent, it allowed her to fade into the background of the male-dominated zerka.

    By amy on 07.02.2011

  37. Being the only person in her class who is African American, the girl gets looked down upon. She lives in the deep South, where racism is not only vibrant, it’s almost encouraged. The girl wears braids, and is teased often about them because they are different.

    By Ed URL on 07.02.2011

  38. Unpacking the rope and securing a grapple to the end of it, the adventurers were prepared to descend into the cavern. It was a thick braided rope. Strong. Though as our brave explorers were about to find out, not nearly strong enough.

    By Tyler URL on 07.02.2011

  39. always made me wonder who the girl with the braids was… I tried them myself but they did not look like me. I think to braid my hair and then promptly forget.
    Like a far off land I sometimes think of visiting but never do.

    By Marcela on 07.02.2011

  40. hairstyle. type of pretzel design. that’s the first two things I think of when I hear or see the word. Braids, never could do them in my own hair, but I could always do it to someone else. I really can’t think about anything else to do with braids. People who ride horses usually wear their hair in braids. Yeah.

    By Elisa on 07.02.2011