June 21st, 2010 | 325 Entries

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325 Entries for “bleach”

  1. bleached teeth, bleached hair, bleached skin. that’s hollywood. that’s the corporation of clean. an obsessive compulsion to always have that standard of clean. to be clean is to be white, dirt is black. stemming from our pitiful congressional idealism that a color is the standard of what is supposed to be perfect.

    By Clara on 06.22.2010

  2. bleach is awesome drink with pepsi. it cleans everything, gets stains out of whites…. it smells good when you clean it in the shower. hey how are you

    By mitchy on 06.22.2010

  3. The room stunk of cleaning fluids. He stared around in a daze, wondering what had happened the night before. It was as though he was trying to remember, but knew he had no idea. Blonde hairs clung to his wet body, and he realized he was in a bathtub, just slightly filled with water. The light of the room flooded suddenly towards him, and he felt himself gasping for breath in his new found clarity.

    By Rai X URL on 06.22.2010

  4. bleach is what cleans what is dirty, we decide it is stained or ruined and we bleach it. it is also toxic, we use toxicity to clean the items in our lives, it sinks through the pores of their existence and it kills anything “unclean.:”

    By Stephanie Wood on 06.22.2010

  5. Technical Definition:
    Bleach (blēch)
    v. bleached , bleach•ing , bleach•es
    1. To remove the color from, as by means of chemical agents or sunlight.

    Figurative Definition:
    Bleached hair, bleached smiles, bleached shirts…
    straightened hair, lipstick hues, pleated skirts…
    the absence of originality.
    Bleach; the absence of color — the same color that makes us unique — the color that sets us apart as individuals.
    Bleach; slowly we’re conforming to the standard of “flawless” that this world seems to thrust upon us.
    Bleached people, bleached personalities, are “correct”.

    Bleach; the concept is a world [full of worldly people] ’s best friend.

    By Chrishlynn URL on 06.22.2010