June 22nd, 2010 | 818 Entries

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818 Entries for “tide”

  1. The tide was going in and out, blue waves crashing against the shore. The moon’s pull, all out of whack, just as its orbit was, not only affected the water, however, but also the entire force of gravity on the earth. Which is why Thelma Thompson woke up to see a cow floating just outside of her beach house.

    By Erin Lightning on 06.23.2010

  2. The tide comes in and I hear my mom yelling at me from the shore. She always gets so nervous, she’s always on edge. The water laps at my feet dark, menacing, its white foam slithering in between my toes and caressing them. I don’t like the sea much but it’s always a thrill freaking my mom out.

    By Janette on 06.23.2010

  3. I’m being carried away by this flipping tide. Yeah, im drowning, yet i still have time to type, lol. My minute is also washing away with the tide.

    By Rochelle on 06.23.2010

  4. The water flowed up on the beach. The moon was shining, the tide high. It’s miracles brought happiness and hope to all surrounding it. I forgive you.

    By DanielleRosni URL on 06.23.2010

  5. the water comes forward through the mist, rising imperceptibly; except to the hermit crabs who can feel the salty water inching closer.

    I was transfixed on the feeling of the undertow on my feet, pulling the sand from beneath me and I imagined the colossal beginnings of our planet. What must the constant barrage of pressure and time feel like to rock and ore?

    Who says nature has it easy? It’s an onslaught – barreling across time.

    By Evan Scott URL on 06.23.2010

  6. The ocean called pulling and her toes as the tide washed over them. It promised adventure. It promised more.

    By Amanda June Hagarty URL on 06.23.2010

  7. a tide is a type of wave i believe i think or another term for wave i go a gnarly tide or

    By z on 06.23.2010

  8. the tides lap up against my ankles,
    slipping just past the place where the last wave broke,
    and quietly slips back into the sea,
    like a spy,
    so quiet and gentle,
    and yet
    so forceful.
    As the night gets darker, and the sky gets black,
    the tides pulls back,
    seemingly resisting the silky smooth sand.

    By Sarah on 06.23.2010

  9. The water coming onto the shore at sunset. Cleaning the clothes with a big bottle of tide. Sometimes I want to spell bottle boddle but I don’t because then it would be spelled wrong. I wish I could spell better but I’m not perfect

    By Emily on 06.23.2010

  10. comes in goes out. You can ride it, it can shove you over. riding it is learned

    By Clint on 06.23.2010

  11. a tide of regret washed over me. i never understood how this would effect me as an adult. my entire life seemed to flash before my eyes, and i felt….nothing.

    By Brooke Louise URL on 06.23.2010

  12. It wasn’t the tide that scared me most, it was what it brought with it. The ships, the sea, all the things closing in closer to my dock. I supposed you could say I liked the tide. I like the water, the dreams. It’s not the tide. It’s everything else.

    By The Jake on 06.23.2010

  13. The tide had swallowed the sand castle, just as the night had swallowed the day before.

    By Stephanie H on 06.23.2010

  14. awash among the beach swallowed by the sand moving among the marsh grass creeping between my toes here and then gone never in one place for too

    By Glenn on 06.23.2010

  15. breaks and swells. taken for a swirl and caught under for 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-

    By sm on 06.23.2010

  16. Die Welen schlugen höher und höher. Das Wasser war grau und schaumig und die Gischt spritzte. Was nun? Ich schluckte das Salz.

    By bloodredeyes URL on 06.23.2010

  17. the ocean always calms me. except that one time i got caught in a rip tide and almost drowned. I didn’t though, so i guess the ocean still calms me.

    By Stephanie URL on 06.23.2010

  18. The tide rose in from the sea like lace, leaving little brushes of cotton all along the beach. I walked with my toes in th sand and the foamy green sea on my ankles, all smiling about the contrast of the sun on my shoulders and the cold water on the soles of my feet.

    By Kristine Pugsley URL on 06.23.2010