June 21st, 2010 | 325 Entries

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325 Entries for “bleach”

  1. I kinda of want to bleach my hair. Like fully bleach it. I know it’ll mess it up pretty bad. But I want that super white/blonde anime colour.

    By Madison URL on 06.22.2010

  2. It makes everything perfect again and takes out the mistakes of the day. It can make even the nastiest stains go away.

    By Melody on 06.22.2010

  3. Who needs enemies when you have your family.

    By Anda URL on 06.22.2010

  4. white, came on my t-shirt had to throw it away :( some people are addicted to bleach they use it to clean everything, I don’t, Im kinda dirty actually…..

    By lieke on 06.22.2010

  5. I just want to clean up my life. Bleach it all. Make it pure again. Rid myself of the stain and breathe freely again.

    By Kevin Colquhoun URL on 06.22.2010

  6. It takes a second to see what happens. A devastating effect, a large yellow stain on a favorite tshirt. Your old shirts were always my favorite, to sleep in them was entertaining. Until I missed you, and hated the reminders of all those old shirts. Goodbye memories, hello Clorox.

    By Danielle on 06.22.2010

  7. what a hippocrit, so white but doesn’t clean, smells even when it’s linen fresh scent, and ruins new shirts and other clothes when you get it on your hand and touch your blouse or lean over the sink and bleach the part of your belly that touches the sunk…it’s a good thing Qal-Mart has three dollar clearance racks of shirts…

    By Carol B. on 06.22.2010

  8. what does “bleach” means? something like “beach”? ocean, blue sky, white clouds

    By Stéphanie URL on 06.22.2010

  9. bleach is generally thought of as something used in the laundering process. but it is also an anime series about a boy named Ichigo Kurosaki. god i hope i spelled that right. Anyway it’s pretty tough to follow after the first season in my opinion.

    By maggie URL on 06.22.2010

  10. Blonde. My wife is considering changing her hair colour to a bleached out white. I think that could look pretty cool, although I’m not so sure her secondary school students will be so positive.

    By Scott Ponton on 06.22.2010

  11. smells awful. makes things white. people bleach their skin. bleach, what king of word is that?!? sounds kinda vulgar. how come there’s not a song about bleach?

    By ruth on 06.22.2010

  12. white my white shirt everything that comes up reminds me of him and i was wearing that shirt that day of the test when he picked me up and swung me around. Meranda drinks draino t try and kill herself. I need her to stop. it will work and i don’t

    By marissa on 06.22.2010

  13. I just wrote about this one. ….. seconds away. I need a hug. From him. Again.

    By marissa on 06.22.2010

  14. Don’t make me smile, your teeth are too white.
    I miss that big grin across your face, it was rare, but white.
    I don’t know how you could do it, but I loved that mouth.

    By Danielle on 06.22.2010

  15. The bleach that is your words fall onto my heart like a water drops from a leaky faucet. IT takes the color right out and leaves an ugly pattern that is unexplainable. You are toxic.

    By Amanda URL on 06.22.2010

  16. the sky in this valley, the high desert, often takes on a bleached blue look. the meteorologists say it is a marine layer. marine layer? IN THE DESERT? HAH! i don’t like the sky-bleached-blue.

    By kathi URL on 06.22.2010

  17. Nirvana is an excellent band. They represent music of the 1990s.

    By Spookie on 06.22.2010

  18. horrible stuff, it’s full of chemicals and changes things to white, you can put it on surfaces to stop bacteria forming or you can put it on your hair and it turns blonde. If you put it on your hair it dries it out, and causes split ends.

    By emma on 06.22.2010

  19. you have made these stains, that bleach could not even get rid of.

    By pinkberriez URL on 06.22.2010

  20. I like to let the sun bleach my whites—no chlorine or other chemicals for me. There is nothing more relaxing than hanging a load of clothes on a line in the sun. There’s a zen-like quality to the precision involved in handling the clothespins as you connect one garment to the next.

    By Andie on 06.22.2010

  21. I bleached my whole world
    color gone
    life renewed
    soul saved
    that’s what God can do…

    By Flutterbye1996 on 06.22.2010

  22. omg its bleach. I clean my clothes with bleach. Some people dye their hair with bleach. I tend to remove stains with it. Sometimes it turns things yellow. Javex is bleach.

    By Anna on 06.22.2010

  23. I love the smell of bleach. It signifies clean in an intense way. Clean bathroom, clean kitchen, clean, clean, clean.

    By Allison on 06.22.2010

  24. cleans. takes out stains of white cloth. can leave marks on colored clothes. smells bad. can dye your hair blonde. has 6 letters. in jugs at the store.

    By madelaine on 06.22.2010

  25. takes out stains of white cloth. can leave marks on colored clothes. smells bad. can dye your hair blonde. has 6 letters. in jugs at the store.

    By madelaine on 06.22.2010

  26. Every time you speak, colours of the rainbow fade in liquid streaks. Your words; flowing just like bleach.

    By nom de luc URL on 06.22.2010

  27. it washes away the stains
    on your shirt.
    and the imperfections in your hair.
    changes hairband rocker’s voices.
    And takes streaks out your underwear.
    it makes all that is wrong right,
    but makes that right more wrong.
    because perfection isn’t always worth it.

    By NuSol URL on 06.22.2010

  28. I sometimes clean the toilet with bleach but sometimes i cant be fucking bothered to go to the cupboard and get it out so i use normal bathroom cleaning stuff. apparently if you get it on ur skin its real bad for you so itry not to, dont wear gloves though. If babies eat bleach they may diw

    By Jess on 06.22.2010

  29. That’s how white you are after winter. Fuck vampires, you’re one who really does sparkle in the sun – you shine like a fucking lamp. Oh, wait, are we talking about me? Hm.

    By sky.thief URL on 06.22.2010

  30. it might hurt if bleach touches your skin. does skin bleach? could it stay white forever? i think of white when i think of bleach. crisp white. not soft.

    By blair howerton on 06.22.2010

  31. Bleach. Jesus, I hate bleach. I hate the way it smells, and it burns when it gets in my hangnails. It does do a great job on whitening my whites, though. But it completely screws over my colors! Ugh bleach stains. Mop the floors with it. D

    By Dora Smith on 06.22.2010

  32. Sun-bleached hair,
    sunkissed skin,
    Lake Michigan sparkling blue.
    Wrapped up in a blanket with you.
    Stars peek through and
    Chicago’s skyline glitters
    like lost confetti
    of a dream from not long ago.

    By AmandaO URL on 06.22.2010

  33. coloured sheets, sprayed with bleach, stains left behind.
    nothing will help, and it doesnt matter
    crayons and pencil crayons.

    By Mandy Radd on 06.22.2010

  34. A halcyon of sun bleached summer days, seeming to run on forever, all leading up to this moment. Cigarette smoke floating in wisps into the twilight of a cooling day as the season died.

    By chii URL on 06.22.2010

  35. She said, I want to cleanse myself of him. I want to remove every trace, erase it from my memory, wash his smell off my skin. I’ll soak myself in bleach.

    By Liz on 06.22.2010

  36. I like doing laundry. It’s not everyones favorite chore. Bleach is helpful in this, I guess. I love the smell. Clean laundry, clean floors. . . clean everything. Bleach can be harmful, but it doesn’t matter, clean is awesome. It can make peoples jeans look great. If you like that style. It’s awesome for clean freaks . . like me.

    By Joy Blum on 06.22.2010

  37. Bleach is a wonderful liquid which can be used to get rid of the most stubborn of stains.

    By Jack Bayliss on 06.22.2010

  38. The bleach burned my eyes as I poured it into my face. Then i screamed, “Jesus Christ! I have bleach in my eyes!” Then I went blind. After that, my favorite color became black, because that was the only thing I could see.

    By SpaceMonkeySteve on 06.22.2010

  39. is the color of emily sking, why did i get this word again? i just got it the other day, now i dont know what to write about. people write poems and stuff on this website but i just write the first thing that comes to my mind, i just let my fingers go.

    By Ramon Torres on 06.22.2010

  40. wtf? i always get this one now for some reason.

    By Ramon Torres on 06.22.2010