June 20th, 2010 | 311 Entries

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311 Entries for “waltz”

    i’ve been dancing my whole life, and my first play with an older character’s love scene made me fall in love with and learn to waltz. I soon learned that i was not quite a waltzing kind of girl.

    By Felicia on 06.21.2010

  2. When I watched the elegant girl in a blue gown clasp the hand of the man in the splendid tuxedo, my eyes glazed over. I thought for a long time thtat being elegant, and perfect, was the only way for a woman to be beautiful.

    Thank you, world, for proving me wrong.

    By Felicia on 06.21.2010

  3. A single waltz under the starless sky reveals the emptiness beneath, the shadows that are underneath every forced smile, every second of unloved misery that looks like shiny perfection on the surface, but is just as flighty, as meaningless, as hollow as the dance itself.

    By Tulkinghorn URL on 06.21.2010

  4. My white cells and my red ones, together in the moonlight of dying flesh. Or maybe they were in the sunlight of the blade’s refelction? I am so unsure as of right now. But what I do is that it was a glorious dance, a nice slow waltzm and it may never happen again.

    By Charlee URL on 06.21.2010

  5. The cavernous room was glittering in the candlelight, and only the swaying of a single couple could be heard echoing in the room.
    “So, you know how to waltz then, I gather?” she asked, smirking slightly.

    By Lise on 06.21.2010

  6. My friend is learning to dance. I am learning with him. We do salsa, cha cha and struggle with the Argentine tango. One day a piece of music played and I asked him what it was. He said ‘it’s a waltz and I was happy, before I just thought that the waltz was an old-fashioned dance and for fogies. Now I am older and probably considered a fogie by the younger set. But my heart was light at the thought that the music could sweep me away.

    By Jennifer on 06.21.2010

  7. They danced like they were the only two people in the room. They swayed and glided with all their might and held each other tight. They waltzed the night away on the boardwalk of Bombay.

    By ShakespeareanStoryteller URL on 06.21.2010

  8. We waltz around and fill our hearts with everything we wish to be. life is nothing but a learned dance. We spin in circles and change partners, we’re always moving, we are always grabbing. Grabbing at the past, grabbing at the future, grabbing at the floor hoping nothing changes.

    By Rachel URL on 06.21.2010

  9. i love the idea of the waltz, the idea of 3. trinity, and all that. triangle, delta, secure bridges and whatnot. And spinning around a room with a handsome man to 18th century music

    By Robin Washington on 06.21.2010

  10. We waltz around the earth, life is nothing but a learned dance that is changing at the speed of light. We grab the past, the future and the floor, hoping to stay, hoping to survive. But the world keeps spinning, the dance keeps going on.

    By Rachel URL on 06.21.2010

  11. I like the waltz, especially that it’s a dance, because I love to dance… ballroom dancing makes me think of Dancing With the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance. My dad loves Dancing with the Stars. I don’t really follow it but I am obsessed with SYTYCD!! I’m so glad that I can watch it.

    By Anonymous URL on 06.21.2010

  12. Waltzing is really an misunderstood type of dance in my mind, I really have no idea how to do it or what it even looks like, when i think of it i just think of old people hanging out in suits at a ball or whatever.

    By dan on 06.21.2010

  13. Waltz down the glass strewn road
    Barefooted and chin raised up high, forget the pains that ground you and fly.

    By arelis balaguer on 06.21.2010

  14. We took a stroll down memory lane and by the end of the night we began to waltz under the stars of our past life. The days that were so sweet are now kept within the air.

    By Jackie T. URL on 06.21.2010

  15. pretty dears, their long wide skirts, sweeping in, sweeping out, three dainty steps, and the music that plays; the little sparrows’ waltz.

    By paperclown URL on 06.21.2010

  16. we dance.
    step by step.
    heartbeats syncopated.
    like an accordion.
    and when you smile,
    i do the same.
    but i doubt we’re thinking
    the same thing.

    By NuSol URL on 06.21.2010

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    By Squiles URL on 06.21.2010

  18. Tango, I like tango. Is a really famous dance, especially in south america.

    By Ellie on 06.21.2010

  19. I love to waltz. The first time I waltzed was when my friend got back from a trip. I had to be the male part because I was taller. It was on her checkered kitchen floor.

    By martha URL on 06.21.2010

  20. and there they remained, waltzing in a marble colored ballroom. waltzing although there was no music. as though there was no tomorrow.

    By Nor URL on 06.21.2010

  21. off-kilter, assymetric balance. could be wobbly or graceful. military cultures produce music in 4’s. easy-going island cultures make music in 3’s, 6’s, and polymetrics.

    By clayton URL on 06.21.2010

  22. Dancing in the rain, soaking wet clothes. Enjoying life to the fullest, for sixty seconds there are no worries. Just dancing. Just waltzing. Just being happy to be a kid once again before you die. Dance in the rain as if no one cares.

    By Lindsey URL on 06.21.2010

  23. waltzing through the ballroom, arfraid to stop, she held on to him tightly. It was just like a dream, the most perfect dream of a lifetime. She didn’t want it to end; it was just like she’d been imagining it her whole life.

    By Kari URL on 06.21.2010

  24. the sweetest romance of all ballroom dances, Ala glided across the floor, being spun from one suitor to the next, an endless blur of light pink.

    By Ghia on 06.21.2010

  25. Humans. We waltz through life like it’s nothing. We don’t stop to think. We don’t stop to admire the natural beauty of the earth. We don’t see with our eyes. We see with our mind. We ignore the beautiful things around us. And that will be the death of us. We’ll forget about the things that have already been provided for us, and instead yearn for things we don’t need. We waltz through life without a real clue about what it truly means to be alive. To be alive. To stop and look at things. But instead, humans glide through life without a clue.

    By Puppet on 06.21.2010

  26. and so they danced. danced high above the chaos far below as the waves crashed again and again onto the town destroying all in their wake. they smiled into each others eyes as they twirled and spun in the safety of each others arms while the people far below mistook them for angels coming to rescue them.

    By Tay URL on 06.21.2010

  27. the waltz is such a romantic dance. i think of viennese ball rooms and romance – like the scene fromt he sound of music when julie andrews dances with the father. it belongs to an era i wish i belonged to.

    By LC on 06.21.2010

  28. The wonderful world of dance is represented in the beauty and structure of the waltz. Life is lovely once you learn that dance, and do it with a loved one.

    By sir jorge URL on 06.21.2010

  29. waltz waltz
    chickens dance with their heads cut off
    a dance for the aristocratic few
    we all look stupid in big, fluffy dresses

    By Emily on 06.21.2010

  30. She felt her feet glide her across the floor and his hands carrying the small of her back. A delighted laugh surged out of her lips and blended into the music that echoed through the room. The waltz was over too soon, over much too soon, but she knew it would begin in no time once more.

    By Zombie URL on 06.21.2010

  31. I always wanted to learn how to waltz, but my mother wanted me to learn ballet instead. So I did. I was good. All up until college, when my floormate mentioned ballroom club, and BAM! I waltz down the street like a ballroom dance junkie. Just wait until I perfect the swing, ya just can’t stop this dancing fool.

    By Kathy URL on 06.21.2010