December 16th, 2014 | 107 Entries

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107 Entries for “beyond”

  1. beyond means to be fer over something like to pass over it and be done or it can also mean to be beyond your time like sometimes you might hear your mom or dad say that this was beyond your time like when someone buts God on trial that God is beyond your time!!!!!!!!!

    By Shane Novak URL on 12.17.2014

  2. Beyond the blue skies and the sun lies a place of peace and tranquility. Heaven awaits beyond the blue.

    By Sandy on 12.17.2014

  3. Beyond walls beyond doors beyond life as we know it is where i hope to find myself beyond what the earch holds beyond the galaxies i see in your eyes, i see you for who you are. I see you beyond the fears you hold ad weights in the grooves of your collar bones, i see you beyond all of the words that you are too afraid to see. Beyond the fire beyond the sea i will search for you i will love you past the end of time beyond the mountains and the howling wind i will wait more than forver for you.

    By Andy on 12.17.2014

  4. bed bath and beyond or beyond the paters

    By teagan URL on 12.17.2014

  5. A minute. A day. A week. A month. A year. A decade. A century. A millennium. A lightyear. An age. And another eventual extinction.

    Yet here I am with a pencil and a pad, making a list of my favorite movies from this sliver of time we call a year.

    By asavas on 12.17.2014

  6. “You, sir, are beyond the pale in deviance, destruction and demarcation of the senses,” said the vicar in a tutu to Lala, Lord of the Camels.

    By Lara Moon on 12.17.2014

  7. don’t you hate that shit. trying to step out and then you get roped back in. you could quit but then you get lonely. no winning. twenty-first century, no such thing here. just cold blue screens and cold hard numbers. acting like you don’t care (i know you care).

    By paper on 12.17.2014

  8. Away, beyond this horizon is an extremly handsome gorilla with snakes and turtles and miscellaneous reptiles. Then an army of carrots shows up and steals your cake and you have to start a quest to get it back! GO YOU WACKO!!

    By Emile on 12.17.2014

  9. Beyond the trees that covered the woods, Alice was sitting in the bunches. She wanted to relax and run away from her life, even if it was only for couple of hours.
    Besides the bullying that she received, the things that she discovered on that day still haunted her.

    By Rita on 12.17.2014

  10. Beyond is see,es beyonce, but the meqning is something or someone at your back, it is better go ahead and not beyond in a competition, i always prefer see people on my back than on front of me, beyond don’t like me, i can’t stand being beyond anybody

    By Araceli on 12.17.2014

  11. There is the here and now. The then and gone. And there is the beyond. Often we see it as something we can change and something we can effect. Something that is looked forward to or dreaded. But really, beyond is just the thing we don’t understand yet. Always a bit too complex for our current selves. Out of reach.

    By Preceptor on 12.17.2014

  12. In a shed a couple of ghosts were having a good old gossip.
    “Hey, what do you think is youknow- beyond this superficial world?” The more curious of the two inquired studiously.
    The other raised their eyebrows and replied gravely,”They betta have microwave chips dude.”

    By SIXTYSECONDSGO on 12.17.2014

  13. there is no point into going beyond this thought. my dream stopped yesterday there, at the point that i will not see you anymore. there is no meaning in trying to do more that this. its the end.

    By VickyK on 12.17.2014

  14. It is to far out of reach that all you can do is ponder what you think will be there. It is farther away than you’ve been before so you have to think about the possibilities that may be there. When you get to beyond you hope it will be all you hoped it would be.

    By Sonni Quick URL on 12.17.2014

  15. Beyond all reason
    Behind dark Knights
    Hiding in the shadows
    A crow readies for flight

    Tossing prey upwards
    Begging it to slam back down
    The whole world falls asunder
    To this murdeous town

    By Charlotte Roberts URL on 12.17.2014

  16. I want to move beyond the every day, but I don’t know here, or how. Young and directionless sucks but it makes for a critaclly acclaimed movie. fuck that

    By georgia on 12.17.2014

  17. i don’t know how to see the world when i’m stuck sitting here
    i feel glued to my bed my responsibilities my life
    i want to see something more than this

    By Amie on 12.17.2014

  18. desperate to move but won’t be made. Does it blister and boil, away from here? Or does the wind billow sweet warm comfort …

    By Eliza on 12.17.2014

  19. is a six letter word. Like horror, and hopeful, almost.

    By Eliza on 12.17.2014

  20. Every day the same routine. The same waking, sleeping, eating … the same everything with very little in between. It wasn’t always like this, I know. but somehow or another in the process of trying to make a life for myself i made a routine and boxed myself into it without even noticing.

    I dream, sometimes, of going outside of the routine, of becoming someone else. of doing all the things that i have always dreamed of doing.

    then i remember how i got to where i am and i quiet down again.

    By terradi on 12.17.2014

  21. Space, the final frontier. These are the journey’s of the ss enterprise, Captain Kirk, and his crew. Our mission to discover new life forms, and protect the innocent or something like that.

    By abbie on 12.17.2014

  22. Qi, Catherine, Zheng, Richard, Ivy, Manyin, Daisy

    By rica on 12.17.2014

  23. Going beyond the call of duty is not always the best thing to do. There are consequences that have to be faced and mistakes can be made that sometimes is unwarranted.

    By victor walkes URL on 12.17.2014

  24. when the world opened up and swallowed her, no one could scream. no one could avert their gaze, or even think. his reaction was the fastest. it was to run. jump the chasm, barrel headfirst into her, snaking his arms around her waist ans squeezing as hard as he could while she laughed and laughed. she slipped her fingers into his hair and they descended, godspeed, beyond the mortals of the surface, beyond the fire bugs and blooming oil deposits of earth’s mantle, and into the heart, the deep, celestial, fiery heart that prayed to them when they touched it, not the other way around. she landed on her toes, like a dancer, and sunk gracefully into the scalding plasma, while he clung to her, wanting to look around but eyes locked on her smile, just her smile, and by the way her arm held him across his shoulders, to her chest, he knew he was safe. whatever was happening not only were they safe, but she was in control, and she would give him anything just for that tiny bit of loyalty he just showed her.

    By Aura on 12.17.2014

  25. There was a super hero and his catch phrase is infinity and beyond.

    By Bethany Grant URL on 12.17.2014

  26. Everything that could have possibly been experienced to this point. The more, the what if, the how, and the when and why. The chance that could have been taken with the person they should have been taken with

    By Eric on 12.17.2014

  27. What was beyond those perfect eyes was beyond me. They caught me up in their unwavering gaze as easily as those words, sweet as the wind before a rainstorm, broke my heart in two. I shivered against the cold air and blinked back the tears in my eyes as he asked me if I was alright. Of course I wasn’t alright. I told him I was. I told him that I would be, but I had to whisper the words because my voice was breaking. And I knew that he pitied me; I hated that he pitied me when he said I would find someone someday. When he said that, a bitter taste filled my mouth because it reminded me how much I hated the word someday. Someday was just an excuse to explain away my loneliness and make others feel better about it.
    I was reminded that I was a monster in a woman’s body. My love unwanted, a novelty to be gawked at and held at arms length. No one ever wanted to love me because the way I loved terrified them… and something else that they were always too afraid to speak of. There was something terrible they saw in me that, no matter how much I searched for it, I could not find – a dark beast prowling my eyes and invisible to none but me. I was forever doomed to be unwanted.

    By A. G. Russell on 12.17.2014

  28. beyond the horizon
    everyone’s goal
    forever we move
    crawl, if we must
    to get there
    but what is truly there?
    as i feel myself nearing the end
    i slow down
    wanting to linger in the familiarity
    and comfort
    of reaching
    and searching
    to eternity

    By singular on 12.17.2014

  29. my progress is hindered by the immovable object before me
    oh, how i want to be an unstoppable force
    trapped here, i push any way i can
    to move the immovable
    and finally see the

    By singular on 12.17.2014

  30. i am caged here
    within myself
    hiding in the rules and restrictions of being me
    only allowing myself to grow withing a specific mold
    far too afraid to even consider
    breaking free
    allowing the mold to fall away
    showing who i am
    who i can be
    my image

    By singular on 12.17.2014

  31. Salty breeze twists past me, uselessly attempting to tangle my cropped hair. I stand at the stern, facing east. My beautiful ship ticks like clockwork behind me. I stand up, nearly stepping on the figurehead. The horizon, so far away, yet tantalizingly near, calls me. I crow, throwing my head back. This is freedom.

    By singular on 12.17.2014

  32. beyond the wall the garden flourishes and grows and we never see it but it i s there and those who have laid eyes upon it have said it is more beautiful than the gods in the sky or the sun on the shore. but i have seen the garden and beyond it is full of magnificent flowers and flourishes and embellishments more glorious than all the gold and treasures in the world. but tis it is not the most beautiful sight in the land, for i have seen true beauty and the beauty your eyes posses is truly the most beautiful sight. i have seen my lovers face and you my love, are the most beautiful sight in existence. more beautiful and grand than any bed of flowers or trees of gold or lands of stars. you are the trees and the flowers. you are the gods. you are the most beautiful sight of all.

    By Greta on 12.17.2014

  33. He yells, chewing me out for God knows what. The fever in his eyes is clear, taking over his body and mind, wrapping its tendrils around him and crushing him. I take his hands and plead, imploring him to look beyond the fever. He is stronger than it, I know it. Go beyond it, I tell him. Be strong. But when he wrenches his hands out of mine and grips my shoulders and shakes, I know it is too late. He would never do this to me. He is gone. The boy I love is gone, replaced by this Godawful fever. I let myself go limp in his furious grip. Without him, I have no reason to fight the fever anymore. I succumb to its tight grip, a relief after holding my own for so long. Before long, there is no more me. There is no more him. We are both dead in living bodies, stolen by this cursed fever, until no more than an hour later, when our bodies crumple to the ground, leaking blood. The fever takes two more victims.

    By singular on 12.17.2014

  34. Beyond that wall was the greatest thing in my life, the thing I had been waiting for for years. I looked up, the sun glaring, to see if the top was anywhere visible. With a sigh, I noted that it was not. Looking down, the ground was hard. How was I going to get in? So close, only to fall short? No!

    By Jo on 12.17.2014

  35. beyond you there is a room. beyond that room there is a house. beyond that house there is a street. beyond that street there is a town and beyond that town there is a state. beyond the state there is a country, beyond that is a continent. beyond us there are the seas and that mountains and the stars. beyond us, a galaxy churns and lives and dies and grows. there is so much more beyond you and me.

    By Greta on 12.17.2014

  36. i want to go beyond what they think is possible…. i need to exceed their expectations of me because if i dont do that i dont do anything. the goal is to go beyond

    By J on 12.17.2014

  37. “How can you not understand? You’re supposed to be an expert!” she snarled.
    “An expert in the Third Age, my dear. The runes on this scroll are from the Fifth and, well, it’s actually quite interesting, but the language shifted almost COMPLETELY in that time due to the cultural influences of the invading Sahric and-” He was cut off by a shrill shriek he only vaguely recognized as his own when a knife plunged into the table less than an inch from his quivering hand.
    “To the point, professor,” she said sweetly, her eyes flashing with violence.
    He swallowed, gingerly pulling his hand away from the blade. “I’m s-sorry b-but it’s q-quite beyond my capabilities to translate,”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 12.17.2014

  38. Beyond the darkness, just beyond reach. Beyond your stream of consciousness. All your desires and dreams lay just there. Taunting you with their nearness, haunting with their distance. Beyond.

    By Vaazhga on 12.17.2014

  39. Sometimes I am BEYOND myself with anger and frustration. I find it difficult to believe that this is a profession organization. There is so much incompetence!

    By Jillini on 12.17.2014

  40. Beyond the clouds, there were you.
    Beyond the fog….. and earth, and the whole universe.
    The ticking clock showed three, and i knew, it had to be you.

    By saki on 12.17.2014