December 16th, 2014 | 107 Entries

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107 Entries for “beyond”

  1. to go beyond is what I want from life. I want to go beyond what I thought I could. Beyond what others thought of me. Beyond! I’ve gone beyond! I can also see beyond the shallowness of everyone else in my family.

    By Amanda Kolb on 12.18.2014

  2. Beyond. Far away. So distant to me. It is a place where I can reach but it needs hard work. Beyond the clouds lies the dreams. From the milky way and Beyond!

    Beyond reminds me of beyoncé i dont know why. maybe because they sound somewhat the same. but what does she know of beyond? Beyond my capabilities, that is. I am done beyond all doubts. Be

    By Srivats V on 12.18.2014

  3. Beyond the wall, there was a garden. She could not see it but she knew of it was there. Every morning she would take a cup of tea outside, into her bare yard of dirt, and sit until her dress grew filthy. She could smell Jasmine.
    It made her smile; strawberry tea on her tongue and the scent of jasmine fogging the air around her. She would look to the brick wall and know in her heart that on the other side lay a Paradise.

    By Lucy on 12.18.2014

  4. It is too far, out of reach. It is where my mind is at the moment. Beyond the word. Wow, I’m not into this, I suck balls lol. First time I tried.

    By u-jin on 12.18.2014

  5. What I saw was beyond anything I could imagine. The stark white background was flashing with a multitude of color in no organic pattern. It couldn’t even be called a pattern. It was just splashed for all to see.

    By Shari on 12.18.2014

  6. Beyond the fence at the edge of my house. A place I have never really explored. Sure. I leave for church is our shiny black car each sunday, and i wait at the edge of our driveway for the mustard school bus every school day. But alone? Just…looking? Never have I ever really been beyond.

    By Lily Najjar on 12.18.2014

  7. Expectations. Farther than I ever imagined I could go. What lays over the horizon. New opportunities are always beyond what you can see with your eyes. You must go beyond the limitations of your physical being and use all your senses to fine what lays beyond.

    By Vicky D'Agostino URL on 12.18.2014

  8. Beyond the mountain was a beautiful forest with trees of all colors and shapes. The wind had a beautiful pine smell that softly brushed across my cheek. I then heard a light chirp followed by another and another! The sun was setting and it had the most magnificent color in the clouds that shines on the leaves. As I stood there looking at this sight I heard a loud boom in the forest. “A fire stick?” I said out loud to my self. Moments later I heard another boom with dogs barking. “Its coming closer!”. I then ran on the side of the mountain and behind a big boulder to hid from the frightening dog and fire stick. After a few minutes I peek over the boulder and saw there was nothing. As I turned my head in relief I saw one of the most frightening sights anyone eye could see. A plain of blood and dead soldiers and Indians. That’s when I knew, the French and Indian war had spread to my part of the land. And no one would be safe here, as long as the battle rages on.

    By Liberty Brouillette URL on 12.18.2014

  9. 2015’s Resolution:
    Extend charity and cheer
    Beyond Christmas 2014

    By Soft URL on 12.18.2014

  10. Beyond the garden gate, waited a boy who was so in love with a girl. She never noticed the boy but loved the garden. She stared out into the yard only to see a beautiful boy staring back at her.

    By Janet on 12.18.2014

  11. The world beyond our mortal existence is one deserving of much study. What happens to us when we die? Is there a happily ever after. What will become of our consciousness.

    By Suz on 12.18.2014

  12. beyond what? beyond thinking, beyond consciousness? I’m so tired of thinking. My head hurts, and the more I attempt to think the more foggy my head becomes. I am so

    By Riley Sailor on 12.18.2014

  13. beyond narnia byond the forest beyond the sea beyond

    By teagan URL on 12.18.2014

  14. Du spielst mit Ideen,
    du plannst dein ganzes Leben.
    Du sitzt fest und kommst nicht vom Fleck.
    Du suchst garantie.
    Nirgends kannst du sie finden,
    wirst sie nie finden.
    Lass das Planen –
    gehe deinen Weg
    und es wird jenseits deiner Vorstellungskraft sein.

    By Anuri URL on 12.18.2014

  15. Why does my head feel such joy and such dread since the moment I said beyond?

    By Lucie K. on 12.18.2014

  16. far beyond the horizon a group of people live. They are all at war, constantly dying, but no one cares. Nothing matters besides killing, soon they will all be gone.

    By Jordan on 12.18.2014

  17. The great beyond. Magnificent in the adventure and the potential. Choose to go beyond, to grab more, to live.

    By Mike on 12.18.2014

  18. To infinity and beyond. I think it would be cool to go to space and beyond to see the starts. The stars at night look so cool, especially when I’m laying on my dock at Shawnigan Lake in the summer. If it is August, there are often meteor showers so my husband and kids will join me after dark sitting or laying on our dock watching for shooting stars. Did you know a shooting star could be a meteor? I learned that from my husband who likes to watch stars. He also can name many of the constellations because he had to learn how to navigate boats at night using the stars to guide him. Do you think it would be cool to travel beyond space to infinity and beyond.

    By mrs cramb on 12.18.2014

  19. “I dare you to throw a stone into it,” Lane said.

    “Nuh-uh. No way,” Molly replied, staring down the side of the cliff. A thick fog obscured the bottom from sight, and she could barely imagine what was beyond the clouds.

    By Kate on 12.18.2014

  20. Beyond the depths of the ocean blue. Beyond the world that you think is new. Without wondering whether you will sink or swim. Without thinking, I dare you to jump in. See this place with fresh new eyes. Look beyond the world you’ve come to know; Look and see beyond the lies.

    By Jordan URL on 12.18.2014

  21. Beyond my limits, means to push myself further than I have ever pushed myself before. To go beyond what is required of me includes extra effort to finish the work before me, and continue without any other influence.

    By Bobbie Carter on 12.18.2014

  22. the horizon is a whole world. They are cleaning, working, eating, fussing. I imagine them, smiling, partying, resting and enjoying life. They imagine me the same.

    By Maryanne Rich URL on 12.18.2014

  23. What’s beyond life? A question asked by many. We expect it to be something wondrous, satisfying and amazing. We’ll never really know for sure is the unnerving truth of it all.

    By eughr on 12.18.2014

  24. What’s beyond life? A question asked by many. We expect it to be something wondrous, satisfying and amazing. We think of heaven, a beautiful place where everyone is happy and fulfilled and there are no problems at all. We’ll never really know for sure is the unnerving truth of it all.

    By eughr on 12.18.2014

  25. I already did this word what how
    like i had a really cool thing
    it was great
    it was about stargazing
    with a guy who fell asleep
    and the thing we had goin on had to end
    cause you know
    hes about to graduate and lives in colorado
    it cool tho

    By Jen Danger on 12.18.2014

  26. destiny is beyond me. Life becomes mature then withers away to a dust as thin as a sand filled beach with a brisk wind blowing across it. Destiny is beyond the reach of us yet it is so close as if it is able to be felt by us.

    By Freg Budra URL on 12.18.2014

  27. “A message, sire.” The corporal says stoutly, quickly passing over the rolled paper to his leader and moving back into his respective form; back straight, head held high and arms by his side. The captain takes it carefully from his hands, before opening it diligently and reading to himself. He scrunches the paper back into itself and looks to the ground momentarily.

    “Men, news from above.” He addresses his troops, looking beyond the horizon with a sharp but distant look in his eye. His audience falls silent, anxiously awaiting the announcement, “The enemies are advancing, prepare swiftly and wait for your next orders.”

    The troops move hurriedly, now murmuring amongst themselves for what the future may hold. Sighing to himself, the leader furrows his eyebrows, “We’re in trouble.”

    (I have no idea what goes on in the army, the roles of certain ranks, though I thought the idea of someone looking to the horizon was a good idea and the idea of an army quickly followed.)

    By Kerry on 12.18.2014