December 14th, 2014 | 77 Entries

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77 Entries for “polo”

  1. All go and show the prince
    atop the steed in his mighty stance
    go the round and play the game
    take a chance on what you see
    the field is green
    the goal is set
    the chance is yours
    come see my pet

    By Protean on 12.15.2014

  2. mark didn’t have much time he really need to get going and find his friend. But that was impossible as he had been stabbed in the eyes, blinding and forever barring him from his friend. OH how he missed polo.

    By Amethyst on 12.15.2014

  3. I know a boy who plays water polo. he uses his voice to hide his shyness and insecurities. he has a pretty face. he is smart and kind. his mom died when he was 8 years old.

    By georgia on 12.15.2014

  4. I pulled out the ragged garment, which had spent years incarcerated in the closet. It looked lonely and devoid of personality, apathetic.

    By WhoisRGL on 12.15.2014

  5. Polo. Marco. Polo. Could be a man’s name. Reminds me of polio. Like the disease. Diseases are bad. That could be a new disease. Polo. A more deadly disease that’s contracted in a different way. Causes something crazy to happen. Hallucinations? I dunno.

    By Kelsey on 12.15.2014

  6. Polo is a game. Polo is also a sport. Polo is played on horses. Polo is a comfortable, collared shirt. I have never thought about this, but I wonder if someone has ever played polo wearing a Polo. I imagine they have. I am currently bored and am watching The Matrix on TV so I’m not sure why I’m writing about polo. It also reminds me of polio, which is kind of sad.

    By Henry on 12.15.2014

  7. Marco, I shouted. Polo, my dreams replied. All I needed was to follow that sound, that slow steady beat of my heart, but fear of disappointment and failure haunted me every single day (not to mention the inevitable debt I would fall into). Vet school was my dream. Saving lives and valuing lives of helpless animals. My fear was strong, but my determination is much stronger.

    By foost URL on 12.15.2014

  8. the men who play water polo in the dark
    are fishing for jewels, really.
    Their wedding bands lay strewn across the floor.

    By NR on 12.15.2014

  9. It was saturday, the day the team usually met. They played their round, and this time the blue team won. Once the crowd cleared they got down to reason they were here. They took thier horses back to the stables before it came out.

    By Hondo on 12.15.2014

  10. I know nothing of polo. Except for the clothing and water. Water polo. Much endurance is needed for this. I have none. But I can swim. I wonder why they call in “polo”. Where does that word come from??? Who knows anyway. Anyway, I have more shirts then anything.

    By Naylahknee on 12.15.2014

  11. I wore the polo that day. I don’t know why. It was a slightly large fit, and I didn’t want to wear it because it still smelled of him. Why I never gave it back or threw it out, I don’t know. Something about it, wearing it, comforted me yet brought tears to my eyes. The polo itself held no meaning, but I was still lingering onto the past. Wearing my emotions on my sleeve in the most literal sense. Someday, yes someday, I will have the strength to toss it away, my last memento of him.

    By Apple on 12.15.2014

  12. I have a dog name polo. he is very loyal and big. he has spots on his body. He barks at strangers. He loves dog bone. he is soft and furry. My friends loves playing with him. He is trained at catching ball and running behind a ball. He never troubles anybody without reason.

    By rhea on 12.16.2014

  13. This is a nice tshirt which i had once upon a time. It saved me from a lot of cold wind when i used to drive my bike. the brand was good and it lasted many washes. It also i a kind of mouth freshner available in INDIA. it kind of cools the mouth when put in.
    The game always bored me. Never could understand why people would trouble a poor horse over a game. But anyways, its a game of the rich. So ii guess I dont fall in the category of targets people.

    By PRASENJIT SARKAR on 12.16.2014

  14. It is the style of the useless wealth,
    The title of fantastic discovery,
    Now capitalized
    It is the game of blindness
    Mocking the half-fallen
    Searching, searching
    Always in search of something

    By Kirsten on 12.16.2014

  15. Polo is a sport. It’s a shirt. And a car. But my favourite is the word polo. Without thinking too much, it’s just a word. Simple and precise. Word. English is a cool language. Words can mean everything and nothing at the same time.

    By Ramona on 12.16.2014

  16. Polo players. That’s what they’re called right? But I don’t know much about polo. Except that it’s a sport and I loathe sports. They suck out the fun in trying to shed calories while attempting to look fit.

    By Ramona on 12.16.2014

  17. marco………. polo……………marco………………polo……………………marco………………………polo,,………………………….marco or a polo shirt

    By teagan URL on 12.16.2014

  18. One time I was at this Tobacco concert. The visual imagery was trippy, not in a drippy acid kind of way, more in a “repels” the haters aspect. I watched folks leave quickly as clips of things set off their triggers – homosexuality, bizarre masked erotica that just upon viewing you’re like “really, there is a festish for that.” I guess you do learn something new everyday. It’s kind of game attracting the right audiences. Anyway, to the casual observer who was there for sight and sound, it was mighty amusing to see my view get clearer as the people who couldn’t handle his weird show scattered.

    By Intuition on 12.16.2014

  19. I don’t know much about polo. Maybe it’s a symbol of my low birth, but all I know about it is that it is played on horses. So the day I was invited to play, I was a little confused.

    By liz URL on 12.16.2014

  20. She always left work at 4:00pm. For several months now, he’d watch her from his office window. They worked on different floors and she never took lunch in the cafeteria. He’d have to approach her in the parking lot and offer a well rehearsed casual hello. At 3:56 he checked his breath, splashed on a bit of Polo, and headed for the stairs.

    By Soft URL on 12.16.2014

  21. I will wear the damn polo tee if I want to. The collar keeps my neck warm and I don’t like my hair or my friends tickling it. You call Marco, I won’t reply, don’t want to be found, don’t want to be played with. Because I know what it is to claw at your upper limits and fester in your lower ones. And now I know what it is to want enough for yourself.

    By mimo URL on 12.16.2014

  22. ¨POLO!¨ Josh yelled, making my eardrum feel punished. I opened my eyes and swung around sharply, forgetting about the game altogether.
    Josh smirked back at me. ¨You opened your eyes. Guess that means this game is over, and I win. Again.¨
    I rolled my eyes. ¨Next time don’t yell in my ear, idiot.¨ I knew he still would, because he only ever listened to me once on a blue moon even with the three years I had over him. Some things never change. In our family, they especially didn’t.
    Throwing an arm onto the deck, I pulled myself out of our backyard pool and made my way to the back door. Laughing smugly at his win, Josh followed me.

    By Lucie K. on 12.16.2014

  23. I see polo shirts, reminds me of the time I worked at the outlet polo ralph lauren. Polos are kind of like the clothes that rich preppy boys wear, or at least I used to think that when I was in high school. I’ve been trying to find a nice polo to buy for the last few weeks, but I can’t seem to find any.

    By Hiroshi on 12.16.2014

  24. polo is a clothes design that all type of people ware you can play a such game called mar-co pole in the water its wear you say macro and pole has to try and find you.

    By Nikia URL on 12.16.2014

  25. Polo. Kinda like a jacket. Reminds me of a red jacket from some little kid book I’ve read when I was little. The word polo is kind of fancy to me, like homeless people wouldn’t use it. People with at least a little money would include polo in a sentence they say.

    By Stella Rose on 12.16.2014

  26. I think of disease, a crippling gaint that’s hurt a lot of people. I also think of polo shirts and pool games in the summer.

    By Mr. Beagle on 12.16.2014

  27. Polo. Polo the logo is jumping up and down. Wait. It that a pogo stick or a logo stick. I do not know. Here we go, to jump on the logo. Or is that polo. Put on the shirt. Don’t talk it off. Which one was it? The one with the logo of the polo.

    By Me on 12.16.2014

  28. water sport. like throwing soccer in water.

    By Jack on 12.16.2014

  29. sounds like popo other wise known as police. A water sport.

    By logan on 12.16.2014

  30. “Marco!” My friend called. “Polo!” She walked a little towards me. “Marco!” She called out again. “Polo!” I called back. When she moved closer I moved away. She kept calling out and I kept responding. We kept going until she tripped. She opened her eyes and we laughed together.

    By Jasmine on 12.16.2014

  31. I’m in to polo and i love polo its so fun i practiceing every day i win all the time because i’m good i love polo

    By Colin URL on 12.16.2014

  32. it sounds like you are saying hello but you are saying polo.

    By katelyn on 12.16.2014

  33. “Marco.”



    “Look, guys, this game only works if you answer.”

    “Oh, uh-”




    “Frick, Renji you’re still not answering, that’s cheating. I’m gonna’ peek if you don’t quit it.”

    “He’s underwater, man.”

    By Emma on 12.16.2014

  34. marco oh how i hate dumb little game meaningless drivel outside my apartment window the community pool actually intended for the occupants only the kids come in climb in any time of day and night the repetition the dullness what an insult to a traveller an adventure marco polo marco polo marco polo don’t drown marco polo please don’t drown. time is up i would think interesting little app. and definitely a fun little stream-of-consciousness writing exercise. i made some typos, didn’t capitalize i. but i got the hyphens on s.o.c. i’m done now. cu

    By Richard J URL on 12.16.2014

  35. Marco. Polo. Marco. Polo.

    Rose was suspicious that her brother was cheating. His voice kept sounding from different places, but there was no telltale sound of water splashing. She was beginning to get angry.

    By goodmorningmidnight on 12.16.2014

  36. A polo is a great word because it’s so round! look at those o’s of the p! Polo is a sport and a sweet, both completely day to day objects. Not 100% sure about the sport but definitely sure of the sweet. It’s mint like and Jesse and my mum used to both have them. As a child this was definitely a preferred out of the mint selection. Not better than softmints.

    By k8 on 12.16.2014

  37. i was walking along the street and I saw a strange man wearing a polo shirt. He looked extremely familiar but I couldn’t quite picture where I had seen him before. It wasn’t until I was almost home when I realised he looked exactly like my old Chemistry teacher.

    By Carrie URL on 12.16.2014