December 18th, 2014 | 44 Entries

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44 Entries for “stale”

  1. You could give somebody a concussion with that thing. The stale loaf of bread sounded like a rock when I tapped it against the kitchen table. It was so unlike Doris to let a whole load go to waste like that. With that, her weekend trip to the grandson’s suddenly grew a sinister shadow…

    By asavas on 12.19.2014

  2. The cold, hard bread crinkled beaneath her brittle fingers. The stale crumbs fell to the floor. She struggled hard to ignore the patter of rodent feet as they scurried to collect their prize. The girl shuddered. She was truly, undeniably alone.

    By Sarina McCabe on 12.19.2014

  3. Her breath was stale. She’d sucked it in and held it there for so long, her lungs began to rise and her chest throbbed. It wasn’t like it had been a surprise. She knew who he really was. She’d known all along–hadn’t she? Then again, it still hurt. It always would.

    By Sarinity2k on 12.19.2014

  4. when something is past its due date for example bread and it gets hard and moldy and doesn’t taste as good. it loses its appeal and can become unsafe to eat. the smell in a car or home that is a mix of cigarettes and old air and usually is very sticky and is hard to get out. sometimes they cause values of sale to be less

    By Liv on 12.19.2014