December 9th, 2010 | 334 Entries

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334 Entries for “believer”

  1. when i think of the word believer i think of how we all must have something to strive for something to have faith in whether it be ourselves another person god a child that we want to see succeed the ability to finish that book you figured you’d buy that one time you walked in to the bookstore but what makes a believer from a non believer is the attitude one has about life in general

    By keenan on 12.10.2010

  2. Then I saw her face.
    But I’m an atheist.

    By J URL on 12.10.2010

  3. I’m a believer in the simple things in life. I’m a believer in all things beautiful. I’m a believer in love, in angels, in the heavens above. I’m a believer in you.

    By amber on 12.10.2010

  4. I will see the San Diego Chargers as World Champs in my lifetime, because I am a believer!

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 12.10.2010

  5. I am a believer. A believer in the world. in myself. in the universe. in god. maybe. why does no one want to be labeled a believer? is it so bad? why can’t we believe and still be ourselves. there is nothing wrong with that. nothing.

    By segan on 12.10.2010

  6. I believe that everything is possible. From flying pigs to swimming cats. Nothing can’t be done. A mutant pig could easily fly. Then the tiger loves to swim and it’s a cat. Even a two headed dragon is able to believed in.

    By Broke825 URL on 12.10.2010

  7. when i think of the word believer i think of how all of us must have someone or something to strive for whether it be a ourselves god some kid we want to see succeed the ability to finish that book you or i may have bought that one time at the bookstore anything really but the difference between a believer and a non believer is the attitude they have towards life

    By kwe123 URL on 12.10.2010

  8. Believer is a word that shows that you believe. Are you a believer? Ask yourself that question.

    By Et-Han URL on 12.10.2010

  9. Do you believe in God? Do you believe in the tooth fairy? Santa? Then what do you believe in?

    By hi URL on 12.10.2010

  10. Believer believer believer believer believer believer believer believer

    By Remington URL on 12.10.2010

  11. Believer is someone who believes in themselves. They always know that whatever they do it will work out. They also take chances.

    By Remington URL on 12.10.2010

  12. I am a believer. I don’t believe in Santa though. Not even my brothers believe in Santa .

    By Remington URL on 12.10.2010

  13. It’s good to believe i guess. Wow if you seperate believer into two words it comes out Beli Ever. That’s funny. :)

    By Katie!$!$!$ URL on 12.10.2010

  14. I’m a believer in a lot of things… I believe that children are the future..uh oh that might not be good. I also believe in Santa Clause because he gives me presents!! Go Santa!

    By Jaycey URL on 12.10.2010

  15. im a beleiver and i just cant i hide it. i believer in santa and the elves

    By ikaika URL on 12.10.2010

  16. Me…. finding the thin line between utopia and hope.
    When all i see is black and gray around, my self reafirmed faith in whats good and beautil in this life flourishes to make me not want to stop.

    By Marcela on 12.10.2010

  17. I’m a believer in Santa Clause is real and I hope that I’m on his good list not his bad list or else I will get coal, and I don’t like coal. I which that I could meet Santa and see what he really look like. Santa is awesome.

    By carlee URL on 12.10.2010

  18. I’m a believer, not a trader, i don’t care if i die. Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye If i die.

    By RaeRae URL on 12.10.2010

  19. I am a believer that kids are our future. We should cherish them with gifts and awards. You can be a believer of about anything. You can or cannot believe in something, it is your choice.

    By Remington URL on 12.10.2010

  20. i am a believer in football. i believe any thing can happen. people are believers in some wierd stuff. they believe in magic. we are awesome

    By jacebrewer5 on 12.10.2010

  21. i am a very good belivier a beliver is someone who knows they can do it im a awesome beliver who knows i can do it

    By asia URL on 12.10.2010

  22. I’m not really a believer in stuff. But i believe there are ghost and stuff like that. Don’t ask why i don’t even know the answer. I just do and i even think it is weird.

    By guadalupe24 URL on 12.10.2010

  23. I am a believer. I believe in Santa Clause and have ever since I learned about him and all of the good things he does. I am going to Atlanta for this Christmas and have been wondering if he will find me and drop my presents off at the correct house.

    By A.Thurston URL on 12.10.2010

  24. im a believer
    believer has ever in it
    be in believer
    8 letters in believer\lie is in believer

    By stephy URL on 12.10.2010

  25. Am I a believer?

    To commit myself to the invisible spider webs of a belief seems to be a hasty marriage….i am wedded to life, I could not put a thought above this physical world, could I?

    By Tyler Ann Klein URL on 12.10.2010

  26. im a believer. are you a believer to. believers are cool. do you believe in believers. i love believers. believer has ever in it. believer has be in it to.

    By Amy Nicole on 12.10.2010

  27. I’m a believer. I do believe in my dreams, I do believe in myself, I do believe in my friends, I do believe in Nala. I do believe that world is not as horrible as they say. I do believe people can change and what John Lenon wanted to do with this world will happen. I do believe tomorrow will be a better for me, for my friends, for my everybody. I do believe that one day, no matter how long it will take us – we will change ourselfs and everybody will be a believer.

    By Kiril Zhegov on 12.10.2010

  28. well everyone is a believer in something, it’s what humans do. We believe that we are important, we believe that we are smart, we believe that we are right. Really anything is true as long as you believe it is. because that way it is true to you, even if its not true in the actual world of reality.

    By Alexis on 12.10.2010

  29. I’m a believer! I believe in magic and crazy things! Do you know who I am? I am the…believer! Do you believe in me? I hope you do because I am your best friend and I believe in you.

    By Gantt Carter on 12.10.2010

  30. a belivier is someone who belives in them self someone who knows they can absolutley do it! =D like me

    By asia URL on 12.10.2010

  31. a believer is someone whom believes that something is something or someone whom believes in anything really about belief

    By Mikki URL on 12.10.2010

  32. i don’t believe in a lot of things, like most people i guess, but I used to believe in love, then I fell in love and then I fell in love again. two at once i was lost and confused I swore to the heavens i loved both but what i felt could not have been. it can’t be real

    By Darkling URL on 12.10.2010

  33. i used to be a believer in all things good. now i sit and think and have come to realize that there is not much to believe in. people are not inherently good. the world is falling apart. and my dreams will likely never come true. i will likely never be satisfied in love. and no one will likely be satisfied with me. the world is a cruel place and the sooner everyone accepts that, the better.

    By commiseration on 12.10.2010

  34. someone with hope, knows no limits. There is something else greater then just us. Having faith. Love.

    By Sara on 12.10.2010

  35. to believe in something. to not give up. to trust in it.

    By Student URL on 12.10.2010

  36. it means a lot of stuff to me to be a believer. when you hear that word most of the time it is talking about religious matters. weather to believe or not. i dont think i am a believer. its a strong word. believe or not to believe is your choice

    By Student URL on 12.10.2010

  37. Im a believer yes i am I believe i am a good person. I beleive that what goes around comes around i beleive in my own gos my soul is my god

    By annya URL on 12.10.2010

  38. i once was a believe but that was stolen from me.
    I feel believers are lucky, they are not foolish.
    Every body wishes they can still believe when all the truths have been told to them, we refuse to stop believing.
    It’s easier to live in a made up world.
    Don’t you agree?
    Sadly they don’t.

    By Naomi Hart on 12.10.2010

  39. Believer makes me think of somebody that you believe in. Someone who makes you feel like you have hope in something. Someone who believes in you and makes you feel happy about yourself.

    By Student URL on 12.10.2010

  40. I was a believer before I even knew there was a God. I heard Him through the fear and uncertainty of war and destruction. Like hearing a single voice across a crowded room, I was convinced He existed long before I knew His name.

    By Ken Underwood URL on 12.10.2010