December 10th, 2010 | 210 Entries

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210 Entries for “immense”

  1. immense
    immense immenseimmenseimmenseimmenseimmenseimmenseimmenseimmenseimmenseimmeseimmenseimmenseimmenseimmenseimmenseimmenseimmenseimmenseimmenseimmenseimmenseimmenseimmenseimmenseimmenseimmenseimm

    By Kaiva on 12.11.2010

  2. It was immense. Large. Beautiful. Like the beginning of a universe, stars flying from an explosion like sparks of a fire. It was dazzling. It was brilliant. You cannot fathom the immensity of this, for you did not witness it through my yes.

    By Joe on 12.11.2010

  3. When I think of “immense”, I think of oceans and whales and a little bit about obesity. That’s odd. I guess it’s used a lot to describe large people and their anatomy. As in “her immense wrists jiggled with mirth”. That’s probably in a novel somewhere.

    By Thomas on 12.11.2010

  4. The immense pressure of the day. Running. Running. Running. I couldn’t keep my head up, and see the little things. I ran around with friends getting things ready. I ran with friends, I ran to find her: to get it all ready. It. If only I saw the little things. The immense pressure of the day.

    By Iceman on 12.11.2010

  5. Immense is my discouragement in the abilty of the human race to support it´s own prosperity… Immense is my anger, that no one is willing to stand and shout out loud what he thinks and believes, that we dislike the doings of the ones in power and yet no one is willing to step up and dirty his hands – no one tries to make a difference… We are broken people…

    By Templar URL on 12.11.2010

  6. “Immense in it’s intensity.”

    By Moira URL on 12.11.2010

  7. the darkness that swallowed her soul drenched her in this utter cycle. hardly ever did the illuminating beauty of others reach the depths of her heat, and this she was aware. the feeling she often dwelled on were immense, and no human was built to feel that much.

    By renata on 12.11.2010

  8. It has been an immense pleasure to learn during my life. College has helped me becom smart and positioned myself for a great life long learning experience. As a result immense opportunities have surfaced during my life. The first of these was the ability at a young age, to go overseas a work 3 start up opportunities. Other immense experiences in helping others also resulted. The most memorable has been working daily to help others also learn.

    By Benjamin A. Cornett URL on 12.11.2010

  9. She stood there, the giant looming overhead. The wind had stopped. The only sound: the creaking, slow groan of the ironworked floor beneath her. Her hand gripped the sword handle so tightly that the metal dug into the palm of her flesh. It moved.

    By Ben Goddard on 12.11.2010

  10. Immense. In feelings, I’ve not felt it. Felt immense about love, friendship, motivation, dedication. It is word nonexistent.

    By Kellen MacFadyen on 12.11.2010