December 8th, 2010 | 277 Entries

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277 Entries for “amazed”

  1. I stood there in awe of the sight before me. Beauty to behold right before my dazzled eyes. A sight, never seen befor by the likes of mankinf. It was stunning. Love was there. I was truly amazed at it. Nothing seemed to matter anymore.

    By Ellie on 12.09.2010

  2. You’re amazing. Did you know that? Do you understand that you’re a completely unique and special and amazing person. I love you. Did you know that too? No matter what you’ve done or what crimes you have comitted, my heart will always be yours.

    By ellie URL on 12.09.2010

  3. baby i’m amazed by the way you haunt me all the time. treees, green wondergul times when the snow falls and all is white and beautiful. fade to white. up the contrast, the brightness. never stop and make it better because if we don’t, it will all fade to nothing. and completer perfection is better than nothing.

    By Shai URL on 12.09.2010

  4. I was so amazed when I realized that she couldn’t read. I thought I might try to teach her, but really, what do I know? Maybe she was better off not knowing how to read. What good comes from understanding the way others see the world? She might enjoy her life better if she didn’t know how horrible others make this wonderful place out to be.

    By Zoe Eng URL on 12.09.2010

  5. There are things that have amazed me, but there has been nothing like the day the sky feel into the lakes of your eyes. But this is a metaphor and a bad one at that. Perhaps we need more time to think of how the snow falls before we freeze in the paranoia of tomorrow.

    By Forest Kvasnkoff URL on 12.09.2010

  6. Im amazed by all the beauties in the world. So many times we forget to look arround and appreciate all the things that surround us in such a magnificent creation as this. Even if this universe was some random collision of molecules with no planning, doesnt that make it all the more special. To think of all the millions of years and possibilities that are leading up to this exact moment and everything around you being exactly as it is. I’m amazed.

    By Sean on 12.09.2010

  7. people are amazed every day. I have been amazed before. I might be amazed on Christmas if I get what I want.

    By Remington URL on 12.09.2010

  8. i was amazed to see the parade on saturday. i really don’t know what to write about.

    By gladis URL on 12.09.2010

  9. it’s amazing how everything, little by little begins to take it’s place in order to head us to our goals.. it’s amazing how anything it’s posible if you decide to fight for it..

    it’s amazing how happy you can be if you want to…

    By andres cacho URL on 12.09.2010

  10. I’m amazed by the things God has created. I’m amazed that he knows how everything works together to benefit each individual person. I’m amazed by the beauty in nature and the beauty of the human spirit. I’m amazed by the goodness in this world we live in.

    By Sarah on 12.09.2010

  11. I am amazed about how life sometimes is. How people are. How things change. How everything changes. In only some minutes. I am amazed how lot of information is in world, and you can never know everything.

    By Me25 on 12.09.2010

  12. he’s amazed how different she came back, all hard angles and rough lines, like the atmosphere in Ireland made her untouchable, more aloof. he craves her, but the smell of the cold sea is too sharp in his nostrils.

    By Lucy on 12.09.2010

  13. A maze. Yeah. That is what comes up to my head a big, complicated maze. And I feel like if you say you are amazed, to me it means you are lost in a maze.

    By Jasmine URL on 12.09.2010

  14. Amazed you can be amazed by someone or something if they do something really cool. I would be amazed of someone did something awesome right now.

    By carlee URL on 12.09.2010

  15. I am amazed by many things such as big hockey hits, really good books, amusement parks and or water parks, and many more things. This is an amazing word, it really flows off your tounge.

    By A.Thurston URL on 12.09.2010

  16. It’s hard to be amazed when everything in the world seems to be going wrong. How do you look at the ocean and stand in awe when oil is lurking just beneath the surface. If you look close enough at everything, then it’s not as perfect as it may seem. The ocean wave may be the perfect swell, but it pounds the shore and eventually erodes it.

    By S. URL on 12.09.2010

  17. Fred was amazed at his own ability to eat so incredibly fast. After all, he’d been on a diet for a while, and his roommate was a pretty fat guy, with thick bones – those were never good for his teeth.

    By Andora on 12.09.2010

  18. Most of the time life was boring, she figured, the same mundane tasks performed over and over. Every day, the same routine. But every once in a while, something popped up that was truly magnificent – and it made those endless years of monotony worth every second.

    By Jo Kovac on 12.09.2010

  19. “Maybe I’m amaze at the way you’r with me all the time,” a voice sang over the divider.She heard him clearly before she saw him. “Oops!” he said, as they almost collided.

    By serendipitous URL on 12.09.2010

  20. im amazed at how lucky i am and how unlucky i am at the same time. i’m amazed at the things people can do and amazed at how stupid people can be. im amazed at some things i can do and things i can’t do . i’m amazed at how people can love me and how i can love them. i’m amazed at everything.

    By Niamh on 12.09.2010

  21. I stand amzazed at the ignorance of some people. The amazingly seflish behaviour consistenely exhibited with little to no concern for self or others. I am amazed at callousness. I am amazed at narrcisism. I amazed at life. Amazed that some with every advantage feel the need to destroy themselves and take others with them. Amazed at liars.

    By ed young URL on 12.09.2010

  22. When I stare upon the cross, I’m utterly amazed at the fact that Jesus would die for my sins. Sometimes, when I’m really down about something I’ve done, said, or thought, I’m reminded that I don’t have to carry that weight anymore. I sometimes wonder why He would do that; I know that God is love, but I still find it so hard to believe. I’m not even talking about how hard it is to prove God to an unbelieving world; it’s hard to prove love to unbelieving, unamazed hearts.

    By Mahoney on 12.09.2010

  23. you would be amazed if i were to tell you how much i longed over her. we’d barely known each other at this point but she was beautiful, smart, funny, everything i could ever want. but that was exactly it. she was everything i could ever want and nothing i could ever have. i spent my time having my heart broken by her and for what? a childish fantasy that love will prevail.

    By Marvin on 12.09.2010

  24. amazed when everybody it amazed of like something that very amazing

    By ardilla URL on 12.09.2010

  25. I was amazed that i have good grades this semester. I’ve been trying my hardest to get all my grades up.

    By Kayla URL on 12.09.2010

  26. every fourth of july people stand amazed at what solders have done for america for the past years. and they stand amazed on the america flag

    By yoda URL on 12.09.2010

  27. amazed is when u are looking at something u r amazed like really happy or excited

    By chewbaca URL on 12.09.2010

  28. amazed is when you see something exiting and you are speechless i get amazed sometimes when i see something i like

    By random kid URL on 12.09.2010

  29. amazed, amazing, both the same definition but used in different tenses.

    By cmoney URL on 12.09.2010

  30. What i think amazed is, is something like that you are surprised of something.

    By bodoque URL on 12.09.2010

  31. amazed am i to be at a wonderful school

    By Tyler Crandell on 12.09.2010

  32. finally, a kaleidoscopic imagining of at least three different, vibrant paints. i swirl them with delighted fingers. it’s been awhile. through the expressive soup, i decide to upgrade my mask to a creation of festive proportions.

    By Alex Light URL on 12.09.2010

  33. It is amazing how small we are. Sometimes I like to ponder my place in the cosmos…but my pride always stops me in my tracks.

    By Emilie Rizzo on 12.09.2010

  34. A sensation I tell you which is of utmost royalty in the hierarchy of ticklish nerve endings. Being amazed is what humans crave, what instigates it is change. YOu need change, so do I. Let’s make some change.

    By Mathew URL on 12.09.2010

  35. we wher amazed when we saw hawai it was amazing we had so much fun

    By Mr.Smile URL on 12.09.2010

  36. A sensation I tell you which is of utmost royalty in the hierarchy of ticklish nerve endings. Being amazed is what humans crave, what instigates it is change. YOu need change, so do I. Let’s make some change. The human race craves on change. Being amazed is the reaction to the stimulus called change. Being amazed is wonderful, even if the negative inference of the ongoing situation as it brings about the most powerful thing in the movement towards perfection, change.

    By Mathew URL on 12.09.2010

  37. The young boy was amazed at the sight of such an extraordinary tree. He immediately climbed upon it, and reaching the highest branches, beheld a wondrous world. The birds were walking on their four legs, and seagulls were running down the streets. And one whale was floating high in the sky. It looked at him and said : Wake Up.

    By Alban Mas Aparisi on 12.09.2010