December 9th, 2010 | 334 Entries

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334 Entries for “believer”

  1. the type that holds more trust in his heart that doubt

    By michael on 12.10.2010

  2. I was a believer once, when I was a kid. In Primary school. The idea of something big, almighty and ready for me, always there for me, was comforting and assuring and cool.

    By Robyn Taylor on 12.10.2010

  3. And the shards of the brilliant lunar eclipse rained down on the family of dutchesses, releasing their fears through prayers and their exploitation of the adhesive properties of chainsaws. “Science? I am made of science, fool!” shouted one as she took a leap through sixty feet of air, passing on before she hit the ground.

    By mixolydian333 URL on 12.10.2010

  4. I am a believer in a lot of silly things. Like fairies. Or luck. Karma. Aliens for sure. Also the goodness in all men and sustainable agriculture. And time travel.

    By Pandy Fackler URL on 12.10.2010

  5. “Do you believe?”
    “In what?”
    “I don’t know, anything.”
    “Not really, no.”
    “Why not?”
    “Do I need to?”
    “I… Not really, no.”

    By Pika on 12.10.2010

  6. He was a believer. He tried to change my world and died for my future. Perhaps it’s just a natural thing that occurs; ying can never exist without the yang.

    By Luke Callaghan URL on 12.10.2010

  7. Believer. Something everyone should be. everyone should be able to believe- in themself, in their lover, in the good things in life. in little miracles and laughter moments. Belief in the chance to find happiness. Without belief in tomorrow, in something new to come along, what makes the world worth living?

    By The Inkdancer on 12.10.2010

  8. I’m a believer, this song reminds me of the Shreck movies. Not one of my favorite songs but it is enjoyable. I’m sure thousands of people out there love this song, though. That’s all she wrote, folks.

    By Jessica on 12.10.2010

  9. religious gullible optimistic unquestioning person who clings to ideas. she sees things in black and white.

    By rsilverman URL on 12.10.2010

  10. believers really see the truth, they look for the best in everything, perhaps they find the most happiness. is anyone a true believer? Can they really look past all the negative things in society and find the beautiful? I don’t know where they find the commitment for it; it takes real insight to look past the grime of the times and see the truth, the beauty that exists everywhere. maybe it’s in the small things, the unimportant little things that we find truth and beauty, where we must place our beliefs.

    By Claire on 12.10.2010

  11. when i saw your face, now I’m, a believer…
    shouldn’t have to take seeing someone’s face to believe
    real faith is when you believe without seeing
    when you can do that with a human being though,
    that is when you yourself has let go of what the current earth requires

    By Miriam Hernandez on 12.10.2010

  12. I am a believer. This is the first thing that comes to mind upon seeing that word. This is confusing, however, as I am not a believer, at least I would not consider myself to be one. I’ve never thought of myself as a believer. I believe in no religions, no personal creeds or motto, I am malleable. I do not believe. No, this is not true.

    By William Dell on 12.10.2010

  13. Church, a person who has faith, God, involuntary, trust, trustworthy, a dreamer who never stops dreaming. Someone high, top, good, nothing stops me. Knowledgeable.

    By Ainatar URL on 12.10.2010

  14. I believe. I believe in life, and death… but death… what happens after that? Do you go to heaven or hell, do you reincarnate, or are you just a corpse? I am about to find l out. I’m done with the never ending routine of life, I’m ready to die.

    By GertrudeTheAwesome on 12.10.2010