June 7th, 2014 | 69 Entries

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69 Entries for “believer”

  1. “I am a believer!” he sang in the car. “I don’t know~ the rest of the lyrics! But I’m a believer!”
    “Shut it,” I said. “You just killed a person. You aren’t a believer, you’re a murderer.”
    “But I believe that I left no trace behind.”
    “Whatever,” I said as I pulled into a cemetery. “Just look for a freshly dug grave and we’ll bury him there.”

    By Susan Rother URL on 06.07.2014

  2. “Maybe a ghost did it, Jack.” Zoe tried her hardest to be serious, but her brown eyes glittered with excitement as she stifled a grin.

    Jack rolled his eyes, but couldn’t hide his own smile. “Oh, please. You think ghosts are real? You’re a believer of that sort of stuff?”

    She shrugged. “Not really, but it could happen! I dunno.” She swung her legs back and forth. “I just think Marcus is trying to tarnish your reputation.”

    He nodded. “Yeah, same here. Look, let’s quit talking about all this grim stuff. How about we get some—”

    “Ice cream!” Zoe finished for him, laughing and leaping off the swings. Jack chuckled as she dragged him through the park towards his car.

    “I’m your boyfriend, not your chauffeur!” He joked. She rolled her eyes and stopped running, winding her arms around his neck.

    “Whatever, you dork. Come here.” She said before kissing him.

    By AJ Kenobi on 06.07.2014

  3. He walked in trudging along, half grinning despite. He’d expected it all along, he just didn’t expect it to actually happen. A glare and silence in the room proved to be louder than any words could. He finally believed. He believed in nothing

    By whoisrgl on 06.07.2014

  4. I am a believer, a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. I believe that He died on the cross for my sins and has risen from the dead. I’m a believer that He is returning some day soon and will take me away to some beautiful place called Heaven. I am a believer. I am a dreamer. What are you?

    By ShadowPrayers on 06.07.2014

  5. “Yes, I wonder what it is” she said “Wait I am going to move the water around it to get a better view of it”.
    Freedom told her to be careful of the koi fish. Mercy began to move the water towards either side of the pond. She took care to do it slowly trying not to disturb the fish or tear any of the lily pads.
    Freedom began to chuckle “Look at you; we have a Moses in our mists she said sarcastically”.
    “STOP IT” Mercy screamed, “With all we have seen you cannot make fun of my beliefs. There is room for more than just your Wiccan beliefs and the Norse Gods. How do you know Jesus was not the son of one of the Gods like Odin? Maybe the Gods sent him down here to unite the people and stop all the endless violence of the territory wars they were having. Better yet maybe all the Norse Gods answer to a higher God, which is the father of Jesus. You do not know everything. Stop trying to make me doubt my faith. I am believer in Christianity. I may have enough doubt seeing our grandfather who is a Norse God. I have been trying to reconcile what I believe to what I have seen and I do not need you making fun of me. Did you ever think Moses may have been a Wiccan or a Demi God and that is how he got his powers”?
    “Sorry Mercy I will stop teasing you. You believe whatever makes you feel good,” Freedom said. “I love you no matter what you believe”.
    The sisters turned their attentions back the pond and the box that was lying at the bottom of it glowing brightly. Mercy used her telekinesis to move the box to the surface. Freedom looked at the box it had runes on it as well she did not recognize any of them. They touched it carefully, with only an outstretched finger. When they found it to be cool to the touch they tried to open the box. The sisters found they could not.
    “Call grandfather maybe he knows why this box will not open or what these runes are” Freedom said.
    “Why do I have to call him Freedom He loves you and responds when you call him? He said he was just busy last time,” Mercy continued. Excerpt from House of Secrets Saga: Thunder Moon my book.

    By Bethany Herrington on 06.07.2014

  6. What does it really mean to believe in love? Well, I think it means you trust in it, no matter what. It means you never underestimate it, but at the same time never overestimate either. You know the strengths and weaknesses of love, but you believe all the same.

    By Tara on 06.07.2014

  7. I was a believer in the Gods of the advertising world, until one day the truth hit me right in the face. I am responsible for those persons who suffered loss of property from my deceptive words.

    By victor URL on 06.07.2014

  8. I am a believer in the stars. I am a believer in moons and alien planets. I can see their star’s light years after it was fresh for them. Their memories are carried on it, while mine are added to it. Sure, why not.

    By Mara on 06.07.2014

  9. I can feel it. It doesn’t need to be there for me, It doesn’t need to be real. I just feel it. I just have to have a little faith to know it’s there and it will never leave me…Cause it’s my angel And I’m a Believer.

    By Anna on 06.07.2014

  10. I’m a believer
    And maybe that’s my problem
    I know that
    Yeah, he never liked me or likes me
    I was just a distraction for him, I was being used as always
    I always look my worst around him
    I always feel like crap
    I always feel like I want to jump into the nearest garbage disposal and shred away into a string of Nothingness
    Maybe I tried too hard
    Yeah, I tried too hard
    I look like a garbage can…. it sucks and it’s the clear and straight forward obvious truth to me Now
    But maybe just maybe he likes me
    I say this because I have a tiny bit of believer left in me…
    I’m being freaking used

    By Brittany on 06.07.2014

  11. He is the lie within every belief; oh how he hungers, for the tears of the believers

    By Al on 06.07.2014

  12. *sits staring at screen for multiple seconds*… Hey. I don’t really know what to say about that. Beauty is in the eye of the believer I guess… Oh wait… It’s “eye of the beholder” isn’t it… Oh well. Times up.

    By Meeee on 06.07.2014

  13. A lifetime never could prepare me for you.
    The beauty you brought to my life fills my heart like a balloon.
    Never forget the love I have for you.
    Even if times say I won’t greet you soon.

    I’ll be there for you in your time of need.
    I’ll be the key when you need to be freed.
    Just believe in me,
    and I’ll always believe in we.

    By Sylvia E Barham on 06.07.2014

  14. You can consider yourself a believer of anything. You can believe that Swiss, indeed, is the best cheese you can ever have on a sandwich that includes ham as your meat of choice. You can believe that your city should be voted as “Sleaziest on a Wednesday night after Karaoke Hour at Spoon’s” out of every other urban spot on the country’s map. You can believe that God really does prefer a Ford Focus over a Honda Civic. You can believe any of that. It may be silly, but you can believe it, and it can be worth something, from an iota to a tidal wave.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.07.2014

  15. he was always a believer, so he just did things blindly. never asked questions, just believed. until one day she came along and changed everything. he tried to fight it, but she wouldn’t let him. his life became so much more meaningful when he began to ask “why?” he hated it at first, he was so scared of the answers he would get out of life. especially a life with her.

    By Mariana on 06.07.2014

  16. She believes in me, the only one who ever has.
    But all I can think is that, if SHE’S a believer, does that make ME divine?
    ‘Cos that’s how I feel; I’m a goddess in her eyes.
    And, if she can turn me from a lonely thing into something truly divine, than surely she is Heaven itself.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 06.07.2014

  17. I look up to the sky and think of questions.
    Many, many questions.
    I can’t think, I can’t eat, I can’t feel.
    I don’t understand what there is when I look up.
    I know there is space.
    Unlimited space filled with what we know as “space.”
    Does that make me a believer of nothing or of infinite?

    By Jeffrey Tamayo URL on 06.07.2014

  18. i am a believer
    i believe in nothing and everything all in once
    everything is real but yet a dream
    imagination could be reality but at the same time be nothingness

    By Steven Gonzalez on 06.07.2014

  19. Come sleep with me deep
    in the faith that all that’s
    new is the reality
    that is tonight beyond all
    boundaries lies past the
    invisible wall of our doubts

    By James Foster URL on 06.07.2014

  20. He was a very charismatic man, and a powerful preacher, who could see right into your soul and make a believer out of anyone; even the most wretched cynic. But after I saw inside his dressing room before the gathering, and saw what he really believed in; the dream was shattered, the lie exposed, and my soul was lost again.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 06.07.2014

  21. I wasn’t a believer of love until i met him. I never believed in the butterflies in your tummy during the first kiss or the comfort that settles in your bones after spending so much time together…i didnt believe in secret handshakes or inside jokes until i met him.

    By Becky on 06.08.2014

  22. A believer is someone who believes in someone or something. Some say it was created through Jesus when he walked around the world helping others and they started to believe in god up above and some say it was from there worshipers. It shows that some are believers of Justin Bieber or Katy Perry which they mean they are there idols. Be a believer to someone and show that they mean something in life.

    By p8n88 on 06.08.2014

  23. It’s a funny thing, you think: the way belief always sat stale on your tongue, the way it tasted going down, thin wafers and grape juice – Mott’s, the kind your mom bought at the grocery store from time to time. It never tasted as good as at home – one swallow was never enough to quench your thirst.

    By L on 06.08.2014

  24. The way it sat, fragile, on your tongue – dissolving like you imagine tissue paper would, just a mouthful, not even that. And the juice, too – grape juice, Mott’s, the kind your mom bought at the grocery store on hot summer days and brought out when you were done playing, hot and sweaty – one sip, one swallow, and your throat remained parched, burning, as you knelt beneath the cross and closed your eyes.

    By L on 06.08.2014

  25. When you think something is thrue you believe in that. You are a b

    By maria URL on 06.08.2014

  26. when you think one thing is thrue you belive in that. You are a believer.
    Yuo are a bilever too

    By maria URL on 06.08.2014

  27. I’m a believer. That’s what the song says. When life seems helpless it’s the word believer that changes your outlook. Are you a believer? Am I a believer? I’m not sure anymore but I want to be.

    By chulahippie on 06.08.2014

  28. He believed in something. Something called reincarnation. He should know since he saw it happen 2 years ago, when he was working as a nurse in the city hospital.

    By Law on 06.08.2014

  29. Believer.

    A man who believes.

    A woman who believes.

    A ruler who believes.

    A rebel who believes.

    We are all believers in our own rights and what we believe sets us apart from everyone else.

    But most importantly, we have to remember…

    That we are all Believers.

    By exel on 06.08.2014

  30. Believer in Science, only inasmuch as Science can prove what it can measure. Believer in God, inasmuch as He has done, measurably, more than any scientist has ever done for me.

    By Carin on 06.08.2014

  31. I always dreamed about believing what everyone else believed in. Santa, fairies, trolls, even happiness, sadly. Believing isn’t seeing because I see people being truly happy and I don’t believe it. Why can’t I feel like them? The real smile, the laughs that can be heard from a thousand of miles away. But maybe, just maybe, they are faking it. Not everyone is happy.

    By Tracey on 06.08.2014

  32. I don’t believe in the fantasy emotions that everyone else feels. I don’t ever want to be a believer of all the emotions that no one actualy believes in.

    By TJ Alvi on 06.08.2014

  33. “He’s one of those odd types, you know that believes in evolution and all that sort of thing,” quipped my Aunt to her sister, referring to my husband as though he weren’t sitting across from us at the dinner table.

    “Aunt Marie, quiet!” I hissed, giving her a pinch on the arm. “I’m a believer in evolution too, you know. Do you think I’m odd, your own flesh and blood? Stop talking about Jerry. He hasn’t done anything to you personally, now has he?”

    She glared at me. “You, of all people, Annaliee, should know your place. You weren’t raised to be such a disrespectful child…”

    I rolled my eyes and bit my tongue. Of all the places to live, why here?

    By Blue Iris on 06.08.2014

  34. “I am a believer,” she said. “But I believe in hope, not fear. I believe in moving forward, not cringing back. And I believe that life is stronger than any magic.”

    By mrsmig on 06.08.2014

  35. she once was a believer, until the day she fell in the love with the reverends daughter.

    he sensed the growing attraction between the two girls and organised for his daughter to be sent away.

    she believed in her heart of hearts they’d find each other again

    By visageegasiv on 06.08.2014

  36. I’m no believer, believing requires a great deal of concentration and that, for me, is a difficult task. I prefer to simply follow knowledge until it’s limits and when I reach that particular desolate shore I stare out and wonder.

    By shb on 06.08.2014

  37. oh, yeah, i believe. wholeheartedly. i have seen it with my own eyes, that’s why. if you haven’t seen it then i guess you would be skeptical.

    By Lee on 06.08.2014

  38. I don’t need you to make me believe. I am already a believer. I believe in things you can’t imagine. I believe in spirits, in dark magic and in fate. If you don’t – fine. But don’t hate me for believing, because I am a believer. That’s just how it is.

    By Julia on 06.08.2014

  39. I don’t go to church very often but consider myself to be a believer in some form of a god.

    By Alexandra on 06.08.2014

  40. I’m a strong believer in hot potato.
    Yes, HOT POTATO.

    By Seleem Gaber on 06.08.2014