June 7th, 2014 | 69 Entries

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69 Entries for “believer”

  1. It was hard to believe in something when you were like him. The pain he had endured his life was unimaginable, terrible, absolutely horrendous. So, of course, getting a coffee had become another horrendous experience in his horrendous life.

    Until he met the barista.

    By Andrea on 06.08.2014

  2. Believe. Are you a believer? Do you know what it’s like to believe?
    To have faith in something so important to you that it may help you to feel at ease?
    An escape, a reliance, whatever it may be.
    Something to believe in, possibly humanity.
    Are you a believer?
    Because I know I am.
    Believer I am. Believer I stand.

    By AfroLe Kendrick URL on 06.08.2014

  3. A believer, a thinker, a prover. If a believer believes enough does that make him a thinker? Will he set out to prove what he believes the same way the thinker will set out to prove what he thinks? Or does the believer found his belief on more abstract ideals such as faith?

    By Joe Queen on 06.08.2014

  4. I believe in many contradicting things. I believe in books, but I don’t believe in staying inside and reading them all day. I believe in education, but I don’t believe in most teachers. I don’t even know how hard it would be to be a teacher, I’m sure it is extremely difficult. But still, it’s an important job, the most important job.

    By Lucy on 06.08.2014

  5. I am Catholic. And I so much want to be a believer in God. But if God truly exists, why does so much bad happen to good people? Why is there world hunger? Why is there poverty? Why is there cancer and disease? If there is such a thing as God, and we are his children, why does he let us suffer? That is what I don’t believe; that you would purposely let your children suffer. A real parent would do everything in their power to make sure their children are safe and protected from all harm. And that is why I don’t think I can believe that there is such a thing as God…

    By Annick on 06.08.2014

  6. “true love doesn’t exist,” levi murmurs to himself as he holds eren’s gaze for a few moments longer. the boy– the monster, with its unseeing golden eyes and enormous teeth only grunts, fingers twitching as if it were resisting the urge to squeeze levi.

    “you hear me, eren? true love doesn’t exist.”

    with that, levi closes his eyes, leans in, presses his lips to the giant’s teeth (where lips oughta be).

    when he opens his eyes, there’s a bright-eyed boy with green eyes grinning at him.

    “joke’s on you, levi. i guess it does.”

    By heartful on 06.08.2014

  7. Make change, say names, hit stages, stake claims
    I’ll make you a believer yeah, I’ll make you play for fame
    If you ever hear that it’s a breeze, make peace
    With the fact that your heart rate could cease
    And that you’ll never feel more alive in any other game

    By GTMD on 06.08.2014

  8. Du glaubst,
    du hoffst,
    du zweifelst,
    du suchst,
    du verlierst,
    du musst ihn finden-
    deinen Glauben.

    By Anuri URL on 06.08.2014

  9. If she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, it would have been dismissed like a story her nephew blabbered while in the car. It would be a child’s fantasy, a daydream thought up by someone who had yet to understand reality. Had yet to understand that the superheroes and monsters they read about weren’t real.

    If only she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes.

    By nicole. on 06.08.2014

  10. believer. what a simple thing this could be, there are many ways of executing this as a figment of reality. are you a believer in all things thought of? or do you simply want to believe in what could be and what you could do?

    By Becki on 06.08.2014

  11. Begin again. Start from scratch. Give up, find something new. You believed in her once, you will find a new person to put all of your stock into like you did this last one. You’ve done it once, you can do it again. And again. And again. You are a believer. That’s what you do. You believe. If nothing else, nothing at all… you believe.

    By Claire on 06.08.2014

  12. I am a believer. Or at least I once was. I believed I could be better than best, and stronger than strong. Failing tore that down a bit. So am I still a believer? Because I feel like my walls have been ripped down by an ugly monster forcing me to run away from what I’ve always believed. So how can I be?

    By DayDreamin' Fool URL on 06.08.2014

  13. you light the distance of shadows
    reflections of state of being nothing
    a quiet laugh in a calm moment
    a storm that rains fiery breaths
    if i was a believer would you come to save me
    or would you let me drown in blissful apathy?

    By matt m on 06.08.2014

  14. Sitting near the back of the cathedral, Rayanne knew she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. She slunk down as far in the pew as she could, without actually sliding onto the floor and prayed no one would notice her. A believer slid into the pew beside her and she squinted at the floor as if looking for something.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 06.08.2014

  15. It’s a insult
    To intelligence

    An ignorant
    Blind faith

    They call you believer
    And then shroud you in shame

    By Sarah on 06.08.2014

  16. She never believed in anything. The trail of broken hearts (all hers, of course) were evidence of her betrayals. Every friend she ever had hurt her in some way, so she preferred to be alone rather than to face the same inevitability again. But then, when she was finally given a chance to escape, she felt as though she finally had something to believe in.

    By Eddy on 06.08.2014

  17. I am a believer. I believe in God, in family, friends, love and faith. I believe laughter is the best pos==

    By kitkat on 06.08.2014

  18. She was steadfast in her conviction. Something I never was. Something I never will be. And I really hated it because it was all or nothing with her, all the time. No in between. No grey areas. But sometimes grey is mucky and you need stark black and white to know when to draw the line.

    By Nicole on 06.08.2014

  19. she was a believer
    and she didn’t know that she would meet a boy who changed it all
    when she started getting to know him better, they would be together all of the time
    they would lay down and look at the clouds, one telling the other what it looked like to them
    they would take turns riding his electric scooter
    always telling stories, secrets, dreams
    it was a beautiful thing
    they would play tag, just the two of them; tackling each other to the ground
    the winner gets to kiss the loser on the cheek, of course
    he always let her win
    they would play games on her phone, the recurring one being fruit ninja where their fingers would skim for that brief moment; it was a feeling like no other
    they could communicate with glances, and always knew what the other was feeling
    they would know how to cheer each other up
    he would come and they would lay together at the darkest and quietest of night
    she was eating ice cream while sobbing in her room? he was there in seconds
    the light was on in her room at twelve thirty? there with her, for her, always
    enjoying eachothers company was all they wanted
    dreaming of a world where being together was forever; loved what they had
    then she woke up

    By Delilah on 06.08.2014

  20. Faith ful and trusting knowing a truth that can’t fail persistent and consistent, seeking and perceiving love from God and in people.

    By Anna on 06.08.2014

  21. I decided then and there that I would always be a believer. A believer of dreams, love ant first sight, and beautiful things.

    By Rachel on 06.08.2014

  22. “Are you a believer?”

    She was tired of hearing the question. She no longer humored them with an answer. But the truth is is that she didn’t know how she would answer if she was going to respond truthfully. Sometimes, doesn’t it just feel better to believe?

    By asavas on 06.08.2014

  23. “I’ve never seen and I cannot i hear you
    but they say that you are everywhere
    do you ever talk? what do you do?
    How can i know you are there?”

    By metom on 06.08.2014

  24. I was a believer. Then it hit me, like the dawn would strike the morrow. I was only a believer because they were believers too, the people in my social circle all around me. If they weren’t there, would I truly believe?
    I no longer felt so sure. And I was certain that should I test it, I would find out an ugly truth about why.

    By Dagarat on 06.08.2014

  25. 信者。それは僕のことを以前さしていた言葉である。その言葉は、今の僕とは檀前に適応できない概念を用いることで、殺しに来ている感じだった。苦しい。

    By Dagarat on 06.08.2014

  26. I am a believer in science. A believer is someone who has convinced themselves of something, anything. I believe in a religion, a lifestyle, a person, a thought ect. this is a deep topic, and I’m too high to get into it.

    By Larri on 06.08.2014

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    By No One on 06.08.2014

  28. I’m a believer in faith, in beauty, in everything. I believe that what we believe is what we are. What we believe comes true. Every thought you think, every word you speak, has the ability to unfold before you. YOU can make this life what you want to make it. And so can I. I believe in us. And I believe in the world.

    By rokstarbabe URL on 06.09.2014

  29. Each morning I pull myself from the depths of my blankets, and slowly put on my clothes. My senses slowly catch up with time as I sip my sweet morning coffee. I like to have 3 teaspoons of sugar, ssshhh. The world is still asleep.

    By Ben on 06.09.2014