August 13th, 2012 | 305 Entries

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305 Entries for “banks”

  1. Banks have done nothing but frustrate me the last few weeks. Didn’t use my card for a few weeks so they canceled it because they thought it was stolen but it wasn’t. Then I had to wait for a new one which wouldn’t even work because the pin was wrong. The pin is never wrong. The pin is my birthday and there is no way I could forget my birthday because it’s all I’ve been thinking about lately!

    By Corina URL on 08.14.2012

  2. Banks are accepted as the place for adults and Liz couldn’t help but wonder if she would ever feel comfortable entering one, or if she would ever know what she was doing in one.

    By April on 08.14.2012

  3. My mother works at a bank, they got robbed by some men with pellet guns, of course when it’s being pointed at you through a pocket, it’s hard to recognize it’s only a pellet gun. At any rate, she didn’t die, and she still works at that bank, haven’t had another robbery since.

    By Casey the male on 08.14.2012

  4. banks are not very fun. occasionally they get robbed. there are robbers everywhere in masks, usually they are black. there are also river banks with beavers all over them up and down and across and besides building dams, but only occasionally. i have money in a bank.
    i dont know how much money i have saved up though, probabaly not much because i dont have a job at the moment. whoops oh well what the hell am i to do. there are too many corrupt banks around here anyways, i’ll use my piggy banks like the old days.

    By Mila on 08.14.2012

  5. I stepped on the river banks. I was soaked wet by the blue rushing river. My clothes were dripping wet but I was more concentrated on the forest I had gone. It was so green and there was a soft rustling of the leaves. The smell was indescribable since it had its original forest scent.

    By Rawr means I love you URL on 08.14.2012

  6. banks are where money is kept. food banks remind me of clothing drives which are the only good banks. banks are corporations. banks sound like bangles. banks are where big business guys go with their big breifcases and do money transfers and deposits and what not. banks are helpful and damaging all at the same time

    By Emma on 08.14.2012

  7. the banks had taken everything. nothing was left but empty poverty. the government closed its doors. britta would do something about it if it killed her. she would buy her family out of debt, whatever it took.

    By Anna Morin on 08.14.2012

  8. Bank are entities where customers have accounts. These Accounts can be used to deposit or withdraw money by the customers. There are different kinds of accounts based on the number of years stored, rate of interest offered.

    By s on 08.14.2012

  9. the banks have power to eat your face, they love the feeling of torturing the youth. banking is fun only when you are old. torture is fun only when you are old. if you have a bank you are old.

    By La on 08.14.2012

  10. She flopped on the sand and panted, trying to catch her breath. Her brain was telling her she couldn’t stay there. The banks of the river wasn’t safe. Kay needed to run. Her trembling fingers went to the wounds at her neck and she winced. Tears swam in her eyes. Why didn’t he stop?

    By Meghan Burke URL on 08.14.2012

  11. this is the second time writing about bankns
    banks have money
    i dont have a lot of it
    money buys stuff
    stuff like a phone, a hair straightner
    rachana has a hair straightner
    i want one too
    my mom works in a bank
    i dont understand how banks work
    the place is shabby

    By Roshni on 08.14.2012

  12. The banks of the river are so dried up. We need more rain to let their beauty shine through.
    The banks are not open. They have closed all their doors. The money has run out. What shall we do.

    By teeda URL on 08.14.2012

  13. banks are scary to me because I am not so great with money and I think the people that work in them are stuffy and judgmental. I think money is just a tool in order to survive, I don’t think it’s something to have a realtionship with or to strive so desperately for.

    By Rebecca Platt on 08.14.2012

  14. Ich betrat diese eine Bank, als ich plötzlich merkte, dass der Geldautomat gar nicht mehr ging. Also machte ich mich auf zu der nächsten Bank. Die hatte zu. Wie viele Banken sollte ich denn noch aufsuchen? Ich fuhr die ganze Zeit mit der U-Bahn. Was für ein harter Alltag. Dabei wollte ich doch nur fünfzig Euro. Tja, so ist es halt.

    By Izzy on 08.14.2012

  15. Her banks were loaded with foreign currency such as she had never had before. Her hands were filled with gold and gems and her neck ringed by countless jewels. She had never had such wealth as she saw now, but it satisfied her not. There was too much and not enough. How could she use all of this? How could she not? It was too much for one person and yet she craved more.

    By Mairead URL on 08.14.2012

  16. The banks of the river collapsed under the pressure of the river. The flooding that year was the worst that had been seen in 50 years. Too much development upstream had robbed the land of the ability to retain water, and come spring, all the melt dumped into the rivers and damaged them.

    By Jane on 08.14.2012

  17. From the bridge over the Elbe river, you watch the green banks undulate as far as the eye can see. A few angels top the buildings, sparse reminders of a city that incinerated its beauty.

    By Bonnie on 08.14.2012

  18. Although there is always the doubt at the back of our mind that something might go wrong, you’re safe, locked up, surrounded by protection. I’ll only use you when I need you because you’re too valuable to be near me.

    By Bekah on 08.14.2012

  19. corrupt corporations
    money holders
    should have failed
    where is all my money?
    where has it gone?
    the banks keep it hidden
    and it’s moved away before for too long

    By Danielle on 08.14.2012

  20. There’s no way to tell who banks there. The doors are concealed behind the ATM machine. It could be anyone, or noone at all.

    By jasontx on 08.14.2012

  21. are so stuffy when you walk inside and there’s all this open space, but the tellers stare at you and you fill out your slip and the feeling of all that space seizes you in their stare.. i want to run and scream, there is never music, always quiet and the stares.

    By Whitney on 08.14.2012

  22. Banks are evil in the fact that there is so much extra baggage. Interest rates and overdrafts. Why can’t you just hold on to my money for me and when I want it, I get it. If I don’t have the money in my account to buy something then don’t let me. Simple as that. I feel as though life would be so much easier if banks just held on to our money and nothing else. I’ve had such bad experiences with the banks that I’m almost positivie I’m going to just start keeping cash. That way I can SEE my money. I always know how much I do or don’t have.

    By Corina Briseno on 08.14.2012

  23. Banks are quiet. Each person waits in line; alone with their own thoughts. Banks are a very procedural place.

    By Nina Tessin on 08.14.2012

  24. veer the edge of the river
    bank at the bank
    Until your body sweeps right and
    Left to the currents of you sprint

    By gsk URL on 08.14.2012

  25. She banks on others’ uninformed decisions. The graphics and numbers that make the statistics cannot go wrong. Oh well, they may point to awry direction if you don’t read them carefully. But not for her, elisa walsh, the member of Y elite economist. They are an open book under her glance and combine with her expertise to ask the right questions, they are a deadly weapon. An efficient machine gun ready to be wielded anytime in this floor war and she has stock of ammunition to boot. The youngest women in the history of this company to make partner in less than four year, elisa carry with her long list of clients, partners, associates, and gleaming track records on trading. Enough to secure her position for as long as she is willing to stay.
    She knows that everyone knows her routine and timing. Perfect life, safe choice, impeccable history. Just as she is sure that no one just knows who she really is. In the end, trading always involves some risk. She just doesn’t take hers on her job.

    By fadetosilence on 08.14.2012