August 12th, 2012 | 261 Entries

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261 Entries for “concept”

  1. I already did this once damn it. Your site is annoying in this way. What a crappy conception to make one fill out stupid user names. I don’t like that concept at all. Can one conceptualize an easier way to do this?

    By sj on 08.13.2012

  2. It isn’t just a foggy notion in my brain. I’m sure of it… and just because I’ve been too afraid to express it up until this point doesn’t mean it lacks certainty. Love is more than a concept, and I can’t apologize for how it affects me.

    By asavas on 08.13.2012

  3. There are many concepts in the world. Man hasn’t found every little concept God has given.

    “GOOOOOSH…. My head is hurting from all this philosophy,” my friend said.
    “Shush. It’s interesting,” I said.
    “Whatever,” my friend rolled her eyes.

    By Rawr means I love you URL on 08.13.2012

  4. the thought never entered my mind.
    i have no idea what to say.
    and that right there is a concept on it’s own.
    isn’t it?

    By Dominique on 08.13.2012

  5. abstract, anything, dictionary, study, science, memory, definition, it says as, meaning,

    By Ale T on 08.13.2012

  6. “Will you marry me?”
    Thoughts exploded through my mind, bright fireworks and dark blood mingling in my synapses. The concept of marriage had always alarmed me. Tying myself to someone else till death do us part? And yes, I know there’s always divorce, but really? If I say those words, they’ll always have been said. Communication is not something you can take back. They would trap me. Always. Forever. What if I said them and didn’t mean it? I can think of few worse fates…

    By Mairead URL on 08.13.2012

  7. the concetp of what might become was not clear to him. He had always done it diffenrentle but now was willing to try it diferently. Then he looked out the window and saw her.

    By Pablo on 08.13.2012

  8. i have no concept of what college will be like, only the ideas that have been seeded in my brain from the movies and the stories of those who have gone before me. I am a little nervous and a little excited. I don’t have to do what other people want, its my college experience–I’ll make what I want of it.

    By matt on 08.13.2012

  9. concept is an idea. when you want to develop anything to start you must have a concept. like with any building that is erected to keep it in place it must have a foundation. a concept is like a foundation.

    By pixiepip on 08.13.2012

  10. A concept. What is the definition? An abstract idea. A general notion. A thought that is given to us by others. Explanation. Life. Explain it to me. Tell me the concept. Get up and GO. Give me the concept, the idea, the usual instinct. Share it. Loosen up. Lose the idea. Find it again. GET LOST. Find your way back, with all but one concept in your head.

    By Holly on 08.13.2012

  11. my hands are peaches, bruised
    from the marble.
    looking for you in the
    shape, and chipping
    at the parts that
    aren’t you.
    tomorrow, when i
    kiss you, your
    lips will give.

    By isa on 08.13.2012

  12. concept is a conceptual idea concerning concepts of conception. some people are very constipated about concepts that they have developed.

    By moushka on 08.13.2012

  13. An idea.

    By me ross on 08.13.2012

  14. Concept threw me. Concept cars, the concept of writing each day. I feel like I should quit and start all over again as I can’t seem to think quickly enough on my feel to conceptualize these words, and turn them into thoughts. I guess I’ll see that improve.

    By Jane on 08.13.2012

  15. the concept of this is still foreign to me. i am unaware of what exactly i am supposed to be doing, but isn’t that the way life works anyway? completely unaware of what exactly we’re doing here… the point of it all.. the concept of life, it’s all so unconceptual.

    By Jessica DaCosta on 08.13.2012

  16. The idea’s quite obscene
    I cannot know what you’re planning when you don’t even tell me
    But from what I’ve heard, you’re out of my mind
    Banish the thought before it breaks you
    Infinity on high

    By hollymarie on 08.13.2012

  17. An idea to grasp with your minds hand, and interpret through inspection under a fragile lens we call self.

    By Forrest on 08.13.2012

  18. I try not to let the concept of artworks elude me. It’s the pivotal point – the reason the artist endured the pain to make it and share it. What is the writer/director/painter trying to convey? What do I see in it? How does it make me feel? Any solid work of art can stand up to these kinds of questions.

    By dan URL on 08.13.2012

  19. concepts of fitness. conceptual thinker thinking unlaid plans undone plans misunderstanding thoughts idea unlikely improbable

    By Maria on 08.13.2012

  20. I’m not even sure you really know what that word means. INCONCEIVABLE!!!

    Concept. An idea. Always true due to it’s nature as an imaginative idea. Ideas cannot be proved wrong until submitted to practice. It is the beginning of a thought process.

    By Vili Ve on 08.13.2012

  21. appel
    oh i was suposed to write sentances?

    By chriss on 08.13.2012