July 12th, 2012 | 308 Entries

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308 Entries for “bandages”

  1. sticky, icky, gooey, dirty, itchy, hurty bandages. I hate you on my wrist. I hate the way you leave a mark on me where you came unstuck. I hate the fact you’re only ever there when things go wrong. Seldom do you come around to ask how I am. You wretched little bandages.

    By Charelle URL on 07.13.2012

  2. When I was younger I was the biggest tomboy ever! I was always slipping and falling and in need of bandages. I would only allow my mother to put cartoon bandages on me because I didn’t like plain ones.

    By Brittney Weihe on 07.13.2012

  3. He couldn’t stop picking at them, though he knew that the blood was still coalescing into coagulated scabs beneath the excessively layered bandages. It itched. She said that meant it was healing but all he could think presently was that it was annoying. The wounds would heal fine without them.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 07.13.2012

  4. I have never worn bandages. I have never gotten hurt. Well, that’s not completely true. Once I fell while I was skating in the rain, which was not really clever, I have to admit.

    By Thaís URL on 07.13.2012

  5. Why would she be scared? So I had to explain to my brother that A had been watching them for a long time. Breaking into their houses and all that jazz. I turned it off tonight and got scared going up the stairs. But the sun is up now.

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 07.13.2012

  6. Rip it off in one go, just like a bandage. Leave him. Go. Don’t waste your time thinking about “what if’s” – it’s not the way you were meant to live your life.

    By Melanie URL on 07.13.2012

  7. He cut off the end of the bandage and secured it into place on his flatmate’s wrist, and hummed. “Well, that should do for now John, but you really should get it checked at St Barts when you can.”
    “I said I was fine, Sherlock!” John barked. Sherlock jumped slightly, which made John sigh and give him an apologetic look. But, really, he’d been asking the man if he was alright every 5 minutes since he’d injured himself on that glass from the broken window! They’d been in worse scrapes during their cases together. “Its nothing, really. I’m fine.”
    “What is?” His flatmate replied wearily.
    “Doctors really do make the worst patients.” John looked at him for a moment, and then started to laugh. Sherlock smiled at him, as he passed into the kitchen. Whenever John was injured, was one of the only times he ever got a cup of tea from the consulting detective.

    By bethisabee URL on 07.13.2012

  8. Bandages reminds me of band aids. My sister has an unhealthy band aid obsession. She has superhero band aids, mustaches, and pickles. Wouldn’t it be cool if band aids could display your mood? So you knew if you hurt someone whether they forgave you or not. I think that would be cool.

    By Megan on 07.13.2012

  9. Bandages are something I am quite familiar with. Me being the clumsiest person to ever trip around this planet, bandages are a common sight in my house. As a child, the most wonderful bandages were the kind with cartoon or movie characters. Perhaps all the adults should wear these. Then maybe they would smile more.

    By MD on 07.13.2012

  10. i cut my finger last night so my boyfriend put some bandages on it.

    By avril doyle on 07.13.2012

  11. With her heart racing, she approached the dying, bloody soldiers with a basket of cotton bandages. Only two were able to move their eyes to acknowledge her.
    After a quick visual inspection she methodically created her list. Those able to move first, those breathing next, the expired will have the last of her attention.

    By Trudy on 07.13.2012

  12. Where should I place a bandage for maximum effect? Lucilia thought as she Mickey Mouse-Goofy band-aid in her hand. How about diagonally, over her cheeks?

    By Holden URL on 07.13.2012

  13. “Bandages on my legs and my arms for you.” Yup, the first thing that came to mind about bandages was the song from hot hot heat. On a different note, there are varying sorts of bandages in life, not just for wounds but for life’s little nits as well.

    By Karla URL on 07.13.2012

  14. bandages, they don’t heal the pain. they just hide the scars. i still feel it tho. hide it but can’t conceal it.

    By ndizzot on 07.13.2012

  15. Bandages cant fix a broken leg, they cant fix a muscle tear, they cant fix your mind, and they cant fix your heart. The only thing that can is time, and proper treatment, and i haven’t been treating my self very well lately. Maybe ill never heal? maybe i don’t want to.

    By Mellanie N. Covell URL on 07.13.2012

  16. He looked so ragged and so innocent at the same time, in the dim light of the makeshift aid-station. His bandages were dirty and bloody, but his eyes were blue and hopeful. Maybe they would send him home. Maybe he will forget. Maybe…..

    By Alex and the Dancing Monkeys URL on 07.13.2012

  17. one time i fell off my bicicle and DANG. It hurt. Blood everywhere. I ran inside, which to a tidy parent is like the 11th plague. Johnson and Johnson were also there. They gave me multiple bandages.

    By Kevin on 07.13.2012

  18. Are what helps us heal and sometimes makes it hurt even more.

    By Sergent BuzzkiLL URL on 07.13.2012

  19. i collect a lot of bandages. they have different prints, colors, and shape. my favorite is the heart shape with polkadot prints. i collect them since i was a little kid. i think it’s fun to collect them.

    By Sherlyn on 07.13.2012

  20. His eyes were leaking the smallest amount of warm tears, as he whimpered and curled in on himself. His mother, a pretty 30-something, lovingly placed a bandage on the scraped, dirty knee. The boy sniffed and looked up sheepishly at his mother, who grinned and ruffled his hair.

    By Erin on 07.13.2012

  21. bandages are so helpful, especially when you get hurt. They are used by everyone who is hurt or has a wound. DOctors often reccomend using banages for open wounds just so they don’t get infected. It is also useful and good for the skin cause the, we

    By Akshita canchi on 07.13.2012

  22. Her bandages held secrets that none could understand, least of all her. They whispered in the night as she tossed and turned in her sleep, mewling in pain that she caused herself. During the day, they were silent, but their silence spoke volumes as they watched the world pass them by wondering at humanity. It was an odd life to live as bandage and carrier and neither was truly comfortable with their role.

    By Mairead URL on 07.13.2012

  23. This blood gushed everywhere and nobody could see a way of stopping it. There couldn’t be anyone within 10 miles and no form of transportation to bring those people closer. There was one decision to make and the remaining five knew right away what the answer was, so they shot him. Of course there was no saving him and there was no question that they Would put him over a fire and have dinner once he was dead. Therefore, the only thing that made sense to do was put him out of his misery and have an early dinner. An early dinner is always preferred when you become used to having no dinner at all.

    By M.J. Hutchison on 07.13.2012

  24. bandages is the only word that i get on this website which kinda really sucks but they are very helpful when you get a wound or a cut. I loose bandages very often and tend to borrow or just take from people very often.

    By akay URL on 07.13.2012

  25. The soliders desperately tried to wrap the bandages around the privates bleeding leg, to no avail. Bleeding on the ground he looked up at all the people he had come to love and knew it was time to let go.

    By Gillian on 07.13.2012

  26. every kid loves to get one for boo boo’s. Nothing looks nastier than a used bandage. They are easily removed,therefore there’s always a danger of seeing a used one.

    By meflint on 07.13.2012

  27. ouch bandages are for bloody knees and stings from bees. haha that rhymed. this is weird. bandages come in different patterns i like the cartoon ones at the doctors office

    By Savannah on 07.13.2012

  28. No, a boy couldn’t fix a bandages that he made it a years or a minutes ago. Because when a girl is broken, she couldn’t trust the one that broke her heart. Never, again.

    By Fadhila Khairunnisa on 07.13.2012

  29. The soldiers all gathered around their dying friend. Desperately trying to wrap bandages around his wound. There was nothing they could do. The dying man looked up at the friends he had come to love and trust and said goodbye.

    By Gillian Lee URL on 07.13.2012

  30. I wonder what type of bandages we would need to fix our bigger problems. Problems from the pain of love, guilt, loss. What types of bandages would those be?

    By Julie-Anne on 07.13.2012

  31. Personally I don’t have much experience with bandages, I was always a careful child. Their connotations scare me really – harm, injury…nothing pleasant at all. Hospitals also come to mind. I hate hospitals. They remind me of my near death experience.

    By Iona Moss URL on 07.13.2012

  32. I don’t have a lot of experience with bandages, I was always an incredibly careful child. I rarely needed them. They hold connotations of hospitals though, which I do not like at all. Hospitals remind me of my near death experience which I would much rather forget. Here’s hoping I’ll never need a bandage in the future.

    By Iona Moss URL on 07.13.2012

  33. Wrapping the bandages around his arm, the sense of regret and foolishness set in. “There’s another scar to add to the collection,” he thought. “Will I ever learn?”

    By Jason D on 07.13.2012

  34. Girls just need any bandages whenever boys broke their hearts. I don’t know why it hurts so bad when it doesn’t even bleed. That’s called broken heart. And you know, that’s sucks a lot!

    By Fadhila Khairunnisa URL on 07.13.2012

  35. “Ouch! Stop pulling so hard! I’m an injured person here!” Alan cried out in pain.

    Stella rolled her eyes, “Well, that’s too bad. It’s your own fault for not listening to me!”

    Stella tugged harder at Alan’s injured arm and took the bandages, getting ready to wrap his injury. Suddenly, she realised the close proximity between her and him and she stopped what she was doing, being unable to catch her breath.

    By Petrina on 07.13.2012

  36. The bandages did little to stop the pain that throbbed from the deep laceration of her forearm. She couldn’t believe that it had actually gotten this bad. The beatings. That’s all they used to be…but she knew that this time he had been a little more drunk and a little more angry. Now she would always have a scar from the knife that he pulled on her.

    By Savvy URL on 07.13.2012

  37. I didn’t know what to say at first… no, I didn’t know what to THINK at first. All I could do was stare with eyes as wide as the moon. He still wore that white suit, kept crisp and clean even after all these years, but that’s not what shocked me. Not even the fact that he was in a wheelchair. What I couldn’t stop staring at was his face; half of it was concealed by bandages that wrapped around his forehead, and the visible part where I could see the smile that I knew so well. Despite everything that happened, it was one of the things that never changed.

    By Rie URL on 07.13.2012

  38. Bandages come in all shapes and sizes… Not all are made of plastic and gauze.

    Be a bandadge.

    By Michael URL on 07.13.2012

  39. The girl stumbles in through the doorway, staring at me, gauze falling off of her. The bandages cover her features, her beautiful face, so she looks inhuman.

    But her voice sounds the same as she speaks. “Why aren’t you sorry?”

    By Equals Dee on 07.13.2012

  40. Bandages are to protect wounds and to keep out the bad things or the hurt. Bandages can simply be the brown fabric with adhesive on the back to cover a small cut, they can be the large bandages used in the hospital, or they can be theoretical bandages. A bandage could be someone or something that is there to protect you and keep the hurt away.

    By Sam URL on 07.13.2012