July 12th, 2012 | 308 Entries

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308 Entries for “bandages”

  1. use to take care of ill persons with cuts
    they can be placed neatly on cuts
    sometimes they look scary depending on the injury
    I hate to have a bandage

    By ursula Edwin on 07.13.2012

  2. many women using bandages but in fact bandages is one proof of habits a women seem her problems

    By annisaikrima on 07.13.2012

  3. Bandages are used in first aid practices. Often when someone has a small injury such as a cut or burn, it can be protected from infection by placing a bandage over the wound.

    By Alyx on 07.13.2012

  4. If you hurt yourself a bandage will help heal the cut. You can buy them in most shops and chemists too. If you’ve cut yourself and are bleeding they are very helpful, like if you fall off a bike. They can also be used if you sprain your wrist or ankle to heal it heal.

    By Ciara McDonnell on 07.13.2012

  5. Another night, another demise,
    Cadaverous wind blowing cold as ice
    I’ll let the wind blow out the light
    cause its gets more painful every time i take my bandages off.

    By Twix on 07.13.2012

  6. It was time to remove these bandages that served as restraints from my reaching the full potential locked inside my limbs. I’ve been waiting months, and going over this moment so many times, like I’ve been living in the suspense and can’t remember any other feeling.

    By Ruben URL on 07.13.2012

  7. bandages are used to protect wounds, it starts with a b and rhymes with andages, its very useful and almost everyone has them, doctors have them and they are important.

    By taline on 07.13.2012

  8. I cut myself. it hurt. so now i have a bandage. Its a peculiar thing with birds on it. it makes me a little sad. it it doesn’t matter. my life sucks anyway. i don’t think a bird bandage is going to change anything.

    By Celia Anderson on 07.13.2012

  9. bandages wrapped around his head. smirk darting across dirty cheeks. I knew that smirk. he had a plan. this was going to work. it always worked. it had to work. it had to.

    By Brooke on 07.13.2012

  10. The man looked at is bandages and sighed. It was another day in the hospital after one of his daredevil aeroplane rides across the wide open cliffs of the Himalayas. No one else did what he did, that was, missing sheer rock faces by millimeters in his little home made aeroplane. It was a pity it kept breaking down. The man looked at the nurse who had her back turned. He ripped off the bandages and winced in agony. He loved to feel the pain of his actions; he loved to know that everything he did had a consequence and that he always experienced them to the fullest. He was a strange man, but it takes a strange man to risk his life every day for a thrill. Well, not exactly strange. Maybe RECKLESS might be a better word. Or DRIVEN. But the man was also very narcissistic. He thought he was the coolest guy on the planet

    By Rebekah on 07.13.2012

  11. Is there any other words on this website besides ‘bandages’?

    By Rebekah on 07.13.2012

  12. have masked lies more than you could imagine. Just put it on any part of your body and you’d get sympathy whether deserved or not.

    By youflymag URL on 07.13.2012

  13. Bandages make me think of wounds. And i don’t like wounds. they’re very scary. It makes me think about getting hurt and I really don’t like pain. I mean it’s the same thing as thinking I don’t like falling but i like climbing things. I don’t know.

    By Stefanie Collatnes on 07.13.2012

  14. There are no bandages for the heart. The heart, when wounded, is an open, exposed wound. But that is what it must be, in order for the one with the right skill and love to hold it together and let it heal itself. The heart cannot be bandaged, for bandages hide the hurt, and love must be open and vulnerable to grow. So let the wound experience the sunlight and there air. Don’t let it hide and fester. The cure to an aching heart is no thing, but a someone.

    By Beana7 on 07.13.2012

  15. Wrap around me. You see nothing. You see no scars or changes. The bandages tighten. they wrap around me until I have no room for feeling. Until I am numbed and the blood has no where to flow. I am defeated and constricted in these dirty, yellowing bandages made of soulless cloth. I am a rotting consciousness fleeing the past and blankly living in the moment.

    By micheline on 07.13.2012

  16. Bandages to cover thee blood
    Bandages to cover the cut,
    Bandages to help heal the wound,
    It all seems so helpful, but…

    Bandages also hide you from the world,
    When your face is all scared and christened as hurt,
    Yet deep down inside you want to break free,
    So tear off the gauze without any disconcert

    By G.E. Thorn on 07.13.2012

  17. I thought he said he was into bondage and was expecting handcuffs. What I didn’t expect was him to be wearing the white coat and to look like a mummy once he had finished with me. Take my advice – never date a first year medical student.

    By egold on 07.13.2012

  18. They stick to me
    It hurts to peel them off. They say quick, like a bandaid. But do they realize that it still hurts about just as much as if they went nice and slow as well? I guess then you don’t draw it out. Make hurt more than it has to.

    By Molly on 07.13.2012

  19. I hate bandages. They are sticky, yucky and get blood on them. I hate how they hurt to take off unless you use oil (gross) or wait until about the 3rd shower you take after receiving said bandage.

    By riley on 07.13.2012

  20. the bandages in my skin are a funny blue color. Its one of the most original bandages ive ever had. I like bandages like this because people take notice of you and know that you are not afraid to take chances in the way you look, i love blue.. BAndages rock! And i can type reallly really fast about bandages but with lots of spelling mistakes. anyway bandages rock and blue is amazing. PEACE OUT! MUAX!!!!

    By maya on 07.13.2012

  21. Bandages are really handy if you’re the person who plagiarized my post from yesterday. Not cool. Get a clue, just write, don’t copy and paste

    By Eileen on 07.13.2012

  22. They only cover outer wounds. The heart and soul are untouched. Copious beauty. Forgiveness. Truer bandage than gauze. Gossamer gauze.

    By diedre on 07.13.2012

  23. I lay in the hospital bed covered in bandages. The pain had receded, in its place was an unbearable numbness of feeling. I could hear voices but didn’t recognize them and couldn’t open my eyes.

    By dan URL on 07.13.2012

  24. they help me when im hurt and i used to like those colourful ones for little kids once i wore a bright purple one to my camp banquet it was awkward…

    By herz URL on 07.13.2012

  25. Who puts bandages on emotional wounds?

    By vanhaydu URL on 07.13.2012

  26. I stuck a bandage over my finger. I wanted to stick another one on, but I felt like I would be wasting them, but it hurt so much. I felt like dying. Fuck. Bandages can’t fix me.

    By Annika on 07.13.2012

  27. they stick on you, I don’t like them, if they have a pin that sticks in you. I hate ones with your name on them even more than ones without your name on

    By Arran URL on 07.13.2012

  28. stick to ur skin and ur hairs, they freaking make your skin look like an old gpas dick after u take them off, tho theyre good for a low cost wax treatment

    By andrea on 07.13.2012