July 13th, 2012 | 305 Entries

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305 Entries for “doorknob”

  1. a new word to me. i dont its meaning. door means an entrance and what does the knob means?

    By Premangshu on 07.14.2012

  2. There was a doorknob, gleaming and shining on the passageway leading to– where? Sofie didn’t know, she only knew that whatever was behind this door was what she was going to face next, and it could be pretty or not. She twisted the golden device, turning it to the left and pushing the door open.

    By Meow on 07.14.2012

  3. Open the door with the doorknob. Don’t let the doorknob hit you where the good Lord split you!

    By James Ely on 07.14.2012

  4. door
    how can i write about this?

    By Sarainu on 07.14.2012

  5. ya y sale otra vez la misma palabra africana snob! yo que queria evitar, no no . en realidad no queria evitar.. solo que al enferntarme con el tiempo y el espacio me seco algo. algo se me seco y me paralizo. ese tipo de mounstro paralizador. que me da lata porque tendre que tener ese mounstro . Me da lata ahora que me van a decir?

    By daniela on 07.14.2012

  6. A doorknob sits on the ground in front of me. Why is it here? Who would take a doorknob off of a door? What purpose could they possibly have? Then I notice a small compartment in the side of the knob. I try to pry it open, but it seems to be stuck.

    By Cassie on 07.14.2012

  7. Doorknobs are actually very dirty, with everyone touching them. Who knows where those hands have been before, what kind of germs are on them? I think this was brought to my attention during the SARS epidemic a couple years ago.

    By rushtail on 07.14.2012

  8. Doorknobs are very useful. If you turn them , you can open a door to a whole new world.

    However, doorknobs are very germful. Since many people use them, tons of bacteria collect on them.

    By Aditi on 07.14.2012

  9. The cracks were deep and the dirt proliferated. The hands that hesitatingly touched the doorknob were soon deeply imprinted with the thought of running water and slippery soap sliding through their fingers. But not now, there are more doorknobs before the great escape.

    By Seka Bowers on 07.14.2012

  10. All I could think of was that doorknob that suddenly twisted. Why did it twist? There was nobody on the other side. I couldn’t say a word. What was going on?

    By Carolina on 07.14.2012

  11. I really don’t know what to say.. But I know I am happy. I believe I am happy. I am beautiful just the way I am. I don’t need to change for anyone.. I am contented. I am HAPPY.

    By Alyssa on 07.14.2012

  12. It wouldn’t open. It wouldn’t. Need the key. Got to get the key. But he had it. He’d always had it. He dangled it in front of her nose just as he had before. Always. Close but always out of reach. The bastard.

    By Alexandra URL on 07.14.2012

  13. Allowing people to open new doors and discover what may be on the other side. Allowing us to embrace new experiences and pathways we may have never been before. To allow us to embrace the unknown instead of fearing it. What a beautiful thing.

    By Erin on 07.14.2012

  14. The shiny brass felt cold under her dry, tentative fingers. Eighteen years had passed and yet the doorknob was still the doorknob, even if the wooden planks were painted green and the trim was no longer rotting. The doorknob would always be the doorknob.

    By aria autumn on 07.14.2012

  15. there’s a hush sound from behind. a footfall. a swish of a girl’s delicate tutu skirt. a kiss with a smile. my boy is behind the door. I dare not to turn it around.

    By Ezi on 07.14.2012

  16. I placed my had on the old dirty doorknob. “Dont.” Oliver placed his hand on mine. “dont do this, you dont have to.”
    I stared at him right into his dark eyes “I do.”
    “No you dont, why?” He asked in a whisper “I love you, isn’t that enough?” No.

    By mee123 on 07.14.2012

  17. one day i found a doorknob, but it wasn’t on a door. I was curious so i picked it up and as soon as i touched it I got transported to another reality! I saw all kinds of new animals and shit. and i ate lots of doorknobs because they grew on trees and that sounds weird but here on earth we should eat doorknobs instead of using them fo rdo

    By Tasha on 07.14.2012

  18. doorknob is something in the door that we used to open a door. A doorknob is very useful, because without that we can’t open a door, or close a door. X) there is a lot of doorknob version in this world.
    lol I don’t know what I’m writing. XP

    By moniclarina on 07.14.2012

  19. I reached toward the brass doorknob on the bedroom door. There was no sound behind the door. Somehow, I was paranoid that the knob would be hot to the touch, as if there was nothing but flames on the other side.

    By April on 07.14.2012

  20. pegangan pintu, itu loh yang suka nyantol di pintu, gagangnya yang bisa digantungin tulisan klo di hotel-hotel itu, yang don’t disturb, trus yang clean the room, smpe yang ambilin anduk dong, itu bisa dipegang, trus ada tempat buat kuncinya, unyu-unyu. hahhhh, waktunya banyak sekali, itu loh, biasa suka ada ukirannya juga, klo banyak duit si bisa bikin kaya gitu, trus bisa buat gantungan tas, baju, itu juga klo lu mau, tp pintunya jd ga bisa dibuka, trus bisa dikunci juga pintunya, hahahahah, msih lamaaaa

    By jenny on 07.14.2012

  21. Turn the doorknob, and enter into the dark room. You reach for the light…you can’t find the switch. You panic, but finally reach the switch and flip it on. The first thing you see is a box, covered in dust and spider webs. What could it be?

    By ashley on 07.14.2012

  22. The doorknob belongs on the door not the wall but the one I see on on the wall, there seems to be no way out but soon I will tear it down brick by brick to open my world up to new ways to love and see how beautiful people really are. Soon

    By J on 07.14.2012

  23. Dumb as a. Hit my head on one. Cats can’t use them, but they shure would like to. Hit by a bag of. Shiny glass doorknob I don’t know where you’re going, but I know where you’ve been, it’s the room I’m in.

    By James on 07.14.2012

  24. Turn it slowly with caution. Be aware of what’s on the other side. Will I be happy with this new life I have chosen,this new door I’ve opened, this new doorknob I’ve turned, turn it with caution.

    By sb URL on 07.14.2012

  25. Doorknob, doorknow, doornow, doomnow, boomnow, boonnow, moonnow, minnow, minenow, mineknow, mineknob, mindknob, findknob, fineknob, door

    By luigi fontaine on 07.14.2012