January 1st, 2009 | 294 Entries

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294 Entries for “bandage”

  1. i have a bandage on my finger from when i slammed it in the door earlier i was on my way out of the house to take my best friend haley to the airport with my other friends danni and haley’s sister hannah and their mom, it was

    By jaclyn baker on 01.02.2009

  2. We don’t use bandages in football– it’s too time consuming to tear open the package in the middle of a game. Far simpler to just wrap Powerflex around the cut and keep going. Wrap, tear, and play. Rough, simple, dirty. Just like football itself– and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    By Alex on 01.02.2009

  3. I hate wearing bandages. It makes my wounds feel trapped.

    By John on 01.02.2009

  4. I pressed the cartoon-covered bandage to the wound and kissed it to make it all better. I watched as she stood up, brushed herself off, and with a look of pure determination got back on the bike. I remember thinking as my little girl peddled off on her own for the first time that nothing in life was more bittersweet.

    By Bailey on 01.02.2009

  5. the healing solvent of the world

    what keeps together these fragments of hope of tomorrow of dreams of the future?
    what keeps together this string of sadnessess or brings joy to the thoughts of tomorrow?

    how can i hope to tap the sheer optimism i feel of tomorrow without any concrete feeling?

    i must have faith.

    By David Gittess on 01.02.2009

  6. i’ve never had a real bandage before- i’ve never busted my head while i was riding my bicycle as a kid. and i never slit my wrists to the bones while i was a kid, or got in a fight and broke my hand or something. no, i’ve always played it safe and i’m not sure if that will pay off, but so far i’ve been through alot less. let’s hope this isn’t like the movies, i can’t afford to need to have experience.

    By ivy on 01.02.2009

  7. Isn’t it funny how a simple bandage and a magic kiss was all you needed to feel better when you were small? A hello kitty sticker a lollipop and a toy was the world. There were no stocks, economy, politics, there were no pregnancy scares, no celebrities to talk shit about, nothing but you and a bandage, a kiss from your mommy. If only those times could’ve been infinite.

    By erynn on 01.02.2009

  8. there once was this little bandage who needed a place to rest for the night. he’d been tredding along for days and days worried that he wouldnt have a place to rest his head. though he came upon many injured people, no one was lending a scraped knee or bloody elbow. thus he was left alone in the world. alone forever.

    By Kat on 01.02.2009

  9. i hurt myself. I put a bandage over the wound after I cleaned the blood off of it. I think I will have a scar.

    By christina on 01.02.2009

  10. at my cousin’s house, I always knew where they were. I always locked myself in the bathroom and played with them cause they had the cool ones like Fred Flinstone or Mickey Mouse or The Little Mermaid. It was awesome. Just awesome. Parents and aunt and uncle got a little weirded out though…

    By erika on 01.02.2009

  11. her arm was broken, badly (jesus christ what did she do to her arm). it was a fall on the ice that did it; she had been jogging, jogging, jogging, and then falling and then hurting and then bleeding, and now her arm was covered in a bandage and why did she run during the middle of february she knew she would end up with a bandage on.

    By sam on 01.02.2009

  12. The man wrapped his wound. The blood seeped into the fabric, then slowed, then stopped. A sigh of relief.

    Days later, the bandage was peeled back. Painful, it had grown into his skin.

    By ltb on 01.02.2009

  13. He applied the bandage to the paper cut. How foolish he had been to flip so quickly from page seventy-four to page one thousand and twenty-three. Who does that! He knew better. If only his mother was here. She would tell him…

    By Chris Rogers on 01.02.2009

  14. is what I’m covered in. I don’t now how I got here but I remember there was a jealous man and a knife. I sill breathe for now.

    By Adam on 01.02.2009

  15. i know how you feel about them, but honestly. it’s really easy if you rip em off quickly. you feel no pain. plus you won’t have a scar as easily if you use bandages cuz you will be less likely to pick at your wound/. i’m sure that you understand this as you have used many bandages in your life. whether they are cartoon characterized, or skin color. good times.

    By marissa massullo on 01.02.2009

  16. In Apocalypse Now the Marlow character says a line like “They’ll just try to put a band-aid over it.” When it is suggested taking a dying soldier to the medics. I feel that’s alot like life. We keep trying to put a band-aid over a huge gapping wound, and it just doesn’t work out.

    By ann on 01.02.2009

  17. They really help when pain occurs and such an ijury of really just blah blah blah pie sucks cake rules I have no idea what I’m writing but bandages are good but cake is better cake cake cake cake cake not pie cake cake cake ice cream is also good Yaaaay cake cake cake Oooh look dreamcast! I like cake ice creams nice but cake rules.

    By Zac Ozols on 01.02.2009

  18. ouch, ripping it off is the worst. ankle brace, band-aids. off-white, sticky, eye patch, wrapped, ice, elevate, apply pressure,

    By Paige on 01.02.2009

  19. once opon a time i fell and cut my leg open, i was really hurt. Luckily i my mother had a bandage to prevent infection, she did it quickly so i was not infected. These things are miracle workers. I learned to always bring bandages along my trip.

    By yang on 01.02.2009

  20. bandages on my legs and my arms from you
    bandages bandages bandages
    bandages on my legs and my arms from you
    bandages bandages bandages

    By dylan walker on 01.03.2009

  21. “I can’t believe I did this.” It was slurred, sobbing. She swayed in front of the bathroom mirror, hamfingers trying to peel open the bandaid.

    By Andy on 01.03.2009

  22. i have a bandage on my hand, it hurts so bad, the pain that subsides under this tiny little bandage is trmendous. i cant take this pain much longer, all i can do is go through it until it subsides.

    By kevin on 01.03.2009

  23. There was an old bandage on the floor of the library. While I stared at it in disgust I found myself wondering: where did this come from? how did they hurt themselves?

    I created a crazy story in my mind to answer my questions.

    By Kate on 01.03.2009

  24. Bandages are used to cover up scars, wounds, imperfections in the human skin deemed unhealthy by the masses. But scars are who we are, what we are, they tell a story and tell more about us than smiles or teeth or hair. These stories make us healthier and stronger than any bandage could.

    By MarkTraceur on 01.03.2009

  25. fixing to
    fixn’ to
    the bandage repair kit
    1st person shooter rpg
    miracle bandage
    it fixes your life
    if you just run close to it

    By TheDSM on 01.03.2009

  26. This is wrapped around injuries, its white and usually wrinkly. Commonly held on with a safety pin. A cliche is of the tramp with a stinky, pussy bandage. Thats mingning!!

    By ASCii on 01.03.2009

  27. I had no idea a head would could require so much gauze, she said as she walked herself around my dying corpse.

    By ryan on 01.03.2009

  28. i thought that the wound was going to heal much faster than it did. the scar that will likely remain will be jagged and rough. the skin around the sore a

    By ed on 01.03.2009

  29. I can never find a bandage when I need it the most. I recently cut my foot and could not find one. I had to rely on my stepdaughter to find it for me.

    By rick on 01.03.2009

  30. Ouch. It hurts. But I know the bandage will heal all wounds. But too bad a bandage doesn’t heal a heartache as good as a scrape on the knee.

    By M on 01.03.2009

  31. so there was this cut that was bleeding, and I looked around for a bandage and didn’t find any around. So I took a towel and wrapped it around the cut and it eventually stopped the bleeding but it was bad enough that I had to take the person to the emergency room.

    By Don H. on 01.03.2009

  32. there was a bandage on his arm. I sipped my coffee and wondered how it got there. What did he do? Was it a tattoo, a new one? Did he try to gig a catfish and have a horrible accident? Why would he be sitting in a Starbucks if that was the case, there’s no way a catfish gigger would be caught dead in that hotbed of consumer yuppie America.

    By Lucy on 01.03.2009

  33. There was a little bandaid on the kid’s finger. It was covered in sesame street characters. The woman driving the van looked at the bandaid and looked at the kid, and then she looked again through the windshield and into the street. The sun flashed off a sheet of ice.

    By daria on 01.03.2009

  34. It hurt. It hurt bad. In fact, it was the worst pain I had ever felt in my life. This wasn’t something that any old bandage could heal, no. It was way, way beyond that. In fact, to this day, I don’t know how I survived.

    By Harrison on 01.03.2009

  35. i have wrapped my heart in layer after layer of bandages like a mummy of old, not one of those newer ones, kept from the heat and the cold, time will not heal this ceaslessly beating wound, gu thunk gu thunk it goes echoing down to my toes i will

    By Blu on 01.03.2009

  36. The poor man sat at his kitchen table, a bandage wrapped around his hand. What was he to do now? He used that hand for writing! How could he weave his stories on that paper, with his special fountain pen? How? He couldn’t. He would have to wait for the wound to heal. Damned kitchen knives.

    By Manuelle on 01.03.2009

  37. Slowly she wrapped the bandage around her son’s arm, wiping away his innocent tears, remembering the reasons she was always covered in bandages when she was younger.

    By you on 01.03.2009

  38. round, and on my finger.
    this thing protects my world
    germs cannot infect me,
    i am superior to all
    indestructable from your virus
    i may have been wounded,
    but never will it kill me.

    By emily goodman on 01.03.2009

  39. The bandage was wrapped around my head. I couldn’t remember how it got there, but there had obviously been quite a bit of blood lost before it was put there. I looked around me, nothing seemed familiar, but the bandage meant to me I’d been here before.

    By G-Rock on 01.03.2009

  40. Bleeding from every orifice wasn’t a fun way to pass the time, and Centurion Bear was having a hard time stopping staunching the flow that was staining the clouds in Fairy Beary Land. Below, the people wondered why it was raining cherry Kool-Aid.

    By natalia on 01.03.2009