January 2nd, 2009 | 673 Entries

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673 Entries for “belong”

  1. I belong in an a pigsty where my dreams will come true. The mud inbetween my toes, the smell of pigshit in my ears, the sound of oinking, all of which will make me feel happy, and so I will belong.

    By Alex. on 12.14.2008

  2. Where do I belong? Where do I want to belong? Who wants me to be with them? This is the ultimate question of life as a human. We have an intense need to belong somewhere, even if it’s with the misfits who nobody else wants. We want to belong to the community of man, but so many other groups as well. It’s how we define ourselves.

    By Nedra on 12.14.2008

  3. I belong here. I belong everywhere. I belong to none.

    By Brendan on 12.14.2008

  4. to what, whom, where…..when……to be long…..long to be….undeniably gone……we’re done….

    By stef on 12.14.2008

  5. Oh dude. That’s not yours. Gimme dat back. I want it. Cartoons remind me that I’m not lonely. I mean… Wait. They make you FEEL like you’re NOT lonely. I used the second tense there to seem less like I was upset or embarassed about myself. Oh man.

    By Josh on 12.14.2008

  6. i belong in the world. i belong with derek. for the rest of my life. i belong with him, inside him, beside him. we belong together.

    By jessica on 12.14.2008

  7. all i need is one word to describe about how i feel about this world everyone is out for them selves . wars crime, hunger noone cares bout these issues but the fact that they need to look pretty enough for the party or for their school

    By farishta saba on 12.14.2008

  8. I wish you knew
    where you belonged.

    I wish it was
    where I hope you belong

    – here with me.

    By m on 12.14.2008

  9. Do we belong to anything? Maybe, maybe not. I mean, for a fleeting moment I may feel like I belong to this place, at this exact moment, because for whatever reason it worked out and the moment seemed like it was made for me. But where do we go after that? The same could be said for a second, or a year. After the time is up, what happens then?

    By on 12.14.2008

  10. Everything I owned belong to God so He might take it back anytime as He wants :)

    By rizal on 12.14.2008

  11. to nothing and you will see the underbelly of it all. slimy pigs sratching each other on their way to nowhere.

    By Aren on 12.14.2008

  12. i dont feel like i belong a lot of the time. i know its mostly in my head and me setting myself on the outside. i’d rather shut myself out than have someone else shut me out. if i could just get over my insecurities and be more outgoing and be less socially anxious, then i feel like i could have so much more fun. and friends. and feel like i am a apart of something

    By whitney on 12.14.2008

  13. I belong to nobody in this world just my own mind, but the mind of everybody too, because it

    By ZALYME on 12.14.2008

  14. i don’t belong here anymore. i belong outside. i belong in a world where time is my own.

    By mackenzie on 12.14.2008

  15. I feel that I belong here in San Franciso, but right now I feel that I belong in Chicago. 2000miles away from my real “home”. I hope I find my place somewhere soon because I sometimes feel so alone even though I know so many people here.

    By tiffany on 12.14.2008

  16. belonging sounds pretty damn good. don’t you think? i want to belong. belong sometimes is the opposite of autonomy though. and autonomy is pretty damn good too.

    By cb on 12.14.2008

  17. i belong to u
    i belong to her
    i belong to him
    i belong to them
    i belong to the one above
    i belong to them down below
    i belong to the ocean
    i belong to stars and sky
    i belong to me

    By Aditi Shankar on 12.14.2008

  18. its hard to know where you belong in anything. college, life, love. i finally found somewhere to belong, someone to belong with, when i found sara. she belongs with me, i belong with her. nothing has ever felt more right to me. for the first time in a long time, i feel comfortable with life, where i’m at, where its going, what i’ll be, and who i’ll be with.

    By brandon on 12.14.2008

  19. a place to finally feel at home

    By rebecca on 12.14.2008

  20. do you belong in my arms? I dont know.. does the sunset belong on the beach? the sand in your hair? if it does, I’ll see you there. someday I think.

    By will on 12.14.2008

  21. I havent always been able to belong. Throughout my life I have been able to get along with others for very brief times. Few have gotten intimate with me beyond sex. I have no idea what to do in circumstances where I feel vulnerable and my heart is at risk. This is not a situation that I usually encounter. Either a person is not ready to deal with me or they have other things that distract them and i disappear.

    By Kerry Rae on 12.14.2008

  22. I do not belong anywhere. It is perfect. I am floating. There is no pain in not having a place or a meaning. I am just existing. It is life. There is misery and grace and most of the time I am exquisitely happy. That is belonging.

    By Lucy on 12.14.2008

  23. to nothing.

    By blu babe on 12.14.2008

  24. i really really wanna whack it to some nice porn but thats really hard to find nowadays especially on internet, can you guys do something about it? i really wanna find a nice pervy community i can belong to.

    By Lonely Boy Rich on 12.14.2008

  25. come here with me and be mine. be everything i’ve ever wanted and everything i’ll ever need. you are in my heart and you are what i need. i have a space here. it’s small and round but i know you’re the only one who will fit inside. i’ve reserved it for you. please don’t break my heart. i’m waiting for you. don’t you see? it’s tiny. just like you. but it has so much potential. and so much time. for you to be in it. make it perfect. make it phone. and give it up.

    By pitterpatter on 12.14.2008

  26. Feeling that you are meant to be somewhere or with someone.

    By jenna on 12.14.2008

  27. whatdoesitmeantobelong?
    is it the acceptance of a particular group and thier particular norms that allows us to know what it is to “belong”?
    Does “belonging” connotate possession, and if so, are we ever free?

    By Thomas on 12.14.2008

  28. we belong together. i belong to you. do you belong to me? belonging to someone or belonging to something…what’s the point? does anyone even belong anywhere? do i belong here? where do i belong? sometimes the places we think we belong to are just the places that own us. do i belong where you belong? maybe i belong with me. or you. or nowhere at all.

    By natasha on 12.14.2008

  29. to my parents, to my family, to myself, to my friends, to my love, to the world. sometimes i don’t feel it, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t true or there.

    By karen on 12.14.2008

  30. belong? wll i belong to my family and my own set of friends. i also belong to my boyfriend whom i really love. I belong to God’s family as well. Because i belong to these groups i feel well loved

    By c on 12.14.2008

  31. I feel i belong because of my sweater. It is a large, brown sweater with shiny cufflinks attached to its sleeves. The sweater was given to me by my Uncle Samuel. His first wishes regardeing the sweater were to have it thrown out and burned with the rest of the garbage.

    By Jesse Davis on 12.14.2008

  32. the feeling of being part of a unit, a family, a group…tht your life has meaning, that waht you d each day counts towards the betterment of a community…of being part of a pack, who looks out for one another, who loves each other, who works for the idea of service and compassion

    By Angela on 12.14.2008

  33. I belong to many things, but none of them belong to me. I belong to my heart, it tells me what to do and I do it. I am basically my hearts bitch.i belong to many songs although their lyrics are not my own. I belong to the world, but the world does not belong to me.

    By christine on 12.14.2008