December 30th, 2008 | 267 Entries

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267 Entries for “loan”

  1. to wait to qualify to succed to fail to feel like a failure. to feel need to feel superior. to rob, to be robbed. borrow, steal, need.

    By seesee on 01.01.2009

  2. loans make me think of curving things when it’s said… hmm just curves. I also know they can screw you up as a college student, well in the end i mean.

    By ivi on 01.01.2009

  3. Loan groan hone. Once I loaned a car and now it groans. It just means my ex husband needs to hone his driving skills.

    By ashley on 01.01.2009

  4. never loan anyone anything. just make up some really good excuse. otherwise, when the person fails to return the thing that you’ve lent them, it’s just awkward! should u ask for them to give it back…decidedly sticky situations will result.

    By bill on 01.01.2009

  5. I was given a loan by the branch banking and trust. They told me that I had to buy a dog or a goat or a giraffe with it. I bought a ventriloquist dummy instead. It was made of beautiful golden tinsel. It fell apart in about two seconds. The loan was well worth the investment though because I loved that doll.

    By Brian on 01.01.2009

  6. money
    brand names
    hurting someone
    hurts me

    By s0Le on 01.01.2009

  7. I will loan you my heart if you loan me yours.

    Wishes come in small, little hopes. I want you to love you. I want to give you my heart, let you feel what I’m feeling. But at the same time, it’s not plausible. You’ll never feel the same as I.

    By rachel<3 on 01.01.2009

  8. I have to get a loan for school but I can’t the economy is so low right now that I can’t the money I need. i am not the only one affected by this either and not the only in my family my poor grandma needs to get one as well but was denied now why I ask you why?!

    By katie on 01.01.2009

  9. I repayed my debts but I couldn’t keep the stray regret from demanding interest.

    By wade on 01.01.2009

  10. jesus jesu jesus ajksdajskdjaskjfkasjfkasjkfljsdklgjdskljgksdjgksjdkgjskdgjskdgjskdgjsgd its when people give you mone ycuase you dont have money and you dont pay them back and when you do pay thme back it has been lijke 21591295912050 0year since they gave you it or you could do a bank loan gand get like owned in the ass due to finacial stuff and you dont pay it back so your credit gets fucked in the ass and you dont have a clue how the fuck to get it done or redone

    By Jesus on 01.01.2009

  11. This is the same word a friend of mine just had. He remarked at how little he wrote about it in the allotted time, but I’m going to kick his ass using only one hand as I smoke.

    By Howard Butler on 01.01.2009

  12. Your love is on loan to me
    Receiving the interest only
    When you’re feeling generous
    I make deposits often
    But somehow they’re not recorded

    By LynnArts (Jen M) on 01.01.2009

  13. iamthesuper stupid bastard who doesn’t know what is happening what the hell hamster there’s a toilet i want to sue it wohoo smile stupid my brother’s a gay that’s everythings sid johnny veronica bastard lazy kitchen fool new wave age bedroom floor tennis idiot gay irish monkey draw

    By ronny on 01.01.2009

  14. money banks college cash debt students

    By lily on 01.01.2009

  15. my ass feels like jeelo and i want to go home rite now. cant i leave little bird, wont u let me go?

    By lily on 01.01.2009

  16. swallowed by white space, the one word treads above the white abyss until it can see hope. Half out of trouble is better than being invisible. What’s left is the best half…readable and new. Before the end, rejoice!

    By Lorie on 01.01.2009

  17. So he sat there, debating. She wouldn’t get an anniversary ring. And he wouldn’t get that new HP. Maybe he would just kill her instead. Didn’t she have life insurance?

    By margaret on 01.01.2009

  18. I went to the shop the other day but couldna get any money out the cash machine. I saw this guy I know from my estate, i knew he lent money to folks like me. “oy jimmy, can ye help us out with summat?”
    “what you want, money

    By Steve F on 01.01.2009

  19. “Just give me the fucking money!” Claire screamed. I didn’t move. I didn’t say a thing, in fact; I continued to look at her, tilted my head to one side, feigned indifference and let her leave. It was only later that evening that I realised that we would not speak for several years.

    By Nabil on 01.01.2009

  20. God, I think my mother is an idiot for wanting a loan from my grandmother. My grandmother is on disability. I don’t think I’ll ever get brave enough to take out a loan myself. Loans are dirty. I hate owing people stuff.

    By crysa on 01.01.2009

  21. We get ’em. We got ’em. The U.S. needs one. Badly. How can we afford to spend 12.5 million an hours if we’re already in debt.

    By Phillip J. on 01.01.2009

  22. I wanted a loan but they said no… no… “why?” I asked “credit crunch” they said. Credit crunch. That’s the excuse for everything these days.

    By dan on 01.01.2009

  23. When you borrow money from a bank

    By Kim on 01.01.2009

  24. I loaned myself a dollar the other day. It was the best dollar that i ever spent on myself. Switching hands between me and…myself. And thats why im late on my phone bill. Or is it? ahh the questions of life, wonderful aren’t they? Yes they are. NO arguing!

    By Spencer on 01.01.2009

  25. Loans. I cannot decide if they are good or bad. College should not be so expensive that we are required to take them. It is annoying. I just want to go to school and better myself without digging myself a grave first. Ugh. LOAN!

    By sara on 01.01.2009

  26. shasrk payments mortgage collateral late shark banks lenders I once got a loan for a trailer

    By deva on 01.01.2009

  27. one day I got a loan for a trailer I was buying. I also got a loan for a Mazda rx7 but that was a long time ago. the car depreciated faster that

    By deva on 01.01.2009