October 20th, 2013 | 102 Entries

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102 Entries for “baffled”

  1. I was baffled. I was so baffled that I could not remember my name.. nor could I remember what the word “spaghetti” meant.. Although, in hindsight, that could have been due to the fact that I had been repeating it in my head for the last 45 seconds.. So baffled, in fact, that I forgot why i was baffled. Where am I? Don’t touch me.

    By Dani on 10.20.2013

  2. Baffled, Shawna looked around the room. Who on earth would be sending her flowers. It had to be one of her co-workers, since she didn’t really socialize much outside of work. The effects of being shy and a workaholic.

    By Michelle M on 10.20.2013

  3. He didn’t understand. Why? Why did he get such a bad mark? it didn’t make sense. He had studied weeks for this. It was only when he confronted his teacher, he got the embarrassing truth. “Baffled is spelled with two f’s. Maybe you’ll get perfect on the next spelling test”

    By Anonymous on 10.20.2013

  4. …baffled and amazed by the waves of euphoria flowing through my body, reaching the tops of my crown over the tips of my toes and shooting through my fingertips…

    By lee on 10.20.2013

  5. Every time I maintain some sense of sanity, my days always leave me exhausted. I am torn between a life I have and a I life that I have always wanted. I am left feeling a deep sense of dissatisfaction. Baffled.

    By Jon URL on 10.20.2013

  6. I was baffled. Why on earth would someone do that? I, Mira Richards, smartest twelve year old girl in the world, didn’t understand. I had been told that some scientists in the world wanted to get their hands on children with abnormal powers, like me, to test them.

    By No One6 on 10.20.2013

  7. I was baffled with surprise as I saw the flowers and a little green box combined with assorted bag of chocolates and confectioneries.
    I really thought he forgot. That guy, he’s so sweet. Because since yesterday I was hinting it to him that it was our anniversary the next day which is today.
    Nothing. That was what he gave me. Well at least he was pretending. He could be an actor.
    He will pick me up for dinner tonight. In thirty minutes.
    I will tell him how much I love him and everything else. I also have something for him. Hope he likes it.

    By roze_princess on 10.20.2013

  8. confused what has just happened? stunned, I thought about it but couldn’t work it out amazed surprised help
    ” I was baffled when they showed me a short rope and asked me to make something no one had ever thought of”

    By lilianna morgan on 10.20.2013

  9. I was baffled when I heard all my friends talking about something I had absolutely no clue about

    By lilianna morgan on 10.20.2013

  10. He couldn’t it was just… too much. He just couldn’t understand no matter how hard he tried, and neither would they he mused. Sure he loved Robin, but to destroy hundreds and thousands for her was something he would never be capable of.

    By Pseudonym I. Anonymous on 10.20.2013

  11. Karkat was baffled by her reaction. Sure he had recieved many injuries, but he’d also inflicted a ton of them too! What was Shadow’s problem! He just couldn’t understand her.

    By angie on 10.20.2013

  12. I was baffled that night
    when you bring her to the stage with you
    holding her hand

    I was at the stage of fright
    when suddenly realized I didn’t see any cue
    was it planned

    I come to see she died after the blight
    when you think your passion is true
    my legs still stand

    By Eligia V. A. on 10.20.2013

  13. I was confused. I sat on the sidewalk dazed, and not knowing who i was. How did I get here? I have no clue. I can’t even seem to recall me name. I flagged down the nearest car……..

    By sburbplayer on 10.20.2013

  14. He stood and stared at the painting, just couldn’t understand what it meant. It was just a cluster of colors, reds clashing with yellows, a blue hiding in the corner, a black line angrily slashing across the canvas. Was it supposed to mean the inner anguish of the artist? The impossibility of man? The irrelevance?

    By Megan H on 10.20.2013

  15. i was baffled. in the purest sense. i could not believe what was said was to be done. the concrete letters in the air sat and smirked.

    By thomas danger wilson on 10.20.2013

  16. ths pm

    bfflng t rd, ls, t s rttn

    By Jason Ohono on 10.20.2013

  17. “Baffled!?” She yells, “How can YOU be baffled?”

    He held up the delicate, ivory figurine and between puffs of smoke from his pipe he simply replied, “Not easily. All these readings say it’s perfectly genuine. I just don’t understand how it could possibly come from where you said it came from. So, if you’re telling me the truth, I’m baffled.”

    He took of his thinly framed glasses and placed them on the table, leaned back and blew a smoke ring of surrender around his outstretched hand and the item which it held.

    By Land of Dave URL on 10.20.2013

  18. We stood there, baffled and completely encompassed in the statue’s shadow.
    My voice was meek. “Emil, was that there a moment ago?”
    His prolonged silence was all the confirmation I needed.

    By WearyWater URL on 10.20.2013

  19. She placed a hand on his thigh, yet she seemed hesitant to move forward. Her gaze flew from his lap to meet his startled eyes, she wanted to see if she’d misjudged the source of their tension. He was truly baffled by the sudden change in demeanor. It wasn’t like that between them, was it? She kissed him softly then. She was a ghost at first, manifesting slowly. Her fingers traced his rippling jawline and fluttered down his neck before she broke their kiss with a gentle pop…this wasn’t a dream. It was all too real, like the scent of her hair when it had brushed against his face. All of her begged him to make the next move and there was no second guessing the ultimate goal of her attentions when she opened up for him under the lightest of caresses.

    By Ash Wednesday on 10.21.2013

  20. dream of nothing inside
    why cannot i stay this way?
    lost forever to everyone
    it is only time that brings me
    the pain lost inside forever
    why do you want to open it
    the can of a man baffled
    lost into his own soul
    of dreamy heartless wonder

    By Olcsealgaire on 10.21.2013

  21. I’m baffled about this suggestion to write what I want to write – what enters my head first… Will I be told when my time is up? Well, I’m only writing about what I’m writing about, so nothing new there, really… Am I done?

    By Susa on 10.21.2013

  22. I never thought that it would come to this. As I stand there, peering through the foggy window. A small child’s hand print still smeared across the bottom edge. I rub my eyes a few times but the image before me remains. Although it baffles me, I know that this is it. This isn’t in my head, a mere figment of my imagination.

    By esky1118 on 10.21.2013

  23. You always hold that baffled face, skin contorting so easily over your knotty bones. Like in those few seconds, some deep angst against the world leaks out, before you melt back into a half-smile default. What hides inside?

    By Holden URL on 10.21.2013

  24. Baffled, James ran along the night-darkened beach. It wasn’t there! It wasn’t there! He finally fell to his knees, exhausted, and looked out over the ocean waters. How was he to get off this point without the boat that had been promised. There was only one explanation. No one was left. He was alone.

    By Cim on 10.21.2013

  25. i m baffled by how he got into my life as if he was at home, how his eyes make me feel at home in myself, how the questions disappear and how between the fear i feel from losing feet and from knowing there is no going back, i ask myself why i ever had to touch ground.

    By J. on 10.21.2013

  26. I asked her what she meant by she saw it coming.
    “I dont get it, you saw what coming?”
    “This” She said through a fit of giggles.
    I stood there baffled by her odd behaviour, never had I met anyone with such an ever changing mood.

    By Yolanda on 10.21.2013

  27. Baffled by the unexpected wall in front of her, Myra doubled back and found still another wall. Everywhere she turned, there was a solid, featureless wall in the way. She was beginning to panic when she finally saw it: a small, square opening, set low in a corner.

    By mrsmig on 10.21.2013

  28. I have to say, I’m baffled. Only today I used the word ‘baffled’ in a lesson, and it became the word of the day because so many pupils had never come across it before. As if that wasn’t baffling enough, it’s now also oneword’s word of the day. Coincidence? Divine? Certainly baffling.

    By Barber on 10.21.2013

  29. we didn’t understand. were were stymied. it didn’t add up. why would she do something like that? there seemed to be no clues in the early minutes after the event. even weeks later we couldn’t suss it out

    By Lee on 10.21.2013

  30. Baffled by the current usa condition i continue to get up every day and laugh. laughing curtails bafflmenet. when baffled jumping also works. jumping works all 206 bones in a person’s skeleton allowing better blood flow in the brain and restoring balance to our never ending roller coaster emotions which feel better when they are on a continum. For breakfst to become unbaffled eat oatmeal with fruits.

    By sandy on 10.21.2013

  31. sbaffled is something that means something

    By james on 10.21.2013

  32. Baffled is when you are confused or don’t know about the situation you’re in. When baffled, you probably don’t make good decisions. Being baffled shows that you do not understand.

    By Phillip on 10.21.2013

  33. Baffled is a word meaning of confused, or dumbfounded. An example of the word baffled is, I was so baffled when we played football in gym class.

    By Madison OLOL URL on 10.21.2013

  34. What the hell? She stood in the street baffled at the chaos moving with fluidity and grace around her. Why did everyone seem to be a part of this larger dance when she just stood there as if she was a silent – and unseen – observer? Had she become this disconnected with her own life?

    By kah on 10.21.2013

  35. very confused. dumbfounded.

    By Zoey on 10.21.2013

  36. talking laughing funny keep talking on and on never stop talking storys words things places confused

    By katianna on 10.21.2013

  37. baffled i am currenly baffled that we only have one minute it is to be confused or worried it will stop you from doing certain things becuase you are confused and worried. it will stop you from everrthing if you are baffled.

    By zack on 10.21.2013

  38. Baffled is a word discribing the way you feel. it means to be in shock or to be suprised about something.

    By Stephen on 10.21.2013

  39. in a state of confusion. when you dont know what to do. when you are worried. but mostly when you are confused……

    By Katlynn on 10.21.2013

  40. baffled is a term that is used when something is strange or very hard to understand. when ever you get a puzzle that is really hard it may baffle you or leave you clueless. An antonym to the word baffled would be to understsand. One sentence for an example would be ” the magician baffled me with his crazy and spectacular magic tricks.

    By Carmine-OLOL on 10.21.2013