October 21st, 2013 | 98 Entries

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98 Entries for “flee”

  1. We turned around / We picked up our heels / The fleeing came easy / We’re not looking back / We haven’t regretted a thing.

    By Kayla Pongrac on 10.22.2013

  2. She stared at the wall of water. It moved faster, blasting across the land, blasting away all she’d known.

    “We could flee, you know,” he said.

    She shrugged. “To what?” A smile crept up. “Besides, if we stay here, we at least have a chance.”

    “To do what, drown interestingly?”

    By Anthony StClair on 10.22.2013

  3. I flee from responsibilites.
    I flee from situations I can’t handle.
    And leave them unsolved.
    I flee because I love myself more
    than anyone ever could.
    I flee because I care more about
    myself than what the consequences
    of my decision are.
    I flee because I’m brave.
    I flee because I’m a coward.

    By Chris on 10.22.2013

  4. You are pathetic and your friends will abandon you. You’re a coward with no one to turn to. You’re a nobody with no one to love you. That’s why you refuse to correct your mistakes. Just keep running away from them.They’re all things from the past, right? So you find yourself new toys, but it won’t be long before they bare their fangs at you as well. You’ll flee from them as well, all the while crying and saying “why is everyone mean to me!”

    You coward.

    By mhm on 10.22.2013

  5. He dashes and vaults
    across the salts
    of the earth
    and sees the
    way she flees
    to be with him
    but stops to breath
    because of who he is
    and all it means
    to be censor free.

    By Yours Truly, Bête on 10.22.2013

  6. They were wearing hoodies and she couldn’t see their faces. She could hear their footsteps behind her and when she reached the open space by the park she decided to flee.

    By Alexandra on 10.22.2013

  7. Flee from danger, flee from fear, flee from the relentless daily chore that I am currently so sick of… Would be so much better to get into glee, the American’s popular musical drama series. I’d be singing, dancing in confidence rather than pulling my hair and screaming stress on a daily basis. Flee but where do you escape from in a city like mine and how can you do it? A ship needs a direction to sail to and right now there is no destination. Just like how I have no idea if I have arrived at 60 words.

    By pauline on 10.22.2013

  8. the blue and red light shined bright as the intercepter

    By Jake URL on 10.22.2013

  9. He grabbed my hand and shouted, “Run! ”
    There was something chasing us, something that by all rights shouldn’t exsisit. It was like a strange shadow, but it was alive, and it burned me when it grabbed my arm. I’m scared. I don’t understand why this is happening, and I don’t even know who this man is but I think he is saving me.

    By Katie Wright on 10.22.2013

  10. We flee through the deteriorating forest, limbs of trees fall all around us. I look back reminding myself of time before, memories i had shared with the towns folk of that small shore line valley. Although I look back, I know we can never go back. Like the town the people have perished along with the great angered fired I have lit within the center.

    By Karlene Leroux on 10.22.2013


    By sarah.c on 10.22.2013

  12. The murderer was running towards me. I was running as fast as I could but he kept approaching. I was going to die. I knew it. I was fleeing but I knew he was going to catch me. These were my last moments on earth. Goodbye.

    By Kali H on 10.22.2013

  13. Run. Run faster. Get away. Get away from here now. They’re coming for you. Get away or you’re going to be killed. They’ll kill you. Run. Run faster.

    By gabriellef on 10.22.2013

  14. I want to flee my creative writing class. It’s very awful and we’re not alllowed to be creative.

    By Riley, Riley wrote this, you're in trouble, Riley. on 10.22.2013

  15. i went to flee from the accident, but the police officers caught me. I’m on my way back to jail. Maybe i’ll see some old friends there. no worries though…i can easily break out and come back. it’s not like this is the first time this has happened. see you next time i flee. can’t wait!

    By PrincessKirsten URL on 10.22.2013

  16. i was always running

    and you turning away

    but im standing here now

    and so are you

    By h. b. on 10.22.2013

  17. She wanted to flee, but something kept her in the same place. The place where she was curious as to what tomorrow would bring, that curiousness that kept her under his control.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 10.22.2013

  18. the man decided to flee the country when the terrorists had decided to attack. he took his family with him and got on the next boat available to sailed to the nearest country that was safe. unfortunately, not everyone in the country was as fortunate as this man and were unable to flee the country.

    By julie on 10.22.2013