October 20th, 2013 | 102 Entries

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102 Entries for “baffled”

  1. I put my ticket back in the rolling raffle bin and watched it shuffle and nestle into the vortex. They were little leaves in a tornado, or tiny kleenexes caught up in the mother-of-all sneezes–chain-link, I guess. No, they were scraps of paper–receipts, envelopes, flyers, newspapers–in a weed-grown, cracked, abandoned, parking lot when the winds come to blow away summer and the little streams of cold winter start to trickle in. Those winds are heavy and crash into the pieces of debris and hurl them around in that little parking cage, smash them up against the fence and hold them there, but they can’t get out. Not until that divine moment when two front mix over that spot and some hot air caught on the ground surges up. That updraft can carry them higher than the fence; it can let them free into the streets to wander all the way to the horizon. How to make that happen? How to get it so the bright hand reaches into that ruckus and pulls out just your little scrap of nothing?

    By mattlock URL on 10.20.2013

  2. The numbers were baffling: 1825 dead, 520 missing, out of which 154 were presumed dead, and 298 were presumed to be in some sort of semi-conscious state, aware of their surroundings but entirely asleep.

    By Andrew Walker URL on 10.20.2013

  3. Heart, why her?
    “Too many results, cannot display data.”

    By La Bête becomes Man URL on 10.20.2013

  4. rolls back in shock.
    there is no antecedent to this sentence,
    this event in time.

    i could not explain how i felt,
    instead i just let everything be.

    lying in the cool grass,
    a garden snake, coiled in black.

    By Kairn URL on 10.20.2013

  5. Oh, to be shocked; to live; to be baffled. We go all around the world, searching for adventure, when the greatest ones we’ve had are the ones that happen inside of us, influenced by our closest peers.


    By xxcey URL on 10.20.2013

  6. The only person who’ll stay around is the mayor’s right, Christina Porter, aide to the mayor. She addresses her best friend, and former co-worker, Anthony; “You don’t think the mayor can come back from a scandal as huge as this one? You’ll see.” Mayor Edgar Johnson was accused of having relations with a prostitute. It’s Election night, and he’s on the path to get re-elected, but that may not happen as his allegations circle, and wind the Chicago area. The results are being televised, and the poll numbers keep increasing for all the candidates. Anthony keeps calling Christina as Mayor Johnson’s numbers are dominated by his competitor. Another hour goes by, but with the attention on the Presidential election, no one knows who’s in the lead. Eleven hits, and all results are in. Mayor Edgar Johnson, remains, Mayor Edgar Johnson.

    By Denise Watson URL on 10.20.2013

  7. I was baffled by the amount of people walking around with untied shoes. There they were, tripping all over each other, as if they were in a competition to see who could trip the most. I looked down at the ground, down at my loyal Chuck Taylor’s, and noticed that they were one tie away from becoming untied themselves. Then–I knelt down.

    By Kayla Pongrac URL on 10.20.2013

  8. She gasped at the scene before her. What was going on? Thoughts ran through her head like machine gun fire. Never before had she been so puzzled.

    By Mary URL on 10.20.2013

  9. The others were baffled at his behaviour, but I was not. He met my eyes for a brief moment, begging me to understand. I did. Almost a year clean, without so much as a glance at a needle, yet when his old dealer came over to offer him a free hit…he crumbled. He didn’t want it, he knew he didn’t want it, but he couldn’t say no. And as I looked at the sorry man I felt his pain and shame as my own, for though my addiction didn’t come in the form of needles and pills, I was just as much the heroin addict as he was.

    By aura.rayne URL on 10.20.2013

  10. The sound was baffled by the thick layer of insulation that lined the room. As always though, there was that moment when he expected to hear a thump at the door, a yell of complaint, the wail of a siren.

    By Angus on 10.20.2013

  11. The last question on the test just baffled me. I couldn’t figure it out, so I drew a fluffy unicorn and added a speech bubble with the words, “If unicorns don’t get it, I don’t get it, either.”

    I was told to stay in after class the day after we took the test. My teacher was staring at me through her round spectacles, holding the page of the exam in question. There was my pretty unicorn, staring at me expectantly.

    “So…” She clicked her tongue. “Unicorns don’t understand mole conversion?”

    “They don’t need to, ma’am,” I replied.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.20.2013

  12. Baffled is exactly what I am right now. How funny to see this word at the top the page. Mommy do that. Type without looking at the keyboard. Oh well. Interruption after Interruption.

    By RR on 10.20.2013

  13. I…what… Uhhh…

    By Andrew Davies URL on 10.20.2013

  14. I sometimes sit down to write, hoping for inspiration, looking through files of things that have inspired me in the past, and most often discover that I’ve got no idea what I was thinking. I would love to just be one of those together writers, who just know what they are doing, but I confess, I’m just baffled.

    By Rose on 10.20.2013

  15. I can’t figure out what I’m doing here. I stare at the teacher. I stare at the board. The numbers are all twisting into a visual cacophony and the lecture is failing to rise about the machine whine in my ears.

    By audrey URL on 10.20.2013

  16. i was utterly and completely baffled. i didn’t even touch the book; i was barely thinking about the book. yet somehow, it moved on its own, flew completely across the room and slammed into the wall. as i raised my hand, the book raised with it. what was happening?

    By stori URL on 10.20.2013

  17. What an appropriate word to pop up for this exercise. Baffled. I find myself speechless by this word. What can a person say about baffled? The baboon was baffled by the bag boy. Well, this is rather disappointing.

    By Fishie on 10.20.2013

  18. To feel this way is one of the worst feelings. This is a feeling of loss of control and no one likes to be out of control. Sadness is one thing, we know this feeling. To be baffled is to not understand something and that is definitely worse. I never want to be baffled.

    By Katherine on 10.20.2013

  19. I am at a lost. Extremely lost because how can people make such promise of love and loyalty and within moments they are gone. I am baffled at the lies that drip from the lips of those I love most. Baffled at the way it feels like I’ve done something wrong. Baffled because I don’t understand how such words, woven together beautifully yet effortlessly, could have been lies. Baffled at how fickle humans truly are. But most of all I am baffled because I am baffled. I saw it coming all along.

    By J. on 10.20.2013

  20. And then she realized that all he was was a boy. A mere boy. That all her ideals and all her wishes fell apart to reveal his true self. And she was baffled to realize, that in his pure essence, he was exactly what she wanted. Not less, not more.

    By Corinne M. Child on 10.20.2013

  21. I am baffled by the fact that you still love me. After all theses years and with so little face to face contact the place you hold in my heart is indescribable and to think that you feel the same way too. A little mix of heaven and hell!

    By Tracey URL on 10.20.2013

  22. Lost and confused, perplexed by his words. Maybe he doesn’t remember it the way I do. Maybe he lived it differently than I did.

    By kelly URL on 10.20.2013

  23. Her innate desire to move about the world left me baffled. Where did the courage and audacity to put her self into such situations come from? She was a woman, fearless and envied. But she was also vulnerable to everything — the obstacles, the people, the hardships — that spontaneously presented themselves along the way.

    By Simone URL on 10.20.2013

  24. surprised. Someone receives news from a friend that their best friend did something that they cannot believe.

    By Avery T on 10.20.2013

  25. He gaped. The rest of the room froze. Admiral Garfield stared defiantly into the General’s eyes. The General didn’t move. The room seemed suspended on the tip of a pin.

    By Doug on 10.20.2013

  26. I am feeling baffled by the insanity that is this college paper but I am really enjoying trying out all these types of art because nothing in this entire world is more beautiful than exploring the minds of others that you can not put a face to. I like this idea. This idea of trying to understand how someones mind works through their art. But at the same time, it makes me feel baffled.

    By Karly URL on 10.20.2013

  27. The doctors’ baffled faces said it all, and the mother, still numb from the epidural, but with as much fight as ever, was screaming until the veins looked as if they’d burst from her head. “WHAT’S WRONG WITH MY BABY!?” she shrieked, trying to get any sort of a reaction from these seemingly cold, indifferent people. The doctors were giving the baby an intensive lookover while bathing her for the very first time, the baby calmer than the mother, which was rather unusual. They looked at each other with a knowing, solemn glance, and turned to speak to the mother with the cold little one swaddled in cold blankets.

    By Samantha URL on 10.20.2013

  28. She stood, baffled, at the spot where her car used to be. The keys hung uselessly in her lax grip. The wind swept through the empty spot, twisting the dirt along the ground. The glaring nothing-ness taunted her.

    By Kristin URL on 10.20.2013

  29. She was astonished. How could something like this happen? The sheer amount of ridiculousness was just baffling. Jared, dumping her? The day after he had proposed? That doesn’t make any sense. Deanna asked if there was someone else, if something had happened, but he said no.

    By sasha on 10.20.2013

  30. John was baffled. No. This wasn’t possible. Dean was standing right there in front of him! His mouth twisted downwards, and he slowly backed away. Of course, he had always loved Dean… But, he was dead. This could only mean one thing– Dean was a demon.

    By sasha on 10.20.2013

  31. When I’m so confused that I can’t think. All I do is make weird noises and confuse other people even more. It’s such a great word though. To baffle. Beautiful. The best people in my life are the one’s that baffle me the most often. I hope I never lose them.

    By Claire on 10.20.2013

  32. Like a sea of confusion, you don’t know where to go, where to start, where to take your first step into knowledge. You’ve been dropped into this sea of information without a map to make anything out.

    By Maike URL on 10.20.2013

  33. baffled doesn’t always make sense to me. it is the act of being so incredibly confused about something that nothing makes sense but it always reminds me of people being pretentious about their vocabulary. sometimes i just want people to say what they mean. “i am confused” or something like that. it is amazing. another definition of baffled. being amazed.

    By Karla on 10.20.2013

  34. He was baffled by her reaction. He had spent hours working on it, but she had just screamed, thrown it back at him, and run away. He knew she liked cats, why would she not like a coat made from their fur?

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 10.20.2013

  35. I know what I need.

    Someone told me that I’m an all or nothing type the other day, actually.

    And if I can manage it, I will, even if it takes longer than expected.

    What can I say, I’ve got passion to burn and dizzying heights of triumph are strangely addictive.

    By Intuition URL on 10.20.2013

  36. From across the room, I never thought I would see the ring on her left hand. Baffled, I fled the room, unable to suppress the sobs. He had given her my old engagement ring, from a time he apparently had long since forgotten.

    By Ginger on 10.20.2013

  37. This word means confused or lack of understanding. Unsure, unclear. Needs further clarity.

    By Stephanie Walker on 10.20.2013

  38. I stared at her, completely baffled by the words coming out of her mouth. ‘Did she have any idea that she was a woman?’ I couldn’t help but wonder. ‘Didn’t she know that every other word she said furthered the patriarchy?’
    I shook my head. God, why were all the pretty one’s so dumb?

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 10.20.2013

  39. I was completely baffled by the way he looked at me. Here I was, sweats and a tee shirt, hair up, no makeup. And then there was him, a God of some sort come to take me to his heaven. Either that, or he was making fun of me.

    By Emma Siegl on 10.20.2013

  40. confused so lost beyond belief its not even funny locked it sold out give up dont kill them they will kill you just let it happen dont do anything about it its ok by me Dr save the children if possible we will need new buyers! All in all i cheated i didn’t do it on purpose but now that i think about these shenanigans i am baffled at the out come of my life and its events HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP

    By Jim on 10.20.2013