July 14th, 2012 | 190 Entries

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190 Entries for “auxiliary”

  1. I had become machine. They turned me on without permission. As I tried to sleep, they woke me up. I couldn’t close my eyes without being forced into another world. To make another world happen so they could continue existing.

    By Ruben URL on 07.15.2012

  2. The troops were nervous. They could hear the sounds booming in the distance. They could tell that the sounds weren’t friendly. With each successive boom they grew more nervous. They knew that they would be heading to the front. Such is the life of the auxiliary.

    By Daninja on 07.15.2012

  3. The auxiliary team moved in. All they could hear was static from the other end of their radios. If the other team had failed, what could they do really? But still, they had to keep going. Even if it meant one of them could get shot–or whatever was ahead of them–they had to keep moving forward cautiously, hoping that Alpha was too far away to call back, that they had done what they were supposed to do, that they would greet them with smiles saying it was done. But being shot wasn’t what scared them the most–they didn’t want to have to shoot anyone else.

    By Rena on 07.15.2012

  4. A place or way for people to gather information in bunches.

    By Courtney Dech on 07.15.2012

  5. The troops were nervous. They could hear the sounds booming in the distance. They could tell that the sounds weren’t friendly. With each successive boom they grew more nervous. They knew that they would be heading to the front. Such is the life of the auxiliary.

    By Daninja on 07.15.2012

  6. I really don’t know what auxiliary is symbolic for…
    I always picture some type of auxiliary chord… But I know that there are auxiliary trucks in a fire department..
    And that’s my time, everybody.

    By Wrik Chakrabarti on 07.15.2012

  7. When someone needs help you provide auxiliary at least I think that is what it means it is a tough one

    By Alejandra Velazquez Buelna on 07.15.2012

  8. i once knew an auxiliary nurse.well i didnt know exactly, but his bitch of a daughter messed my brother around and caused him to leave home at the age of 18, with no preparation. it really hurt me, and i blame this girl for a lot. oh and the auxiliary nurse father was a chain smoker….ironic huh.

    By Fiona on 07.15.2012

  9. i think, tv’s, sound desks, playstation the rgb cables (red white yellow) etc… otherwise i think sexual because you asked me to just write and whenever i just think i think of sexual things. on average men think of sex every 7 seconds you know ;)

    P.S. I’m pro abortion…. for anyone who was wondering……

    By Ethan Warham URL on 07.15.2012

  10. The way I would describe him was auxiliary. An ordinary person would hold my hand as the tears flowed down my cheeks. But he, no he would hold my hand and I knew everything was going to be okay. And the tears would dry.

    By Katie on 07.15.2012

  11. The auxiliary sorceress, that was all that she was. Samaria crossed her arms, watching as Kelisean lifted her hands over her head, her face morphing into that of Eliziana. Samaria sighed – she’d been so close to being that lucky person, the blessed one who would house the spirit of the dark sorceress. But no. She was just the backup.

    By Elsie Shu URL on 07.15.2012

  12. my heart extends to yours
    but not yours to mine

    By zelerick on 07.15.2012

  13. The entire Ladies Auxiliary was sitting in the shade, uniforms in disarray, as Boy Scouts tried to cool them off with improvised fans.

    By jasontx on 07.15.2012

  14. I dont know much about this word, I know its to do with sound, but I think about clouds when I hear it, I don’t know. I think its a very pretty word though. I just wish it was easier to spell and easier to use in speech. It’s pretty and I wish I could use it in context more. Idk man. Idk.

    By Alia on 07.15.2012

  15. My left hand serves my right
    My left foot trails my right
    My left brain, imagination
    Succumbs to my right, logic
    I am your auxiliary

    By gsk URL on 07.15.2012

  16. Auxiliary means providing external aid.The word is also used to refer to Auxiliary verbs.Additional help is auxiliary’s meaning.

    By ashna on 07.15.2012

  17. I don’t know what auxiliary is… It could be like being helpful and saving people because people need to be saved sometimes. everyone needs an auxiliary person to be with them because no one can go through life themselves and all alone because that’s bad and everyone needs someone. Seriously. And I really think that being auxiliary is a good thing because that’s a really nice quality to have. It’s better than being a douche or anything like that. Being auxiliary makes people like you more. <3

    By Ari on 07.15.2012

  18. The auxiliary troops were the auxiliary troops. They went behind the main troops because they were auxiliary. You could get Roman citizenship by joining the auxiliary legions. Or by being very rich.

    By Heh on 07.15.2012

  19. Auxiliary, hmm.. thinking about this word, i was remembered my last high school friend who always help me when i needed it, he is my best friend till now, he’s the one who take care of me, and he will be my best friend until forever

    By bobby on 07.15.2012

  20. I always have extra stuff. When traveling, this is a problem. I tend to overpack. I feel like I’m always prepared, but really, I’m just a big ‘ole pack rat.

    By Lori URL on 07.15.2012

  21. a unit of ladies that helped to roll bandages and help with the war effort. an Auxiliary is a support effort/object that aids in a designated situation and can take on many inferences of meaning.

    By Neal Weber on 07.15.2012

  22. The creativity doctor told me that my auxiliary levels are tremendously and obnoxiously dangerously high and this is the fork in the road. The for in the road where i make the choice and set out to all it to take over me ..or take over it..This is the wild horse the very powerful wild horse.

    By ajloopy URL on 07.15.2012


    By KAYLA SCHNEDIER on 07.15.2012

  24. as an auxiliary pioneer, he was required to do 50 hours of service every month.

    By baked247 on 07.15.2012

  25. auxiliary is a beautiful noun, that means helping, from what I know :) We must help each other in our daily life, because we are human, we are social people and we need to help each other because we always need someone in our life. :))
    don’t know what to write X)

    By moniclarina on 07.15.2012

  26. it means secondary. it may also be regarded as something dejected and wrong, but in most positive manner, it means something secondary and additional. thats it
    auxililary is also something that does not for part of the original

    By Prerak on 07.15.2012

  27. auxiliary are things that are additional but not necessary. for instance the auxiliary cable in my carstereo.I don’t know what I would without that thing, howwould I be able to listen to my excellent taste of music and avoid all the top 40 drivel

    By Aimee on 07.15.2012

  28. Cable, airport staff, services. Helper, help, assistant, aid, subsidiary, adjunct. It provides additional help and support.

    By Meagan on 07.15.2012

  29. Well, not again. Of course Jack was, as usual, the bland sideshow to his partner’s main event. The Robin to Batman. The whimper to the bang. Sure, he had been told time and again that he was the indispensable support, but for once he would have liked to have the spotlight to himself. Was that really too much to ask for?

    By C on 07.15.2012

  30. Reserves. Additional. Does that mean that the ladies’ auxiliary provides reserves of ladies? And are they volunteer, or do they have to be paid? Do they set their own prices? Or are they volunteers? Roving bands of additional ladies committing random acts of good, kindness, revelry and perhaps rebellion.

    By O. on 07.15.2012