July 15th, 2012 | 285 Entries

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285 Entries for “crew”

  1. the crew of this ship included me, and….me. this is a one person boat and i must face it myself. the only way to get off this boat is to face the problem myself without help and then maybe someone will come to my rescue.

    By Fei URL on 07.16.2012

  2. crew reminds me of ships. ships just flost.the giant peice of metal just floating peacefull oer the sae. kinda makes me jealous of it coz i can;t be that peaceful ever…it so beactiful…the

    By arunima on 07.16.2012

  3. the crew is a big group. Like a dance crew or like a rowing crew mostly in sports. Or how they have a gangster group. Kind of like a gang, if that makes sense. The Crew is a crew.

    By William on 07.16.2012

  4. The motley crew lost their balance on the decks, head over heels they went and into the leviathans mouth. In that same day, one awoke to find his crew-mates dead and a serious injury on his person of which he bandaged up. And so Odysseus continued towards his wife, through suitor and strife, for a woman’s embrace. Why didn’t he just find a brothel?

    By Eric Harrell on 07.16.2012

  5. the crew work endlessly to acheive their goal–well into the night. They sang merrily and teased each other to help the time pass. Their leader, though, locked himself up to dwell in his own silence that he was bound to by their togetherness. A pariah of his own creation.

    By Melissa URL on 07.16.2012