April 13th, 2013 | 161 Entries

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161 Entries for “attracted”

  1. magnetic fields left in my memories of you
    undettachable, I am stuck
    (shh I prefer it this way)

    By Lily on 04.13.2013

  2. We were attracted to each other. There was nothing anyone could do about that, because they were emotions. The king could control who married who, but he had not yet figured out the cure for emotions. He would work harder, I think, knowing that his daughter was attracted to a convict, but that was beside the point.

    By Kristina on 04.13.2013

  3. She was the moon with the face of the tundra. So cold with the pale faced hate and so bright with the holy knowledge of the sun. There a reflection there, he thought, a reflection of sin and grace. All my dreams and nightmares wrapped in one.

    By Alexandra URL on 04.13.2013

  4. Attracted to a guy who makes me feel like intelligence is one of the things I most admire in a person. Attracted to a beautiful body. Attracted to a nice smile and pretty eyes. Attracted to hands and chest.

    By Layta on 04.13.2013

  5. Attraction is fleeting. Attraction is infinite. Will an electron always hold to its proton? Will it forever orbit its centre? Or will it break off, be sent spinning off into the chasm, into the infinite, broken forever from the centre of its universe, retreating as the world it left falls in on itself, falling to its knees in eternal grief?

    By Taylor Stark on 04.13.2013

  6. After walking around to the back door, I made my way into the party. The eyes of new faces were on me, having me believe I was in the wrong place. That’s when I saw him,

    By nashia on 04.13.2013

  7. im attracted to you and everything you do everything you say
    im attracted to your hands being bigger versions of my own
    im attracted to your words and the husky way you say my name in the morning
    im attracted to your simple way of life and how i blend seamlessly in
    im attracted to those eyes, cliche

    By Maria on 04.13.2013

  8. To me, we were mutually attracted to one another like magnetic poles. We had moments where were pushed away like in sophomore year, but in the end, we were pulled together by fate. The distance acts as a major push in our relationship, so I can’t wait for the inevitable to happen- to have a major pull in return… to be pulled back together, but for forever and ever <3

    By Chris on 04.13.2013

  9. Why am i so attracted to him? Its to the point where I cant control myself. But it doesnt make sense. I dont know him, Ive never met him, just observed from afar. Now i cant get him out of my head. Why? What is it about him that pulls me in, like a magnet

    By unknown on 04.13.2013

  10. Up in the air,
    So far away,
    Yet always to find each other.

    They buzz,
    And with a snap,
    They’re together again.

    Little magnets, children’s toys,
    Attracted by some force
    We can’t see.

    By maggie on 04.13.2013

  11. I’m attracted to every person that I meet. Well, I have the potential to be attracted to everyone that I meet, but only if you are attractive. Man or woman, there is no limit to the amount of people I can be in love with-if only for a passing moment on a transit bus- Does that make sense? Like the swoonin cortex of my brain is always in overdrive and I am at its mercy.

    By marlo s. on 04.13.2013

  12. No longer do i glance at the beautiful girl who walks by, instead i stare at all of the men staring at her on the hind legs of their raging eyes held sway by impulse. I feel free; it feels like freedom to not look, to have no desire to look, to not have my thoughts broken and my body activated without my consent by the power of attraction. I’m not an automaton.

    By drew URL on 04.13.2013

  13. She couldn’t say why she was attracted, she shouldn’t be really… But for the life of her, she couldn’t break away from the feelings she was having and decided she wasn’t going to fight it anymore.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 04.13.2013

  14. It was like a magnet, the moment he lays eye on her. Every inch of his skin ached to be against her, every cell in his body screamed for her touch. The anticipation was at once incredible and unbearable, it was the feeling of being alive, of truly needing, and in that moment it was everything.

    By Bex on 04.13.2013

  15. I feel attracted to you because of how you are. How you intrigue me deeply. I just want to explore your inner depths and love you as much as I can. I do love you, and no matter what I always will. I know you care about me, and I feel more than happy. I feel on top of the world, and the pride you give me is superior to the pain the others give to me. I adore you.

    By Kayla on 04.13.2013

  16. The goofy smile on the face of the chick who always sat next to me and never had her own pen was no shocker. Neither was her dark sense of humor. The way she upheld her commitment to treating everyone equally definitely -Was- a surprise, though–and so was the feeling in the pit of my stomach when she pointed her goofy smile directly at me and asked why I didn’t know who Vincent Price was.

    By ISOreality URL on 04.13.2013

  17. Freak out-
    my mind and body shuts down.
    I can’t move,
    my feet will not move.
    When I first saw you,
    I fell in love-
    And you smiled,
    Because you knew.

    By Mi Chiamano Alex URL on 04.13.2013

  18. beautiful
    i love you
    feel in love

    By kim on 04.13.2013

  19. i felt attracted to you, but i think it was just the excitement of something new; of something happening in my life after years of boredom. now being far away from you, and no longer tied to you, i realize i don’t think i was ever attracted to you in the way that would leave me longing for more.

    By Holly on 04.13.2013

  20. I was instantly attracted to the tall,dark,handsome man that had just walked into the quiet cafe. I sat sitting my coffee I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

    By Mehrunisa on 04.13.2013

  21. Like a magnet, my eyes lock onto you. Attracted doesn’t even begin to describe what I feel. Enamored, but not in love. Not yet, at least. In crush? For sure, but not in love.

    By Kate on 04.13.2013

  22. attracted.. Im attracted to you. you and your quirks. things that people hate and I can’t help but accept. I am attracted, attracted to you. And guess what? You’re mine (: Im outz

    By Kayla on 04.13.2013

  23. Once in a lifetime you meet a person retracts you into yourself and distracts you from your surrounding. Being both exposed and self conscious into a frenzy.


    By mathieu on 04.13.2013

  24. She was attracted to the way the ribbons fell in the wind. They were stung up along wires, hung from the trees to the tops of the pillars. Each ribbon was a bright and distinct color, no one was lost among the others.

    By Jennifer on 04.13.2013

  25. school girls trying to get there crush ,a magnet for beauty, me with _ _ _ _

    By one direction girlsgo on 04.13.2013

  26. A magnet is attracted by another magnet. It moves across the table. Sliding it makes a noise that bothers the man. He gets up and runs to the window and throws himself out. He falls to his death on the pavement below.

    By Youssef Ismail on 04.13.2013

  27. I am attracted to someone I know I shouldn’t be attracted to but he is intelligent, handsome, funny, crazy, hippie, poet, writer, and he is all i want at this. moment. I know I can’t have him for various reasons but i feel comfort in his arms.

    By blanca on 04.13.2013

  28. Attracted.

    By E on 04.13.2013

  29. i am attracted to you. it’s such an unassuming feeling. I want to be near you, I want to listen to you talk, I want to stand next to you in a crowded room just so that everyone else can look and say “okay, yeah, they enjoy each other’s company”. it doesn’t have to be magnetic or lasting. I just want it to be close.

    By meghan on 04.13.2013

  30. The second I saw him I was attracted to him. He was goofy; flooded pants, in grey brown. A mustard colored jacket that had stains around the belly. His black socks where laughable with his brown shoes. But the look on his face…there was just something there.

    By MLW on 04.13.2013

  31. It started as a stupid grin he could’t shake and escalated from there. By the end of the day, it had moved into his arms, leaving them with a strange sort of ache, a desire to wrap them around her. It was a strange deep sort of knowing that told him this was the only way to relieve the sensation of incompleteness.

    By Kevin M on 04.13.2013

  32. I’m attracted to him. There is no point in denying it. He’s tortured, he’s angry, he’s making a difference. Just when I thought I had misread him, misunderstood, suddenly we were talking and connecting. Then it stopped and I thought I was wrong yet again. Suddenly he was back, restarting with only a vague memory of before and then I said something direct and he picked up on it, reached for it, grabbed it. He scared me. I’m not used to being seen or heard or noticed or pursued. And I wanted to be. That evening I felt alive, filled with excitement. It’s never left me again, the memory of what it is to feel alive again. He keeps the feeling stoked with a hello, or a good night, and some days discussion that makes my heart sing at being present again in life. One day, I’ll get to say thank you in person.

    By JDwrites on 04.13.2013

  33. I am attracted to connor. Certain things about him attract me, like the way he treats me but also, of course the way he looks….i’m trying to be attracted to a major and a field of study, but that’s not going so well. I feel like attraction should just happen, but with school i feel like i’m trying to force it.

    By lane on 04.13.2013

  34. she was the most prettiest girl he’s ever seen. he knew that she was for him, but she didn’t know what to do. he knew that he would do anything to keep her, because she had the other half of his heart.

    By halfbright on 04.13.2013

  35. There’s a reason Joshua picked Neku. It’s not only because he was at the right place at the right time- no, Neku was fated to be Joshua’s Proxy. He was drawn to the mural because he had what it took to understand it, to be inspired by it, and that was the proof Joshua needed to pick him above the others he watched pass by.

    But now- now that it’s all over, now that Neku has changed his mind, changed *him* when he didn’t honestly expect anything to get better (oh, he’d hoped, he’d wanted Neku to prove him wrong, but what were the odds)- he wonders if it was more than that. Not just potential he saw. Something that drew him to Neku, just as the boy was drawn to Sanae’s art.

    He doesn’t like wondering. Doesn’t like not understanding, doesn’t like being wrong. And oh, was he wrong. A pawn, indeed. Impersonal- make his own Player for the Game, one who will do just as he needs (even if he was never *entirely* detached from the boy who reminded him entirely too much of himself).

    But it’s too late to change his mind, change his actions. He’s made his bed; now he has to lie in it.

    He doesn’t think these are the consequences Sanae was talking about.

    By Li on 04.13.2013

  36. I walked down the street and saw a woman with huge breasts and a round ass. She bent over because she dropped a coin and I saw her pink thong. Then she walked over to me, because she noticed by huge erection, and grabbed it and then brought her gorgeous breasts up to my face and rubbed them around by face.

    By Jake on 04.13.2013

  37. when we first met, there was an instant connection
    a dark edge to our humour,
    a spontaneous combustion into banter and laughter,
    more naughty than nice
    egging each other on,
    verbally jousting
    it might have gone somewhere

    By Miss Ann Thrope on 04.13.2013

  38. Why do certain people become attracted to certain things? Do we subconsciously choose who or what we’re attracted to? Older men, authors, cigarettes, all these things attract me, but I never feel like I choose those things, or do I?

    By Calico on 04.13.2013

  39. i find myself attracted to older males and younger females and then i don’t really feel attracted to anything at all because that’s all kind of like chemistry and atoms and i don’t understand atoms so let me just wander because i can’t make decisions and my brain lies to me that’s why i take drugs prescriptionally

    By alex URL on 04.13.2013

  40. “I’m attracted to Alice.”

    “No way.”

    “Yeah, way.”

    “But last month, you were into…”

    “Jerome. Yeah. He was pretty cute.”

    “Right…and before that, Timothy. And before that, Roger. And before that…”

    “Okay, the pattern is well-known, Samantha. I get it.”



    “…Have you ever been attracted to girls before?”

    “Oh, yeah.”

    “Why didn’t you tell me?”

    ” ‘Cause I was afraid you’d analyze, like you’re doing now?”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.13.2013