April 13th, 2013 | 161 Entries

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161 Entries for “attracted”

  1. I am attracted to you and your flaws and everything about you. How you’re so curious about everything, how you like corn flakes over frosted ones, all these little things make me so attracted you and everything you are. Too bad you don’t feel the same way about me and my flaws. My nervousness, how I’m so tense, and how I speak too fast and then I mumble about little insignificant things. I’m not sure if you’ll ever be attracted to me the way I’m attracted to you, but I really hope you’ll end up loving me.

    By Victoria URL on 04.13.2013

  2. i was attracted to this boy a long time ago, and the attraction became so frighteningly strong that I was unable to break away. Ultimately the “attraction” progressed into a love-hate relationship, in which this boy began to emotionally abuse me when he wanted his way..

    By Bryttanie on 04.13.2013

  3. Attraction:
    a reaction
    of the mind
    and body
    a pull

    By Laura on 04.13.2013

  4. Ions. Magnets. Light towards a black hole. Two people in love. A predator to its prey. Money to greedy people. Death to us all.

    By Onix URL on 04.13.2013

  5. i FELT SO PASSIONATE ABOUT HIM. he left pieces of paper in my hair. i looked into his eyes. he stared at my chest. he wrote poetry, i wrote pages of math homework. This guy is my boyfriend. We’ve been floating on for about two months now.

    By Nikki on 04.13.2013

  6. the british boys on youtube
    the end

    By Katherine on 04.13.2013

  7. Subduing we shallt be undifficult should we fail to be attracted properly. Commonsense spake thus, but ne’er was one to listen should it seem so. Aye, aye, the days are overold and I am left as dust now.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 04.13.2013

  8. Never mind
    It was all a game
    I’m done playing
    this silly game
    I was a pawn
    you were a card
    i dealt you and won
    but this game is hard

    By Nison on 04.13.2013

  9. I am attracted to men with tattoos and peircings that can sing in bands that play at warped tour. i am attracted to snap backs and beanies and vans and toms and converse. I am also attracted to aussies.

    By Sarah URL on 04.13.2013

  10. i am attracted to him. and i don’t know what it is, but the attraction is so great and amazing. it’s a strange feeling and it gives me a wave of adrenaline, and i long to be his, because this attraction is a once in a lifetime thing, and i don’t want it to stop.

    By destini on 04.13.2013

  11. i am attracted to him, and i don’t know what is, but each time i talk to him i become even more attracted to him. i long to be his, and i hope one day i will be. this attraction is an amazing feeling, and i don’t want it to stop. i don’t want it to ever stop…

    By destini on 04.13.2013

  12. the grass bent sideways
    like it was attracted to our shins
    when the wind blew across the hill.

    i liked to think everything bowed down to us
    and paid homage.

    how wrong i was.

    By Kairn on 04.13.2013

  13. No longer do i glance at the beautiful girl who walks by, instead i stare at all of the men staring at her on the hind legs of their raging eyes held sway by impulse. I feel free; it feels like freedom to not look, to have no desire to look, to not have my thoughts broken and my body activated without my consent by the power of attraction. I’m not an automaton.

    By drew URL on 04.13.2013

  14. I was attracted to the attention they were getting, but in the end the bright lights just left me dazzled. I walked away from that world, and went back to my old job at the circus.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 04.13.2013

  15. It’s funny how attraction works sometimes. A guy and a girl can be mutually attracted to one another; as can a guy and a guy, a girl and a girl, a kid and an adult.

    But sometimes the attraction isn’t so mutual, is it?

    And sometimes, the attraction is completely out of one’s hands. Like how a pin is attracted to a magnet; it’s the way of nature. To defy it would be futile and pointless.

    By Rio on 04.13.2013

  16. You were attracted to me because I seemed strong. You fell out of love with me because I am too weak. Or so the voices say. Worthless. Pathetic. Weak. Weak. Fucking weak. Am I really too much? Everyone seems to have had enough.

    By aura.rayne on 04.13.2013

  17. You were attracted to me because I seemed strong. You fell out of love with me because I am too weak. Or so the voices say. Worthless. Pathetic. Weak. Weak. F***ing weak. Am I really too much? Everyone seems to have had enough.

    By aura.rayne on 04.13.2013

  18. Attraction. What a powerful thing to feel. Abby felt it towards many men…but there was one in particular. The geekiest, dorkiest man in her eyes. But god, when he walked about in just a towel or a pair of boxers, when he looked so damn adorable…she couldn’t help herself. And maybe it was more than just attraction. Maybe it was love…just maybe she was in love with Connor Temple…

    By Jax Maitland on 04.13.2013

  19. im so attracted to her is ridicules, like i just can’t help my self, i want to strip here down psychologicly yan physically untell she’s noting and just have her stand there naked, so i can analyze here every emotion and her every curve till it’s noting but something i love till i find all of her flaws, and i bury my self with them, to show her that i accept her, and that everything about here is what im attracted too, get her to understand that she means the world to me

    By Iskander Aklilu on 04.13.2013

  20. Attracted to a mountain, acres of longing, waterfall of tenderness.
    Just a week left.
    Am I strong enough to stand?
    Protecting both my dream and my reality?
    I won’t be slaves again, will I?

    By Eligia V. A. on 04.13.2013

  21. Don’t ignore it
    Don’t succumb to it
    Attraction can be a fatal method
    Did you
    had you

    By Danaé on 04.13.2013

  22. I’ve been atracted to power and deceave. To evil and freedom. Not to speed or violence. But to wind and the night. Been a wolf more than just dust.

    By Hebert on 04.13.2013

  23. The were seated at opposite ends of the room. Furtive glances were exchanged. Eventually, each one became bolder, more overt. But not quickly enough, and the night ended with neither one having said what was on their mind to the other, even though they were both thinking the same thing.

    By Chris Clow on 04.13.2013

  24. The gentle sound of the water dripping from the ceiling reached my ears. They fell slowly, like a solemn symphony of raindrops on the ground. I frantically blew into the lamp as its fire threatened to flicker out at any moment. There was no way I was going through this tunnel without any light, I thought nervously.
    Several insects and other tiny critters seemed to become attracted to my rapidly dimming lamp. I swatted them away angrily; the last thing I need is for those bugs to become attracted to /me./
    I sighed heavily. Maybe I shouldn’t have ran away… look where I’ve gotten myself in to! But my choice lay between escape or adoption. Anything seemed like a much better choice than the latter. Am I really regretting my choice now?
    Occupied by countless thoughts and regrets, I sloshed forth into the sewer.

    By Tee on 04.13.2013

  25. We were stuck together. I couldn’t let go. A force kept us together. She was the North and I was the South. Science said we were attracted to each other, and that was law.

    By Stephanie Jennifer on 04.13.2013

  26. I can’t remember what got me so attracted to her, but now that we’re together, I know that everything about her attracts me.

    I treasure her so very much, but I almost made her cry just the other day. That pained expression on her face tore my heart, yet she was the first one to say ‘I love you’. I rarely shed a tear, but that night, I cried. And swore that I’ll become a better man, for her.

    By Nyan on 04.13.2013

  27. It was a fatal attraction. She knew it when she first saw him.
    There was something in the way he carried himself, the way he walked, talked, that made her feel like she should run as quickly as possible in the opposite direction.
    And yet, she was attracted to him.
    She took a step forward.

    By Celine Wu URL on 04.13.2013

  28. it’s your mind. your mind most of all. the old dusty pages of memory, and the wildflowers and dirty weeds that grow through the cracks of cement twisting around your brain soaking up sun through your open veins.
    but also your long fingers that crawl up my ribs. the way you look at me. the way you look at me but you don’t care. behind my eyelids you burn- behind your’s she dances

    By Blanche on 04.13.2013

  29. immediately to him.
    something about the way his hair fell just so.
    over his eyes.
    intoxicatingly beautiful.
    and dangerous.
    those are the worst.
    you can’t help but fall.
    but at the same time
    the same attraction is happening on the other end too.
    he’s attracted to you.

    By Alouette on 04.13.2013

  30. “What are you doing?” she demands, face pale and livid. She must have been the one who had knocked the lighter out of my hands. “Don’t you know that they’re attracted to the light?”

    By WearyWater URL on 04.14.2013

  31. I’m attracted to you, a strange attraction that I cannot put into words. That words are not worthy of. I am attracted to your passion, I am attracted to how you avert your eyes when you’re feeling awkward. I am attracted to the air around you. I don’t mind if this attraction is not meant to last, because I’m attracted to this feeling it brings me, even if that feeling is temporary. I’m attracted to this moment, to this time period. I’m attracted to temporary love, passionate love, your passion.

    By Laura Shane URL on 04.14.2013

  32. Where do I fit in

    By Josh on 04.14.2013

  33. damn, your electronegativity is so high, my valence electrons pull me towards you though i’d share a bond with that reactive hydrogen over there but i’ll gladly substitute that weak acid residue you keep dragging along. why don’t you give we leave him with this basic solution and you and i go off to soar up to the heights of nobility of the gases? i know you like my configuration, i can see there is a place for me around your beautiful body, we can even do it in para position, if you’re shy the first time.

    By berenique on 04.14.2013

  34. I was watching him, entranced. Waiting to notice me. My attraction to him wasx powerful, All consuming. I had never felt anything as strong as this. He turns and glances my way and I can see in his eyes his attraction to me :)

    By Ri on 04.14.2013

  35. Attracted to the warm, magnetic wind of an evening in the deepest lull of summer, I followed the breeze to the stars.

    By Neelvar on 04.14.2013

  36. the face retraced the grin
    i smiled at that
    the love of the money
    like a black hearted wide open
    your nature of being
    flutterless ruptured
    past the point of concern
    i’m attracted to you
    no matter what your flesh smells like
    this silence is tension.

    By Matty M. on 04.14.2013

  37. I am attracted to life
    to its journeys and surprises
    I am attracted to him
    to all the ways he makes me love him
    to all of it.

    By MissMonica on 04.14.2013

  38. The smell of absence attracted me more than the lure of homeliness. I need to leave. There is nothing more left for me here. I’m trapped and I will die bitter here.

    I need to leave. To the lands which remain unknown, much further away from here. I need to leave today more than I needed to yesterday.

    By paridhirustogi on 04.14.2013

  39. I am attracted to chocolate. You attract things that are in tune with your energy. Money cant be attracted without you having the perfect energy balance within you. You shouldnt be at

    By neetika on 04.14.2013

  40. I am extremely attracted to many things. Some of them inclue myself, you and television and art. I love that the word is associated with things like flowers and beautiful things. My imafe of myelf is soem

    By verses on 04.14.2013