August 26th, 2009 | 340 Entries

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340 Entries for “assume”

  1. Don;t assume that I know all the answers or that I’m just doing great. Don’t assume that I’m not happy because i’M not smiling. Don’t assume that I’m hungry because it’s dinner time. I’ll try n

    By shellie on 08.27.2009

  2. there is blood on my keyboard.
    last night i put on my lace,

    i danced for him,
    I showed off my goods,

    i cut my thighs,

    let the blood run,
    while he angrily touched himself.

    this morning, my left thigh is numb.

    it was that way before,
    but now I cannot reveal
    this leg

    to a doctor.
    they’d think it was self harm.

    By bristol on 08.27.2009

  3. my dad hates it when i just assume something.

    By Alexandra on 08.27.2009

  4. Assume a disguise, put on your mask.
    assumption can be dangerous, and start arguments over nothing. You can assume a pose, assume an identity or assume the worst.

    By Jasmine on 08.27.2009

  5. She assumed he would be alone. That he would bring her flowers. That he would say “I love you.” Never assume. What he really came to say was, “I’m married.”

    By heather on 08.27.2009

  6. I don’t suppose you should assume what people are like. You look at them and see not the colors in their eyes but the clothes on their backs. She is dirty, she is poor. He is rich, he is snobby. Do not assume that the flecks of silver in their eyes do not collect in their own vision. You have not the ability to assume what it is like to be in their high heels or their socks.

    By Rachael Childs on 08.27.2009

  7. thinking something about something without knowing whats right. you just guess or show your opinion because you want something to be you assume that’s how it is.

    By Kelly Candle on 08.27.2009

  8. I assume that you’ve heard by now of the time traveling flu and that you’re to go home to spend time with your family or what’s left of them. You never know, they may sneeze themselves home today or tomorrow and you’ll want to have some chrono-stay handy.

    By wigout on 08.27.2009

  9. Making an ass out of you and me is what I do on a daily basis. It lets me release. It lets me engage. It lets me try without losing and win without trying. It’s the attempt that matters and through assumptions I can learn and forget.

    By Carl Shan on 08.27.2009

  10. never ever they say assume but yet you do when you know its so wrong why why can’t you just wait and think for yourself instead, you lose your soul everyday

    By katrise fraund on 08.27.2009

  11. i assume that life is beautiful, with green trees and blue eyes, blue sky, bleu see,

    By kootzy on 08.27.2009

  12. “assume the position,” she said under her breath… where a fire lived. under her tongue there was a spice. under her fingers were his balls, his intensity, his everything.

    By AnnieTwoBraids on 08.27.2009

  13. “I assume you know that this means war!”

    The fact that this statement was directed towards me was disturbing. The fact that it had been by a rabbit made it even more so.

    “Beat it, ya fur-bearin’ critter!” I replied.

    By s. varengo on 08.27.2009

  14. “Do not assume, you’ll make an ass of you and me.” I’m sure everyone wrote that, but it means more to me because my seventh grade English teacher said that to our class. It made everyone laugh, but I actually took it to heart as a deep, philosophical statement. To this day, whenever I hear the word assume, I think of him teacher. He is, and probably will always be, my favorite teacher. He taught me the most.

    By Tessa on 08.27.2009

  15. you assume lots of things when you see another person- based on what they’re wearing, their hair, their perfume/cologne(or lack of it), the way they carry themselves. and in a moment you’ve decided whether or not you like this person, whether or not you ever want to talk to them, what would bother you about them if you DID hang out. it’s inevitable.

    By laura on 08.27.2009

  16. I assume that you don’t love me because you live far away. The fur on your arms and legs doesn’t perceive my fur. I assume that your distance is a place. I assume that you live in that place gladder than you were than when we lived in the same place. I assume if I visit the place in which we used to live that something will have changed about it, that my vacancy in it will be rustic, filled with laughter of living (wheelers) who married for duende.

    By Ann Bogle on 08.27.2009

  17. Don’t assume it makes an ass out of u m e.

    I don’t like assumptions though I make them way too often, I hate when others make them of me. Things are hardly ever what they seem. Try to think the best and don’t assume the worst, this is my lesson for the day.=)

    By Lois on 08.27.2009

  18. when you assume you make an ass out of uma thurman….i remembered that from one of the old saturday night live shows….i dont know why that was the first thing i thought of and to write about on the word assume.

    By justin on 08.27.2009

  19. Again, that word, that poison of human relationships, that toxic attitude, bred of arrogance, which makes dialogue impossible, which silences, which erases possibilities. When will we be rid of it? I assume never…

    By taddy on 08.27.2009

  20. Assume, annehmen, etwas auf sich nehmen, Verantwortung für das, was ich tue und das, was sich nicht tue. Irgendwie klemmt die Tastatur heute, andauernd vor und zurück zum Korrigieren, die Zeit geht vorbei, grün, gelb, rot, kling …

    By Lisa on 08.27.2009