August 25th, 2009 | 276 Entries

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276 Entries for “sneeze”

  1. movement. action. bless you. expulsion of inner demons. inability to control oneself. triple. twice.

    By Red on 08.26.2009

  2. The mucus went everywhere. I tried to clean it up as fast as I could, but her horse kept gazing at me in this strange manner. In a way almost as if I were the beast, and she were the sapien. Neil came back from his forage with Egg Bear meat; which we dried and made into jerky. The forest is dangerous, but we much push on.

    By M ichael Mosley on 08.26.2009

  3. My heart is sick. My soul sneezes its fragility and my mind tries to absorb the reality while it spins around an imaginary basis.

    By Renata on 08.26.2009

  4. She sneezed, although she wasn’t sure why. Was it the air? The trees? The perfume of the lady on the bus next to her? It didn’t matter.

    He looked at her, his blue eyes smiling even though his face wasn’t. She smiled and shrugged her shoulders, letting him know it was nothing. She loved him, and he’s never spoken to her.

    By Opal on 08.26.2009

  5. sneezing is the removal of foreign bodies ingested through the nose.

    By Luke on 08.26.2009





    Never stop a sneeze.

    By Ruben on 08.26.2009

  7. what the fuck is that oh i know when something enters your nose and you sneeze then…yea i’m good i know
    i read about sneezing in a LastWord book “Why don’t penguins feet freeze :D

    By andlclb on 08.26.2009

  8. It was very uncalled for, I could agree. I hadn’t shown any signs of allergies or colds, anything of the sort that would trigger such a noise. It came, and since I had absolutely no experience of how to treat it, I had the misfortune of gleimous hands, quite disgusting on my part.

    By Krissa on 08.26.2009

  9. Allergies are the bane of my existence: fleabane, wolfbane and all the other banes.

    By KD Hughes on 08.26.2009

  10. i sneezed so hard I broke a rib. I didn’t realize it till a week later when I bent over to get the pokemon card I dropped. When I went to the hospital the murses all laughed at me becuase i was terrified of the giant caterpillar plush and ended up falling breaking my leg. i am now the laughing stock of the hospital next to the guy that couldn’t poop because he never ate vegetables or fiber.

    By roxanne on 08.26.2009

  11. i am allergic
    no real love for flowers
    no real medicine
    to stop
    this ever
    but hopeful

    By kristin on 08.26.2009

  12. toilet paper. bowels. shit. dang it. allergic to work. Why do i do this? Some strange fascination with the outside world? Tired of looking inward. Sneezing sucks. I do it all day long. No editing. First time. I’m a self declared noob. Blow hard. I really blow hard when I sneeze.

    By Derrek on 08.26.2009

  13. once there was a choo choo
    but he couldn’t choo choo
    so the story goes
    instead of saying choo choo
    he kept saying achoo
    cause he had a cold in his nose

    By jane on 08.26.2009

  14. Black pepper makes me sneeze. That’s not always a bad thing though. Sometimes a sneeze can feel sooo good – like a release of all the tension built up throughout the day.

    By Sallie on 08.26.2009

  15. A tickle in my nose, no, no, I will not…aaaa….aaaaa….aachoo!!!

    By Lori on 08.26.2009

  16. a schhoooooo said the little fox. the goldenrod tickled its nose while it was running through the little fields. who knew such little cute foxes had allergies? then frmo the sky, out flew a little song bird and landed on its back : fox? the little one said, i have a cure for those pesky allergies of your?

    By theresa on 08.26.2009

  17. Don’t speak so quickly, your tongue might get caught in the sharp spaces in between your teeth, your thoughts, they might get dry running through your brain at that speed. Your honesty, it might exist with all the excitement.

    By Loser on 08.26.2009

  18. Its like an unwanted flow of release. just letting everything solid that I feel at that second let go. and all I can do is let it happen. But i want it to happen. It is a wanted release of control and pressure.

    By Domenic. on 08.26.2009

  19. achoo. all over the place it went. gooey and throbbing it spread over his face over his hands on his shirt. it was so loud . ACHOO. it was possible the grossest sneeze he’d ever let out. OH MY GOD. I can’t believe the amount of snot that flew out of that guy’s face. It looks like spiderman’s gunk, just spewing from mouth and face.

    By C on 08.26.2009

  20. sneeze , snooze, choose, try to not loose Big time, real money, real security,

    By derek on 08.26.2009

  21. i wish i could sneeze it all out; all that pent up venom inside, all that toxin, all that poison that is killing no one but me. I wish I could sneeze it at you or you or you. Sneeze!

    By Sneezer on 08.26.2009

  22. What flows out of it is impossible to tell. Old clothes, memorabilia, a toy car… memories of blue, dreams about a tree.

    By jorken on 08.26.2009

  23. achoo…bless you. Do you need a tissue for your nose? sneezing feels good sometimes. The sun makes me sneeze. and bright lights make me sneeze. I usually have multiple sneezes at one time.

    By Jody on 08.26.2009

  24. Sneezing can be a very pleasurable experience, but sometimes ends up in a disaster. I was sitting in the bus and when I sneezed this lump of goo came out and hit the window.. I fortunatly brought a newspaper to cover it up but it could have ended far more emberassing.

    By jeroen dragt on 08.26.2009

  25. Sneeze to pleeze
    said the Weezie mouse
    in the blue and brick house
    on his way from the cellar door
    There is no more cheese
    so if you please
    just stop by the mouse

    By Virescentgirl on 08.26.2009

  26. Ich bin krank du machst mich krank. Ich glaub ich bin allergisch, gegen dich. Ich – nein sieh mich bitte nicht so an, ich muss sonst —– HATSCHI!

    By Pim on 08.26.2009

  27. sneezing feels good

    By lindssey on 08.26.2009

  28. i hate to sneeze…especially when i am in class…i do the whole sneeze in my hand thing…find out its covered with snot and casually put my hands in my pocket to wipe em.

    By justin on 08.26.2009

  29. “So, Michael, you seem like you would know a lot about dragons.”

    Such an innocent statement, yet it caused me to bust a gut, spew water everywhere, and have the most embarrassing 10 minutes of my entire life.

    It felt like a sneeze.

    By Kim on 08.26.2009

  30. painful at times, relieving blasted out running dreadful irritated sratchy, sniff, sniff

    By Dan Dever on 08.26.2009

  31. ahchoo!!! god bless you!!! cough snot kleenex germs guzunhit! sickness flu influenza spray nose throat congested

    By shawna on 08.26.2009

  32. when I sneeze I always wonder who is going to say bless you. I can never figure out why it’s me that never gets the bless you, however, I always deliver the bless you. It’s funny, after I sneeze I always look around to see if someone is going to say bless you. When no one does, I kind of look down at the ground and think no one cares about me.

    By Alex Ybarra on 08.26.2009

  33. The sneeze came on so suddenly that she didnt even know what what happening until it hit her.

    “Ah, ah, ah, CHOO!!”

    “Oh my” she said, I dont know what hit me. I am not supposed to sneeze, I am alergic to sneezing.

    By Gwen on 08.26.2009

  34. when someone invountaryily snorts and spreads germs everywhere ehich can be potentially dangerous sepending on how healthy someone is suchas tha latest outbreak of swine flu which sneezing can be potentially lethal in spreading the disease.

    By sam on 08.26.2009

  35. i dont like sneezing. it really annoying especially if you have to sneeze and you ant sneeze. i always do that at work and everyone thinks that i’m weird cause i i look funny trying to sneeze. its really funny when people have load sneezes

    By kate on 08.26.2009

  36. messy, drippy, loud, allergy, virus, germs

    gesunheit, jesus, God bless you. Why do you say that. I hate it!

    Politeness. Do you really believe you can stop the evil from getting out? How silly.

    Phatic stuff that everybody says

    By Sandra on 08.26.2009