July 5th, 2011 | 461 Entries

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461 Entries for “stem”

  1. A random chain of numbers that are meaningless to me. That is what a stem-and leaf plot is. I think about it more. They really are just numbers. Symbols, really. They don’t mean anything. Than I think even harder. I suppose that is all language really is, and if I can spare writing a chance than I suppose I can do the same for math.

    By Reyes URL on 07.06.2011

  2. her veins were the slender dried stems of summer plants. plants reaching toward sun, her hands reaching toward me. my heart broke to think she thought i was infallible.

    By Kelley on 07.06.2011

  3. just make it simple realize that everything is possible impossible dosen’t exist but can always make people dupt about their existence in life there is nothing more sure that nothing is for ever and never will always come

    By daniella on 07.06.2011

  4. Green, blooming, efflorescence, growing, extending, possibilities, going places, gardening, flowering, branching, branching out, fruitful, hopeful, imaging, expectancy, learning, promising, mindmapping, brainstorming

    By Janet on 07.06.2011

  5. the stem of a flower is the source of its life. the stem, like the human body, is what delivers the necessary means to live. the flower, attached to the top of the stem, is equivalent to the human mind; beautiful and complex.

    By Sierra URL on 07.06.2011

  6. I feel like legs are called stems occasionally. Probably by someone who speaks exclusively in jive. I guess it kind of makes sense. Not my legs though; they’re too short and stubby. I don’t have stems, I have stumps.

    By Katie on 07.06.2011

  7. Stem cells are the cells located within the trophoblast or the “wall” of cells that protect the embryoblast, the actual stem cells. Khan Academy FTW.

    By Tyler URL on 07.06.2011

  8. She was walking through a field of flowers and she could see these Black-eyed Susan’s shooting up above all the rest. So she decided to pick them down low at their stem for this special vase she had in mind at home.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 07.06.2011

  9. Upon a stem was a single bead of glistening water. It slowly rolled down the length of the stem towards the base of an amazing rose. Upon the top of this rose was a radiating light, beaming from all possible angles, cascading on every visible surface. This rose seemed to emanate a joy and impossible warmth that carried a slight tone and reverberation to my ears. And in that moment the all consumed me.

    By TK on 07.06.2011

  10. Stem and leaf. Stem and flower. One for all, and all for one. Who decides to be the steam and who ends up being the flower. It’s a sick cycle of parasitical relationships.

    By Jesy on 07.06.2011

  11. Well stems work like this…

    By J Willy (The McMillionaire) URL on 07.06.2011

  12. I wondered what was the problem with me when I saw her. She was like a plant, withered, broken at the stem. I thought that was strangely beautiful. I don’t understand why. I wish I could. I wish I did. But I didn’t. How could something so damaged be so beautiful? Was I being perverse? Grotseque? Confused? I have no idea. All I knew was that I had to get to know her.

    By Visa URL on 07.06.2011

  13. The root of the problem was nothing compared to the lies that stemmed from the very truth at the bottom. We knew that what had happened was a minor misunderstanding. A…an opportunity not taken. They’d planted an entire forest of lies out of that deep-rooted knowledge. It’s funny how the superficial know nothing of what lies beneath.

    By Nikita URL on 07.06.2011

  14. a stem is something that holds a flower up. it’s like a neck. it can wilt if it has no energy. it can become tired. it is something to add to a word. it can show confidence when stiff. it is something to be proud of. a stem is something to be held up by someone else and shown to the world.

    By melany on 07.06.2011

  15. plant body main part. Aerial part unless modified for food storage. may be soft and flexible like tendrils or hard like a tree trunk.
    Bears flowers fruits, branches, leaves.

    By Meenakshi URL on 07.06.2011

  16. She absently twirled the stem of the daisy between her thumb and forefinger before suddenly dropping it. She raised her eyes to the sky and smiled a slow, wicked smile. Jeremy glanced at her curiously but said nothing until she turned her gaze to him. “I hope you have an idea, Alesennia,” he purred.

    By Aurelia Moretti URL on 07.06.2011

  17. Stem is the part of the leaf that that holds the leaf. that actually sounds silly when you read it but i am reasonably certain that that is a great way to describe it. Never really thought about that word until now, but I guess it is a great adjective. actually i don’t really know how i would use that.

    By Josh on 07.06.2011

  18. there once was a little stem, his head was unfortunately cut off by some neighbouring children making wishes of loves me or loves me not. he was not very happy about this tragig beheading for h in fact did not love her.

    By Alison Blais on 07.06.2011

  19. it’s a word that can be a noun and a verb. as a noun it means “origin” and a s a verb it means to “originate from something”. you can replace origin or originate by stem, they are synonyms.

    By Tina on 07.06.2011

  20. STEM – the sciences? Science, Technology, Engineering. Math? Or the stem of a flower. Actually there are some weird numbers in biology (Bertolli)? No that’s an Italian food brand, that describe the mathematics behind flower growth.

    By Marihelen URL on 07.06.2011

  21. Something has to take root sometime, doesn’t it? It’s an idea that starts and grows. The idea, be it weak or strong, has a spine that grows. It stems up. It is the caretaker’s decision to let it wilt or to feed it.

    By mkeutel2 on 07.06.2011