November 13th, 2012 | 376 Entries

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376 Entries for “arts”

  1. Arts inspire. They motivate. They are the language of the soul. Science and mathematics are the outspoken voice of the logical, the rational…the arts inspire a greater degree of humanism. Arts are humanism; math and science are an unlocking of our world, arts are an unlocking of ourselves.

    By James on 11.13.2012

  2. There is something to be said about the arts. There is drawing, writing, singing, dancing, acting. All of these are considered arts, yet the only one I fall into is the writing category. I love to write. As I have since I was a kid, but unfortunately due to my age I’ve started to realize that’s not really the life goal I made it out to be.

    By Hillary S. on 11.13.2012

  3. Like habit like time
    My movements become
    Arts never shown

    By Cellar Door URL on 11.14.2012

  4. Building the arts culture these days does not rely on physical infrastructure, virtual spaces are growing faster and providing microclimates for all sorts of creative work.

    By Meredyth URL on 11.14.2012

  5. Arts was always her favorite subject in elementary school. Color plucked at her soulstrings like nothing else and transported her to a million different places on an easel.

    By Neelvar on 11.14.2012

  6. art is a form of expression which is used to portray ideas and other things. is helps express ones thoughts via a medium which can be viewed by the entire world. like the old saying a picture is worth a thousand words. art is a merely a manifestation of ones emotions an

    By greg URL on 11.14.2012

  7. she saw his serious
    bent over a piece of paper
    she could not fathom
    the painting he drew
    and she never knew
    it was herself she never understood

    By Arushi Chamoli on 11.14.2012

  8. Some spend their whole lives trying and never make it anywhere. Whereas some just give up on their passion because they aren’t handed any opportunities.
    Work for what you believe in and if things don’t work out the way you wanted them to, at least you won’t regret.

    By cherryade on 11.14.2012

  9. As he threw back his arms, his sleeves fell impressively back, revealing nothing but skin. “Using the darkest arts I have trained in for years under the tutelage of swamis and magi, I, the Great Alfonzo will entertain you! But first… I need a volunteer from the audience!”

    By Snellopy on 11.14.2012

  10. Arts used to be very important to me when I drew and painted myself . I still love to go to art exhibitions, especially on contemporary art.

    By kepa on 11.14.2012

  11. it is simply amazing to know knowledge about arts, because it make sense some how with life. Some people do love to draw to just show there feelings and most love to see beautiful draws just to relax. Long time ago the ancient Egyptian been telling everything by Art.

    By belkassem URL on 11.14.2012

  12. Musing I moved from one room to another. The historic beauty clung to the walls in fear. I wanted to know what of. Of me?

    By Louise on 11.14.2012

  13. a subdued word
    that screams out loud
    a little word
    with big proportions
    an earned livelihood
    a free thing

    By Arushi Chamoli on 11.14.2012

  14. The arts are what keep me sane. It could be the definition of my life from drawing to relax to dedicating my entire life to singing and music. It means so much and is so hard to define other than what it gives me, hope.

    By StephF on 11.14.2012

  15. arts is like that sea
    where you go to drown
    where you go to lose it
    yes, you can press that button
    yes, you’re allowed to do everything
    yes, you gotta leave me alone though

    By pounding_sea on 11.14.2012

  16. I like the plurality of this word.
    How many arts would you like?
    A scrambled star perhaps

    By MrJBW on 11.14.2012

  17. Arts is about school, museums and famous people. People get rich and famous with arts, and they have a good life, doing a job the love. Arts is about passion and all tat goes with it.

    By Mika Taffet on 11.14.2012

  18. it has many different meanings.
    One is related to drawing and painting, the other is related to preforming.

    By Mohammad Haj Ahmad on 11.14.2012

  19. paint
    pencil pen ruler smilie people trees brush campus artistic leonardo da vincin

    By aryanbu on 11.14.2012

  20. Life.

    By Ursamare on 11.14.2012

  21. Paint that’s red and fades to orange writes the song of a thousand photographs

    By tim cahill on 11.14.2012

  22. subjective to the individual person, the arts can define the beauty of life.

    By Amy URL on 11.14.2012

  23. your skin, the sky, lovers entwined, choking on your words, sideway glances, kindness from strangers, the trees, the flowers, everything that surrounds me

    By Amy on 11.14.2012

  24. I love art I have always had my art’I have lost so much of it’

    By teresa URL on 11.14.2012

  25. I love the Arts. It is a way of bring out the creative substance that we are made of. God have given us those values that we must identify and reveal to the world. The arts is the true value of mankind, and it our connecting line to the one and true God.

    By victor URL on 11.14.2012

  26. they’re simply awesome. I studied that in my junior college. many people interpret arts for many things- it could be music, dance, painting, work, or subjects related to the society like literature, sociology, political science. Maybe arts is a science of the artistic side of our brain. Interesting isn’t it? It’s funny how the Indian society finds ‘arts’ as a lame subject compared to science and commerce.

    By Shweta on 11.14.2012

  27. i love the arts. Being creative provides me with pleasure and calms me. I love organizing the designs of my work into many colours and shapes. I rarely consciously think about this.

    By catherine bonham on 11.14.2012

  28. A medium of expression. A medium not defined by boundaries or prejudices. Highly subjective, one does not simply get art right. Has been existent since the creation of man and will continue to be.

    By Aditya on 11.14.2012

  29. painting
    expressing yourself
    from different points of view

    By mimi on 11.14.2012

  30. I worked at the Fine Arts Department at AUB for 4 years, during my undergrad.

    By Alaa Kabalan URL on 11.14.2012

  31. There are many arts in this world. Most of them are hard to articulate. Arts are about expression, an outlet for otherwise inaccessible feelings. Arts or humanities have a lot to do wit the human condition. Living is an art-form.

    Art Garfunkel is a good singer.

    By YewVermz on 11.14.2012

  32. 247square is the place where artists/designers/illustrators/photographers meet with those who are interested in the field of arts. Find us virtually everywhere

    By AlaaKabalan on 11.14.2012

  33. clever sheek clean story telling modern probing revealing breathtaking stunning traction

    By rob on 11.14.2012

  34. Art is fun. Like at school, when you had art class and you get to make all kinds of things like paul frank tiles and newspaper collage. it also incorporates music and literature which are great. i like music, especially lenny kravitz but not nickelback. arts is four letters and unlike other four letter words, it is smart and requires more than a handful of braincells to understand.

    By Stephanie on 11.14.2012

  35. Dancing, singing, theatre, painting, drawing are kinds of art

    By Bea A. on 11.14.2012

  36. Art art art. Art is life, art is truth, art is lies art is all, but art is nothing.

    By flyspanish on 11.14.2012

  37. It splattered.
    I felt the tiny pellets find their home on my skin.
    I could feel them slowly rolling down my arms, legs, face.
    The sticky consistency remained in my fingers as I fingered the splashes delicately.
    Could be pain.
    Could be bliss.
    What am I feeling in the arts of this art?

    By Tee on 11.14.2012

  38. The dramatic experience accumulated when a person is in the midst of a surreal realisation of inner talent, and the need for more.

    By brittany URL on 11.14.2012

  39. Arts, it’s indescribable, everyone can make it. No one can really define it. Different types, different styles, different vision. Expressing what’s in your mind, let your thoughts flow out of your head.

    By Ana on 11.14.2012

  40. Everything is black and white until someone decided to do something with color. They decided that the brilliant shade of apples would be red and the gorgeous sky would be blue. They called the color of vegetation green and the shade of grapes to be purple. It is with the arts that variation was introduced to this world and our lives were black and white no longer.

    By veryterry on 11.14.2012